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Bill 184

The chance to become the correct person, and do the correct thing.

This is an interesting Bill, it was first passed spiritually, but it’s one of those neat laws, that making or that has made it’s way unto earth province. It’s a law that enables those, of all ages, sizes, most creeds, it enables, individuals to have the chance to become the correct persons, and do the correct thiings.

The law is updated, from the original law that was called removal from outcomes. The law enabled, or rather enables, specific mandates to be put in place, to deter or stop, those that are not eligible to be in the correct situations doing the correct things. on the other hand it protects those who wish to be in the correct situations doing the correct things.

It became a universal bill, and it’s interesting, because it works with spiritual, as well as earth province, universal based situations.

Measures that can be taken:

-Enables the law to work with the threat assessment teams, in a specific manner that protects, and keeps safe. Works with offices such as The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office.

-The law is designed to protect everyone, but primarily covers children.

-Works with the Help Me Grid, (also known as, R.Q.S.S.S.) The HELP ME GRID is a universal support, services, system, that provides assistance, across a wide spectrum, the GRID is activated, by simply saying  HELP ME, or HELP ME YES, HELP ME YES, File a report.

-Works with The Royal Order, and also emergency, medical and other services.

-Works with community planning and implementation strategies implemented, by, R.Q.G.M.B. (aka. The Royal Queen) Thus why the community advisor roles are so important.

-The mandate or Bill 184, includes, all prior mandates of Removal from outcomes, and all new mandates. All fees, fines, and penalties, eligible under that Bill.

-Automated spiritual report of incidents, are filed, as part of this mandate.

-The bill also covers mind control as one of the mandates.

-The bill touches on, spiritual based and earth based situations, and specific mandates, and protections that can be covered, and instituted under this bill.

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