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Bing, Signs, Symbols, & Favricons

I still like Bing as a search engine, but their new logo is not my cup of tea.
The B that was their was fine, but the new symbol, does not work for me. Somehow it reminds me of a sign I saw once that represented human enslavement, or that is the first symbol or thought that entered my mind, my mind space.

What a waste, cause I am really starting to like Bing the picture in the background when you search are so neat, it’s neat to open up the search engine and have the sort of background that makes sense.

I still get slightly better search returns with google, but you know that google get’s up to stuff, so that’s why sometimes it’s nice to use other search engines.

I hope they go back to the old B, or change this symbol, cause it does not make sense. It’s a small imagery, and it’s also used for their Favricon cause they also updated that within the last couple of days.

I love favricons, remember favricons and how they have now become a part of internet history. If you are not familiar with them, they are those little signs or symbols on some web browsers, like the little w for W ordpress, and other such favricons. They sit right their in the corner of the search engines.

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