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Scandal is hot

I tune into this show every once in a while, but I must say the show is oh so hot, now I am sure many people have come to this conclusion before, but I could not help but notice the realistic look and portrayal of the show and the characters. The actors are quite believable, and the show just pulls you in, or at least it’s pulled me in, and I can just say, Scandal, it’s hot, oh so very hot, and yes I am hooked on the show just a little bit.
Considering what I have time for in this world, which is not a great deal, Scandal is on show that I am happy enough to have come across.

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I was on a forum recently and they were talking about mind control. One person on the forum claimed to have had something similar to what was described in the John St. Clair Akwei case happen to him.

For electronic surveillance purposes, electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain’s auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations, characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject’s brain and show images from the subject’s brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.

He said that they had implanted images, and I think audio as well, but I don’t remember. What he did say was that the programing that they tried on him failed to work. He had a really strong mind, a belief in God, and he was just a really strong person at his core. He said that they had repeatedly been trying but failing, and I believe him. What I remember about the first thread is that the person who started the thread tried to imply that because governments now had this tech, that this meant that there was no God.

The poster who had this tech used on him, gave a wonderful answer, something along the lines of God being eternal, and just because man had achieved technology it did not eliminate the creator, and part of the reason the program did not work on him, or was not working, was because he had strong core.

I believe that such technology does exist as described above. I also believe that it can work on some people, but not everyone. I think if you are programed by the swill that they put out on the television set day in day out, the radio, all the popular culture images, I think if those are absorbed into the psyche of the public, then mind control could work. Where I think if you used the same technology on a monk in a religious order, who had spent years in meditation, had never watched T.V. and had a strong religious center, the technology would have a much more difficult time working.

So that brings me back to choice. No one is forcing the average America, Canadian, British, European family to submit to the programing. Owning a television, watching T.V. is a choice. Listening to the radio is a choice. Subscribing to popular culture is a choice. Remaining plugged in to a degree is a choice. I know it’s hard to unplug. I don’t think that everyone could do it overnight, but I think little by little we can try to find ways to unplug. Maybe read a book for several hours, vs several hours of T.V. programing. Maybe avoid the commercials, but even within the shows we watching, there is programing.

Strong core families. The things that make our societies more seceptable to take over are a loss of strong core family values, if we have these, we are harder to control and to be taken over. This has to be a cultural revolution as well as spiritual and self. I believe that humanity can be pulled back from the brink of what is being done, but not when we sheepishly let ourselves be controlled.

I hear of people standing in line to willing be irradiated and strip searched naked. I hear of people willing letting their under age children who’s cells have not fully finished forming and developing go through these machines, and with very little resistance. I also hear about parents willingly letting their kids be physically touched by these TSA agents. We spend years teaching kids about good touch, bad touch, how to spot a pedaphile, and then some parents willing stand still while their children are touched in ways that would be criminal if it were any other scenario. We do make choices. I am not saying that the choices are easy. There is a third option. Choose not to fly, if possible choose a time and send a message to the industry that you will not be stripped bear, that your children will not be felt up and taught to be submissive. If people do not take a stand when such things are presented before them, then they have truly become slaves. They are more bound and more controlled than slaves of old who were forced to wear chains.

Humanity can be saved but not if everyone sheepishly goes along with whatever one else is doing. Not if you line up to take your vaccinations when told like good little sheeple. Last year people had a choice of getting the H1N1 vaccine and when people choose not to let the fear get the better of them, this year they put the vaccine in with the regular flu shot and tried to take the choice away. I would like to think that people this year would either opt out of the flu shot, or see if arrangements can be made to just get the shot without the H1N1. For some reasons governments want this vaccine to be inside of the general populous.

Things can be turned around, the people have shown that they have the capacity, but they have to have the wills. People are just giving up their wills far too easily. I know it’s not easy. They keep the average person ground down day in day out. There is just enough room for getting up, going to work, coming home, enjoying a little entertainment and then starting the whole process all over again, so tired, run down and conditioned that most of us are too tried to question, all we can do is feel like we have to obey to keep surviving and that is the control trap that they have sprung on the populations of the world. Keeping them so poor, and distracted that they can not see the bars slowly closing in around them, and those of us who can are pushed to the sides into the realm of conspiracy theorists, who very few want to pay attention to or listen to, but in many cases we are the ones speaking the truth, and we are the visionaries who see the future intended outcome of these actions that are set before us.

Change can happen, but people have to want that change. McCarthyism only succeeded for as long as people were willing to submit to the lie. The truth is out there if you want it. Freedom is also there if you want it as well, but while you willingly, silently, and complacently submit to these changes, nothing will ever move forward, and nothing will ever change.

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Television really is programing

I know the video is cute, but as I watch it, I just realise how much television really is programing. Not just to young impressionable minds like this child, but to older children, teens and adults. I really do believe that what we see, watch, listen to, all go into creating the world, and society that we inhabit. If that programing is sex, drugs, lack of family values, violence, then that is the kind of society that we will have. It will go into our sub-conscious minds, and program us, about what to think, feel, act in specific situations, etc.

Now this video seems pretty harmless to most, but I know many parents who have young kids who have them in front of the MTV, BET, etc channels, listening to the music videos, watching the music videos, in some cases unattended.

Think about what other shows, themes kids are exposed to on a daily basis?  Television really is programing for the masses. I can think of no better example recently that I have come across than this video.

In a generation think about what they could program young minds to think, act, and feel? That’s why if we are to free ourselves from our current situations, we must all take a more serious look at the media that we, our friends, families, society is being exposed to, and do what we can to minimize the damage that is being done to our society with the current programing that is in place.

Get off the set, get on the net, or just read a book. What you put in, the world will get out.

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Turn off the set, get on the net

Turn off the set and get on the net.
As you know I have spent a great deal of time researching different communities on the internet. The opportunity is there, so why not utilize it.

One thing I have discovered is that a lot of people in some of the communities that I visit watch little televiion, or no televiion at all. They get more or most of their entertaiment and news from the internet. I hear this expression a lot. “I hardly watch television”, or “I don’t watch television at all.

I find that a lot of people who have stopped or decreased using the mainstream media to be well versed, more so than those who use the mainstream media, and who watch large amounts of television.

I also find that those who have given up the TV set, all the music stations, and reality tv, have a better sense of some of what’s happening in the world. I don’t just mean the screen that’s been put over our eyes, but what’s behind the screen, what’s really going on.

I find a lot of these people are at least if not believers, they are aware of some of the conspiracies out there, and they are a bit more willing to be open minded, or at least willing to be looking for the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, you have others who replace the tv for social networking sites, and I am not sure they are getting the same positive effects, but your chances are greater online that you will be exposed to a variety of different concepts, dissenting views, and theories than you would be by watching television.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched television and still catch a few shows, but very little time is spent being feed the commercials and culture that the mainstream want most people to adapt.

I think surfing intelligently gives more room for critical thought and critical thinking. I believe this to be true for the young as well as the old.

I came across one real life scenario where a family had a young child. At the time I thought he should have been put into a pre-school program, because he was displaying signs of being very smart and I thought they should capitalize on this, from an early age. Instead they feed him a steady diet of tv. Not just children’s programs, but American music channels, several hours a day. Three and a half years later, the child is not the same. He mostly plays video games, and watches this music channel. Where his young ambitions could have and should have been channelled into better options, I guess they wanted to make sure he would fit into society and follow the pre-set stereotypes set out for young men of his ilk. It’s really sad to have watched, but now I understand the mentality a lot better, and why some families succeed, where some families fail, and their children don’t do as well.

It reminds me of some of the boondocks episodes, that have aired. Interesting show, with some humourous content. I believe the show is now off the air. 
I essentially believe that we all start out with a similar degree of intelligence, but those around us have a huge impact on where that potential will end up, or if it will even have a chance to get off the ground. Interesting.
The other problem with television is what it does to our subconscious mind. Wither we realise it or not, what we watch on tv, is the reality that we create in the real world. The subconscious mind is generally a mirror, it does not understand, and it does not process information the same way our awake mind does. So if we are feeding our subconscious, you know that great place, that helps create our very realities, if we are feeding it a constant diet of rapes, murders, robberies, etc. we are going to get that in return. It’s like a child, it does not know bad from good, real from fake, and if we encourage it in an unprofitable path, it will take that direction, and create that scenario not only for the individual, but for the society at large.

We are not just physical beings, we are spiritual, and we each have an amazing role in creating the world around us. We do this unconsciously everyday wither we realise it or not, wither we believe it or not it still happens. That’s why this world also constantly tries to tap into our fears and our more base natures, this world nourishes this and encourages this, and then when we have the world that we see before us we wonder why? What we tune into on a daily basis has a huge impact on the society and culture that we see before us and the world that we create, we create individual realities, but then we also contribute to the universal realities of society. So think about that the next time you are watching the tube. Your subconscious is a naked, innocent, child, with very powerful creative abilities, for good or bad, it knows no differece, and can be influenced.

Lastly, I would not be me if I did not throw a bit of conspiracy out there.

I have heard this before, but I will just highlight some of this bloggers post, because I think they did a good job.

Now according to what we are being told, digital takes up less bandwidth and that is suppose to be the reason for the switch, but some have said the real reason is that digital signals make it easier to control the mind, the digital boxes and newer tv’s might have ways of transmitting what goes on in the home, meaning they have some kind of camera capabilities. As I have mentioned before this is the thought with those same tv’s in the malls, and subways, etc.

Don’t worry there are lot’s of people to tell you that it’s all just in your mind and it’s nothing to worry about, just a hoax right?

Yet others still believe there is more to it than just a simply switch and I will share a blog posting on that topic.

[quote]This lead us to the topic of why the US will be switching all broadcasts from analog to digital.

The answer is a two part answer; first, the most obvious reason is because with digital broadcasting, it would be incredibly easy to manipulate a live image.  So what does that mean, you may ask?

That means that they can show you for instance a “terrorist act” taking place that really never took place and then use the images as proof of why we must retaliate and go to war with a particular nation. This is very dangerous stuff.[/quote]

Wow and their is another training exercise coming up in late July, just like the training exercise that happened right before 9/11, let’s hope that we don’t have a repeat of this or an invasion or some other whack scenario.
[quote]Another reason why the switch from analog to digital is taking place, is a more malignant reason, and as reason # 1, most people are not aware of it and they should. Undisclosed sources, experts on reverse technology have informed that any television set manufacture after 1995 has the capability not only to receive a broadcast signal, but to also send one. That’s correct, any television manufactured after 1995 already has a built in feature to send a broadcast signal from your living room of live images of what’s happening in your home.[/quote]
That would be so like 1984, but how could such a thing be possible, and would our beloved governments really want to spy on us and invade our privacy’s?
[quote]You may ask, how can this be possible?

Its really not as far fetched as you may think, experts say that anything that is built for one particular purpose, can in deed be reconfigured to perform the exact opposite. For instance, a car is built to drive forward but it can also go backwards, a blowing machine used to blow leaves can actually be reconfigure to do a sucking function.  I believe we call those “vacuum cleaners”

OK, but how could they pull off such operation of such magnitude? (You may ask)

    * Well, they did this on stages, first stage was to begin manufacturing these TV sets with hidden cameras either behind the picture tube or on the remote sensor area.
    * Next, they would need to change the communication wiring network system to make it possible to receive multiple signals from multiple locations.

Well, you might remember that that’s been accomplished too. The system is called fiber optics and it’s been wired everywhere, phone lines and broadcasting lines in which are joined in one gigantic digital communication network.

Now, since they know that they won’t be able to spy and monitor people through an older television set model, their solution is ingenious.

You simply won’t be able to watch any television programming until you either, buy a newer set which already comes equipped to monitor you, or until you buy their TV box converters in which will come equipped with the same technology implanted on the newer TV models that will facilitate their monitoring of you by watching you in your own home!

Can’t afford a digital converter box?

Don’t worry, the government has millions of coupons that will assist you in getting one!

In other words, they want  to be able to monitor every single one of us through hidden cameras in which will be installed on these devices to see and hear all that you do in the privacy of your own home.

This is called “New World Order”. In communist countries like Cuba, if you say something that the government doesn’t like, a secret police will report you to the higher authorities and you will be whisked  away and no one will see or hear from you again. Why aren’t they doing that now?[/quote]

Wow that seems pretty crafty, but if it’s true that would mean that they had been planning this for years. Would the government pull such a diabolical plan on it’s beloved people?
[quote]Well, the fact is that the carpet is being laid folks, and they will do just that in due time. The US constitution would have to be totally destroyed and some of you might already know that is already being accomplished. With the help of the media in which the NWO owns, people’s minds are being reshaped, controlled, and manipulated, in what they see, hear, or should believe is right, wrong, true, or false.

This is a fascist state known as the New world order, where your privacy, rights, and privileges will be gone like a thief in the night.

Its so outrageous that they see you (the average citizen) as one dumb sheep. If they tell you is good, then you better believe it. Comcast has jumped in the ban wagon assisting the NWO by openly admitting that they are installing cameras on their new Comcast cable boxes. They claim that this is to “serve you better” of course. You see, because once you approach your television set, your TV will recognize you and pull all of your favorite TV programming ready for your viewing pleasure.

Come on!

Who writes the scripts for these people, and why do they insist we we are as dumb as a door knob? The fact is that be ready to be insulted, demoralized, ridiculed, and who knows what more, because you are a thinking person and have common sense.

The NWO, don’t like that one bit, so they will do their best to discredit the sources that produce truth. Folks, this is happening every day.

Any one with a legitimate question is being ridiculed, any one bringing legitimate concerns, its being labeled a “quack” a “nut” a “conspiracy fool” etc, etc.[/quote]

Wow this sounds just like a plot out of that movie the Echelon Conspiracy, only in that movie they monitor everything and would have used even our very computer cameras to watch us, but this can already be done, via remote control technology. Just like how they used the cellphones to listen into that mob bosses conversation, even when the phone was turned off. They remotely downloaded technology to his phone, and used it as a bug. The same can be done with cameraphones, laptops, etc. As you might remember a families cameraphone was used to monitor them 24/7.

[quote]Who do you call when your personal cell phone has been turned into a spying device, tracking your family’s every move, and giving an anonymous stalker a view into your private life?

Three Washington state families say it happened to them and left them feeling like they were living in a horror movie. [/quote]

[quote]The FBI appears to have begun using a novel form of electronic surveillance in criminal investigations: remotely activating a mobile phone’s microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations.

The technique is called a “roving bug,” and was approved by top U.S. Department of Justice officials for use against members of a New York organized crime family who were wary of conventional surveillance techniques such as tailing a suspect or wiretapping him. [/quote]
Would could this truly be about to happen with our television sets? I mean even google a some time ago, said that they wanted to advertise to the public by listening to what they were watching in the back ground. That’s right, they wanted to use the microphones and possibly cameras on our computers to find out what we were watching, and then advertise to us based on this. Cool idea right?
[quote]In a research paper presented last week at interactive television conference Euro ITV in Athens, Greece, Google researchers Michele Covell and Shumeet Baluja propose using ambient-audio identification technology to capture TV sound with a laptop PC to identify the show that is the source of the sound and to use that information to immediately return personalized Internet content to the PC.

“We showed how to sample the ambient sound emitted from a TV and automatically determine what is being watched from a small signature of the sound—all with complete privacy and minuscule effort,” Covell and Baluja write on the Google Research Blog. “The system could keep up with users while they channel surf, presenting them with a real-time forum about a live political debate one minute and an ad-hoc chat room for a sporting event in the next.”

The scheme is described in the research paper using a term that seems to be an oxymoron: mass personalization. It might also be characterized as a mixture of oil and water, a combination of television broadcasting and Internet narrowcasting.

Wow will anyplace still be private? In a lot of cases we do have some choices about what we take into our homes. Using a digital box is not a necessity, it’s a choice. Carrying a camera or cellphone in some cases is a choice. We do still have some choices about the Orwellian society that is being created right before our eyes.

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Small ways to unplug.

So what can we really do to unplug from the system?

We can all start in small ways. Here are some suggestions that I have come across, or figured out on my own.

If you can cut down on how often you watch t.v. it really is programing for the masses. Try to slowly take yourself off the tube. Maybe a day here, a week there, some people have reported going a month cold turkey. The feedback is that they think more, and function better.

Try to get your news from additional sources. Try to avoid the usual doom and gloom of the nightly news and check out other news sources that might provide more balanced coverage of the news, but sites that might also give you additional news that you are not getting right now.

Cut back on radio as well, or switch channels to something that helps you tune in to what is really happening around you.

Change from the big telecommunications company to smaller ones. Use online services for some of your entertainment need. Try to unplug from the bigger giants over time.

Put your money in some of the smaller banks. Does not have to be all your money, but if people had their assets in various places, it could help prevent these monopolies, and the financial meltdowns of the future. Try to avoid putting the eggs into the same baskets.

Change your vibrational energy. What we think really does have a big impact on what we feel, see, experience. We do pull specific experiences into our realms, so change the frequency.

Take a moment to breath. Go outside of yourself, and tune into your higher self. Believe that you have a higher self to tune into.

You can do this by willing it, and by thinking it. It all begins in the mind. That is where we can start to affect change.

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