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Monkey’s, Elephants, Frogs

How control works.

Monkey’s and Society

This is how society is basically controlled. I have blogged about this before, but I thought that this would be a timely reminder. People talk about how they want change, how they are dissatisfied with governments, but then they control each other worst than any authority figures do. If people really want change and freedom, then they have to understand how this works, it’s the only way that change can and will happen.

Under this informant system, it’s being used as a means of state and personal control. The other citizens (slaves)  get pressure applied, then they in turn pressure the target to conform, at times by participating in the systemic destruction of the targets life, and they hope to eventually break and destroy the target enough to control them, just like the example above. That is how state control works, and that is how it is working. The people at the bottom have to realize this, and want this to change, but most like the bit of power it gives them, that sense of control. They don’t have it in their own lives, so they try to take it from others. It’s really uncool, and things will not change until this happens.

Elephants and societal control

[quote]In India young elephants are tied to a tree to be taught obedience.  They pull and pull but cannot break free.  The elephant is still not strong enough to pull the tree out, and in time, after many attempts, it becomes to believe that it will not break free.  No matter how large and strong it grows, it believes that it will never pull the tree out.  At this point, an elephant can be tied to a twig and it will not attempt to break free.  It will always believe that the twig is stronger than it.  Do you ever feel like your stuck?  But, inside you, you know there is a better way of life?  And you just don’t know how?  The elephant and the twig is a perfect parallel to the human condition known as “learned helplessness.”  Realistically an elephant and a human have very different traits to consider this a comparison.  But this particular pattern of the elephant is symbolic to how the human can be subjected to the same condition.  Unlike the elephant, a human has his own will; therefore, the cycle can be broken.  As a human, you were given a great power.  Your mind, the mind has endless possibilities.  Unfortunately, instead of living our lives freely, we have succumbed to living in environments run by systems.  Sure it does make some things easier and helps keep some kind of order.  On some part systems help keep things running, which is not a bad thing.  The only problem with a system is that it keeps things running in one direction.  It does not allow much room for change, for that would disrupt the system.  As humans we are always evolving and need room to grow and change.  With these systems we have been subjected to this “learned helplessness” and have become stuck living in the system.  These systems reside in a family unit, a community, in professions, by traditions, and in cultures.  Don’t get me wrong a system provides support to function, but the original purpose gets lost in the upkeep of the system.  In other words, we are the elephants and the systems are the twigs.   We must not forget our true purpose and not be afraid to disrupt the system in order for it to be re-evaluated and adjusted.  Just like a computer, it is always being updated and changed to bring us better service.  Imagine how far you could advance if you were to upgrade the system.  Now, maintain respect to the systems but don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades.[/quote]

Once you get the people to condition themselves, very little control is needed to keep them in line. Thus we walk our selves back to work after breaks, no control, no chains needed, we learn to condition ourselves, breaking free of those conditioning is in part what being free would truly be about.

Frogs boiled alive and society

We watch our rights being eroded everyday. Body scanners, email and internet rights being removed or invaded, the water is boiling but like this helpless frog we do very little about it. We change to go along with the laws, and we are  passive.  Before you know it the water is too warm. This is what society is like in the 21st century.

This post is not to be confused with frogs, monkeys and state control. 🙂

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The snitches have no clothes

I have had the chance to observe the informants recently. They are like the story, the emperor has no clothes.

See they are slaves in a system that controls them yet some imagine themselves as free citizens, empowered citizens, deputized, partners of the state. It’s the biggest lie ever.

It’s funny to watch the slaves go into overdrive to defend and protect the very system that holds them bound. Some of them really are mental in that regard, in a frenzied type way.

At one point I thought that most people hated the violations this type of system caused, I mean this is what the Stasi did to it’s citizens, but no, some love this. A generation ago, democratic countries were preaching about the evils of countries who turned their citizens into informants. Watching this system is like watching someone take a young girl, putting her out on the street corner, and watching her brag about the freedom of being a prostitute, and yet that is what I am seeing in some regards.

People that are slaves, but who are proud of their slavery, and will do what they can to defend it. Slavery for the people by the people. We would frown and look down on someone in the example above, and encourage her to end her slavery, and be mystified when she claimed to like the freedoms that came with being prosituted out, but that is what I see in some ways daily, and I am mystified by it.

I have spoken about this system before. It empowers citizens the same way the Nazi’s were empowered against their neighbours the Jews. From the side of some Germans, it was a time of community, coming together, working together, protecting the fatherland, they were helping to get rid of what they saw as the bad element the problem for all their woes. Many wanted to be part of something that was greater than themselves, and so the power, the true power is given away and exchanged for something that looks shiny and effulgent on the outside, but that is truly as dull as brass on the inside, and most citizens do not know the difference, because in this modern day society of the haves and the have nots, most people do not have, have never had, and so they simply do not know the difference.

This is what they have, this is what makes them feel connected, special, purposeful, and the same way some of the Germans worked together, formed a sense of community, is the same way these people work together, to protect the very insane system that controls them all. It’s replaced family, community and God. The system is what they worship, bowdown to, fear and give their allegence to.

Watching it up close and personal is interesting. I really do think this system has some form of mental illness. It’s funny that they try to make targets look mentally ill, but in reality this system is what is unwell, and needs a cure.

This system has more wrong with it than right, but to see those at a ground level who would defend it is truly sad. I see members of society who have so little that they will protect their own slavery, who buy into a myth that they have become a part of something special, worth fighting for and defending, but that’s a lie. From this side of the fence, I see truly insane people, who have so very little, they would fight to preserver their own slavery, because it makes them feel special, connected, powerful, it’s their larger than something.

That special feeling, that having something, and belonging that too many people in society grow up without. I know not everyone wants to be enslaved, but the longer members stay a part of this cult, I think it puts them at risk of forgetting that there was and still is something greater than this cult, this controlled system they have given themselves to.

They act so proud of what they are, yet run and hide in the shadows at the first sign of light being shown on who they are and what they do. It’s interesting. This system does not stand up to the light, how could it when it’s a system of darkness, like so many others of it’s kind, that has been seen before.

Many in this upcoming generation are growing up without, without a sense of moral right vs moral wrong, people complain about pedophile rings, and corruption, yet they roll around and take part, and are a part of the very system that allows such, and is designed to allow such to happen. Those evil things are the sacrifice to this evil system, and those who defend it are responsible in their own way. It’s like those who harass targets, they get in one harassment here or there, but they are never responsible for the whole. They spread it around enough so that their hands do not seem dirty, but their hands are dirty.

Freedom is not free, not the way many have been taught, it’s a lie and an illusion. I am learning a lot on this journey, and it’s interesting.

The first thing is that if you want change, really want change, it comes from within first, and then radiates outward. I think societies enslavement is just comfortable enough that people are willing to trade it off for what might be real freedom, true freedom, but after all what is true fredom, when many have never really experienced it?

So I say it with all due respect, but the snitches have no clothes.’s_New_Clothes

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What would Jesus do?

Yeah the title sounds corny, but if you remember what this weekend is, it’s Easter weekend, and yesterday was good Friday. That’s the day the state assasinated him by nailing him to a cross, after bringing up phoney charges against him, by false witnesses. Sound familiar?

He came with a mission to help people. He was persecuted at times, until finally the state found a way to target him once and for all. They used a snitch that was a part of his company to sell him out, and along the way he had to tell the powers that be that they were corrupt and misleading the people. He would get angry at times, he also found it frustrating how people were at times. The spread rumours about him, said he had a demon, that he was crazy, a friend of sinners and publicans, they asked him all sorts of questions to try to set him up, like is it right to pay taxes? Hoping he would say no, so they could set him up.

In doing this activism, I realise that State oppression and the parasite informants don’t change that much. The same stuff that happened then, is the same stuff that pretty much happens now. The world does not change, and the people in charge know how to manipulate the people in the system. They know how to keep people in check, give them a sense of freedom, and then keep then in check in various ways.

I have been thinking about this a lot, because I am wondering what he would do about the informants? Would he try to out them, out them but subtly, or just ignore them? I have been thinking about the ways he handled himself, because I see a lot of this stuff is the same. He came across the same kind of system.

The more I see of these people’s actions and the deliberate tactics they use, the more I am reminded of his activism/ministry. I know a lot of people might not be able to relate, or this might not be there cup of tea, but if you are a target, it might not hurt to brush up on the way he handled irritating people who were spreading rumours, slander, a family that cared for him, but might not have been there for him, the way he needed, people trying to set him up, officials that were corrupt and teaching the common people all the wrong things, and Judas the snitch that would betray him.

Most times I just ignore them, but I don’t think this is the right approach, so I have been wondering what others would do. I know people always think of Jesus as peaceable, and for the most part he was, but he was not above telling the corrupt leaders what they were, what they were doing to the people, and he could hold his own.

The same type of parasites then and now. It’s fascinating, but it’s true. So that’s what I have been wondering, how did he handle being around Judas, how do you handle these snitches? How do you handle the provocation they bring, and cause, and what is the best way to deal with them?

I think you can learn a lot from the past, but I also think each activist is going to be different and you have to find ways to deal with each situation. What works for one will not work for the other, and yet we can take advise from past targets and apply them quite easily to the current situations at hand in trying to determine what to do under some circumstance.

[quote]18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil.
19 The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.[/quote]

Always trying to find something. They also called him crazy at times as well.
[quote] 14 Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him.[/quote]

Always looking for a way to bring down those who would question and challenge the system.

A lot of the stuff John Lennon said is coming back to me as well. The quote is from the US vs John Lennon.

[quote]“When it gets down to having to use violence then you are playing the systems games. The establishment irritates you, pull your beard and flick your face to make you fight, because once they have you violent then they know how to handle you. “

They really don’t change that much, this parasitic element. I guess each person in every generation has to find their own way to deal with them, and leave what they can for the next target.

It’s interesting however, a lot does not change in the way these people think work and operate, it would be nice for once to fully win.

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Gang Stalking. The only word.

Gang Stalking the prefered term.
Now if you go to some websites they will tell you that the term organized stalking is the preferred term. Maybe in their little web 1.0 agent worlds, but in my world, Gang Stalking is the perfect term.

These people are nothing but thugs. Right now they are using intimidation tactics on my offline customers, some friends and family to intimidate them. My customers are scared and doing what they are told, that’s unconscionable.

You like to pick on the elderly, women, and others you think that you can intimidate. You are nothing better than thugs and punks. If anyone thinks that the term Gang Stalking is not the preferred term, think again, it’s the only term, that I would use to describe these people and their thug like tactics.

The street gangs could probably learn a thing or two from these people about dirty dealings. Not only are these intimidation tactics illegal, but I have no more delusions about democracy, wither it’s the airplanes tracking me overhead, should I go missing off the informant radar for 5 seconds, to the citywide, and country wide webs, that have been established. You people are creepy, and Gang Stalking is most definatly the correct term for describing you.

If people hear this term and it puts them in mind of a Gang, (which if you read the forums, the real people are not stupid and they do understand what the word means.) then it would still be the correct understanding for the methods that are being used by these people. 

Following people around, trying to intimidate them, or others around them, these people and this controlled structure is a fanatic entity that needs to be driven back. It needs to have enough light shone into the darkness that it is.

Just like the street gangs, mafia or any other organisation, they hold their power by making people feel scared. They want people to feel powerless, I keep telling you that we are devine, and when they make us forget this, when they try to take our power like this, that’s what gives them their power. The David Icke stuff has 95% truth, so keep that in mind.

We have vast power within, power that we never tap into because of worries. They keep our minds imprisoned in this deliberate slave society, thinking that we are free, giving us the illusion that we are free when we are not free. They want to control us without chains. They want to see everyone enslaved, and when you come along you follow a different concept, you don’t follow their rules, because you don’t know what their rules are, and more importantly you don’t care, you follow a different set of rules then they hate that, and want to take your power away from you.

Tuning or tapping into this is dangerous for them, because in some ways they are like the wizard, these creepy little men, pulling the strings, scaring everyone into compliance, controlling them. Getting them to control each other, slavery by the people for the people.
They are at every angle and in every way working towards this one world controlled government, and in every generation they decide who they feel should be a part of their snitching friends network, who they want to make game. They believe that if they enslaved the previous generation, they can enslave the current generation, and it’s been working, and until people start to push back it will keep working.

People are just comfortable enough that this keeps, and stays in place. Just because the society has always been like this, does not mean that it should continue to always be like this. This type of slavery works for some, but for others it’s chocking and life destroying, and just like in East Germany, when these types of programs come to town the suicide rates, and others rates go up.

Like I have said before, I can’t tell people to not be scared, these people are more dangerous than any street gangs or mafia. They are more lethal, and more silently brutal, they intimidate, try to control and instill fear, more than these so called punks on the street. The ones on the streets show their true colors, these people hide behind friendly facades. We are your friends, we are their to protect you, to serve you, to control you for your own good. Too many people by into and go along with this. They deceive you constantly with staged events for your own good. Problem reactions solutions, and you buy into it, you don’t question it. They scare you, you comply, you run to them, you give up your rights, begging them to protect you and you further enslave yourselves, and the next generation even more so.

When the new ones are born, they will grow up into a world where it seems normal to be loyal to the state, to turn in friends and family who are not complying. They will not understand that there is a better way, that there were other ways because it’s all they will have know. Who’s fault is that, who is responsible for that? Hold up the mirror, we all are, because to have these rights, it requires constant vigilance, but we are not vigilant, we let things slip by all the time, laws get passed that we have no idea about till it affects us. This creepy society I was not aware of for the longest time.

I don’t believe this place is democratic, not by a long shot, they are just better at getting people to believe what you want them to believe, but you won’t hesitate to pick on and intimidate hard working people. They won’t hesitate to scare the old, the weak the infirm, you won’t hesitate to make the young, thier slaves, and take their souls and their power with them.

I will never think well of the people or the minds that could set up such a slave society, it’s against everything that I grew up believing. I very much believe this type of set up is against God and the freedoms that were intended for us as beings. I grew up, I was law abiding, and I did everything right, but it makes no difference in a slave society, because you have freedom only if you stay in the preset lines that they think are perfect for you. They don’t understand and they don’t like when you step out of those lines.

I will remind you again how controlled things are, from the surveillance that you are now learning about, little bit by little bit, to the NSA whistle blower, to former governor Jessie Ventura and his revelations that the CIA is in every level of society. He says that when he ran for governor and was elected, they interviewed him for 3 hours in some underground location, and in his opinion it’s because they did not see it coming. They did not see how someone like him could get elected, and they wanted to be sure it didn’t happen again. Again you see the control that these people exercise? They try to control who get’s in, who get’s elected, who is complying, who can they control. They try to see what they have on this person, what can they use on that person, and the ones that have enough means, independence, and have risen to the stage where they can not readily be touched, other ways are found to deal with them.

If you don’t see, feel or understand the control that is being exerted, throughout all of society, then you don’t truly understand the world that we are living in. It’s a harsh realisation at first, but then it’s the only way to truly live, because when you have a realistic sense of the situation that you are in, only then can you start to affect change. We look at other countries and oh these people here, and these people their are so non democratic, they don’t have the same freedoms that we do, you don’t have freedoms either. You have a plan with limited minutes of use, most of us never reach those minutes, but the ones that do, and go over that plan, they see the world for what it is, and they understand.

So again for me, Gang Stalking is the only word that I could think of for describing these people. They are a gang and if you follow their rules do what the gang says then you get to live your life. Go outside those lines, and then you see their true faces, you see what they are really like, and if you are really unlucky you see what they are capable of.

I no longer play with the idea that this is a free society. I use to hear the stuff about East Germany, and this is worst, this is more controlled, it’s just we hold the facade of freedom, but I don’t buy it for a second. You are only free if you color within their pre-set lines. Just like Gary Webb, he thought he was free, writing really daring stories, it was only when he really wrote something daring that he found out what they are, and who they are, and he paid the price. If more people stood up for truth, and those who tell the truth, you would be so much further along, but you most times let your whistle-blowers and those who try to stand up for you get sacrificed to the dogs, and then back to the slavery that you understand and are comfortable with.

You follow the don’t rattle the cage rule, why, because that’s the way it’s always been. I have used the example before that social psychology uses. 5 monkeys in a cage, stairs to get to a banana, as each monkey tries to get to the banana, the others get sprayed with cold water, soon they start to attack any monkey that tries to reach for that banana. Remove one monkey, the other four attack the new monkey till it learns to not reach for the banana. Replace all the monkeys, one by one, and each in turn learns to not reach for the banana. Even when you stop spraying them with cold water, they keep attacking the monkey that tries to reach for that banana. Why? Because that’s the way it’s always been. You like to think that you are more intelligent than monkeys, but we are those monkeys in that cage, that cage is society, and those who try to reach for the top, or go out of the lines get beaten down by the other monkeys, till they in turn learn “the rules”. Then they in turn enslave others, and it goes on, and then you ask why, and it’s because that’s the way it’s always been. The ones that challenge that get beat down, assassinated, and then the other monkeys learn their lessons. Then they feel justified for their compliance, they fell like, see I told you to just comply and stay in lines. That’s not freedom.

Only when you stop helping to enslave each other can we be free, but that unseen invisible cold water is still getting sprayed, and the control is still getting kept, one generation to the next. Remove one monkey, as the old set die off, and the new are introduced into the world, and the other monkeys, society beat down those who don’t follow the rules, but who made the rules, and why should you comply? Because you live better, no because you are slaves, and these rules are used to control you, but you go along with them because you don’t know better. You understand the control and punishments that will be issued. It’s truly sad. Then you have the odd few that come along and show you a better way, their lights don’t last long, and most of their time here is spent being persecuted and belittled in their time phase, but then icons after they are assassinated, or whatever. Wash, rinse,repeat and the cycle continues. It’s crazy, like Susan Powter use to say, STOP THE INSANITY, you are the only ones who can. Take back some of your power that these people are trying to take away in little ways, by little ways. Support those who are trying to help you. Stand up for your whistle-blowers, if you did, you would probably have a lot more truth, but you don’t, you let them and others like them continually get destroyed, and then who’s fault is that?

I could write a novel about this creepy society and how the world is enslaved, but I think someone already did. There is a lot of truth in the bible just waiting to behold. I am going to look for some of that truth, from one who lived, worked, and died in this creepy structure, and saw it for what it was. It’s not about being religious, it’s the memoirs, of one’s who came, saw, and in some cases overcame the world.

I wish you well, I wish you truth, and I wish you peace.

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State control and conformity

There is always a lot in the news about the state and their willingness to step in and take control of what we are doing, or stories about how they expect us to conform, the next three stories I hope will be of some interest to you. Unarmed man shot while handcuffed face down. The first story is of a young man who was shot in the back, while face down on the ground while handcuffed. Oscar Grant and several other young men, in typical police fashion were being held and interrogated on a train platform. I understand that there had been a fight on the train, and the police had been called. If you watch the video you can see the the situation is chaotic at times, but fully manageable for trained police officers. From what the report on the video says, Oscar was cooperating with the police and he even told them, don’t shoot me, I have a kid. Yet while face down, handcuffed he was shot in the back. What really struck me about the action of the police involved was that after killing him, they just went about it as business as usual. That’s what struck me most about the videos, was the complete, dispassionate loss for a human life, but that is really what it comes down to. A lot of these young men and woman, no longer have value in the eyes of some of these officers, and thus when something like this does happen, there is a lot of visible humanity for the actions. I know that some will say the officers were in shock and that’s why they did not respond, but this is a trend that keeps getting repeated over and over again, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Though many people did have appropriate reactions to this shooting, I noticed that at first a popular conspiracy forum, had responses like, well was he fully cooperating with the cops, did he resist arrest, maybe the cop thought it was a taser and not a gun, etc. The forum did later receive other appropriate responses, such as that could have been me, or this really has become a police state. Also many noted that he was hand cuffed and face down, with someones knee on his neck, so there would have been no reason to taser him. Also resisting arrest, which he wasn’t doing, does not give a police officer the right to shoot an unarmed person in the back, while handcuffed. When it comes to situations like this, we are the best defence that we have against such inappropriate actions. Because if we start to justify actions such as this, and don’t realise that no matter who we are, what sector of society we belong to, this could be us next, then we are failing ourselves as humanity. The cop who murdered him, resigned, but will there ever be any justice for what happened? Oh one more note, originally all the officers were saying that he was not handcuffed while shot. These officers are often willing to cover and lie for each other. Without this video we most likely would have heard that he was resisting arrest, maybe had a weapon, and not handcuffed. It seems that keeping a cameraphone handy might be the only way anyone can defend themselves in the future against such abuses. Little Adolf Hitler and sisters taken from home. The family in the next story caused a stir when they requested that their child’s name be placed on a birthday cake in December and walmart disapproved and would not do it. The child is named after Adolf Hitler. Yesterday the child and his two sisters were taken from their home. There has been no reason given. I only imagine that this child and family probably came to the eye of the state department more rapidly due to the media of the walmart story. If this child was not being abused in the home, then there can be no reason for the state to take a children from their home. You might not approve of the parents naming their child Adolf Hitler, or the other kids JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, etc, but unless these kids are being abused in some way by their parents, then taking them from their home was fully in appropriate. In a democratic society these parents have right to name their children their names. I do agree that there are some names that children should not be named, such as profanity, but these names do not fall into this category. The names might not be names that many in society approves of, but in a democratic society, they would still have the right to choose these names for their children. See I never fully internalized the saying, I might not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend your rights to say it. I had understood the concept, but it’s in recent times that I have internalized what this fully means. In a democratic society even if we don’t agree or approve, to some degree all dissenting voices must have the right to some degree to express those dissenting views. If this means naming your child Adolf Hitler, provided they are not abusing their child in any other way, then I don’t think the children should have been taken from their home. Eight Year Old Arrested. [quote]The mother of an 8-year-old autistic girl who was arrested after a scuffle with her teachers said it was horrifying to watch her daughter be led away in handcuffs from her northern Idaho elementary school. [/quote] These scenarios are happening more and more, and pretty soon people will become numb to these types of situation. [quote] Spring Towry said she got to the school Friday just in time to see 54-pound Evelyn — who was diagnosed at age 5 with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism — being walked to a police car with two officers at her side. “She started screaming ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go! What are batteries? What are batteries?'” Towry said. “She didn’t even know what she was arrested for.” Towry, who lives in Ponderay, said Evelyn told her that she had been refused entry into a school Christmas party that had been delayed until after the holidays because of a string of snow days, because she refused to take off her beloved “cow costume” — a hoodie with cow ears and a tail. Towry said Evelyn, who loves Spongebob Squarepants, told her she was put in a separate classroom away from the party, but when she tried to leave, the teachers told her to stay put. Evelyn did not listen, Towry said, and the adults physically restrained her. [/quote] I don’t want to see teachers have a more difficult time teaching children, but what happened to contacting the parents, and just letting the parents take care of their children, was it really appropriate to have this child arrested? This above story though not as brutal reminds me of the 5 year old girl who was arrested and handcuffed by 3 male police officers, because she was throwing a temper tantrum. This happened a couple of years back, but I have never forgotten it. These police state control behaviors are things that we as a society must become aware of, and continue to monitor and speak out against when necessary. If we don’t, tomorrow these situations will be you and your families, no matter what creed, race, religion, or affiliation you belong to. What happens to one, will eventually happen to all the others. This if nothing else, is what the research has shown and taught me.

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The final pieces of the puzzle

I was just reading up on Cointelpro and I think I have the final pieces of the puzzle put together.

It’s shiny and it squirts water, is it a water gun? No a detective that makes these things told me it was a watering stick. Describe this watering stick to me. Well you pull the trigger, and water  comes out and it can get people wet. Are you sure it’s not a water gun? No a private detective told me that it’s a watering stick, besides water guns don’t squirt blue liquid and this one does. Well Ok then, and thus Cointelpro in whatever form it choose to continue in was masked as Gang Stalking.
Since Cointelpro was only ever an American program people have been saying that it can not be Cointelpro because what is happening is International. It’s patterns are however the same, and with the new community policing programs and anti-terror laws it too has risen from the shadows where it momentarily dwelt, and has continued almost consistantly to do what it has always done. What’s been confusing is the electronic harassment and the gaslighting tactics, but enough research will show ghost tactics have been used before, including what we now know about the former East Germany. 

Recently I came across an article that I think just really helped me to put the whole thing into perspective. I think I have finally internalized it at last. I came across a story that I had not heard before. It was the story of how a young outspoken black journalist was put away by the system.
Mumia Abu-Jamal. This story starts back in the day of the black panthers, and climaxes in the early eighties and continues on to this present time. It’s a leangthy story, so I will just go over the highlights, but I suggest that you read it in full. I think after reading it, you will see a pattern that has always existed and that still exists.


At City Hall, Rizzo was blunt with the press: he expected them to close ranks in support of police actions. Then, from the crowded pack of reporters, a young Black journalist spoke out in the resonant tones of a radio broadcaster. He raised pointed questions about the official police story Rizzo had just laid out.

Mayor Rizzo exploded in fury and spat out a thinly veiled threat: “They believe what you write, and what you say, and it’s got to stop. And one day–and I hope it’s in my career–that you’re going to have to be held responsible and accountable for what you do.” [2]

The journalist who challenged Rizzo that day was Mumia Abu-Jamal. He had spent a decade exposing the racism of Philadelphia’s police and legal system.

On December 9, 1981, three years after this press conference, at the age of 27, Mumia Abu-Jamal fell into the hands of the police. He was shot, almost killed by a police bullet, arrested, and repeatedly brutalized in custody. And then, in a trial borrowed from Kafka or Alice’s Wonderland, he was condemned to death for the shooting of policeman Daniel Faulkner.

Mumia Abu-Jamal has not spent a day in freedom since. He is now on Death Row–defying the sterile isolation of the SCI Greene prison: writing, speaking out, and opening the eyes of a new generation to the injustices of the system.[/quote]
Like many stories his does not begin or end there, where it will end will soon be decided by a jury of his peers? Well we know that a jury will soon make a decision in regards to his fate, but let’s take you back.
Born in 1954 as Wesley Cook he grew up in the projects of Black philadelphia.

While growing up he was subjected to racism and a lot of the political unrest of that time period. He did not let that kill his spirit, infact he was able to rise above it for a time.

As a young teenager his mind was finally opened up to the true nature of the racism in his city and he joined the black pather party.

 I was grabbed by two of them, one kicking my skull while the other kicked me in the balls. Then I looked up and saw the two-toned, gold-trimmed pant leg of a Philly cop. Without thinking, and reacting from years of brainwashing, I yelled, ‘Help, police!’ The cop saw me on the ground being beaten to a pulp, marched over briskly–and kicked me in the face. I have been thankful to that faceless cop ever since, for he kicked me straight into the Black Panther Party.”[8]

In 1969, when Mumia joined the campaign to rename his school Malcolm X High, the FBI and the Philadelphia political police squad started keeping records on him, using informants and wiretaps. In the following years, their file would grow to over 800 pages.[9][/quote]
Soon he would start to write articles and for the group and draw attention to the plight of the people in his commuity.

[quote]<b>The FBI took note, and added Mumia’s name to the ADEX index of those persons to be rounded up and interned in a national emergency.</b>[/quote]
So for people wondering if the Fema lists do exist, here is proof that as far back as the 70’s they had lists of those who should and should not be rounded up in case of a national emergency.

[quote]“Mumia was, and is, a very sensitive, committed and thorough journalist. And his journalistic focus in large part was issues involving the inner city, involving the conflicts and tensions between those on the bottom of our society and those running it, and pretty much the daily affairs of the city.”

Linn Washington, veteran reporter and Temple University journalism professor [18][/quote]

His only achievement was not just helping to start up the philadelphia chapter of the black panthers at 15, he would later become an radio jounalist, and a free lance journalist, winning many community awards.
[quote]In Philadelphia in the mid-1970s, Mumia’s work brought him into contact with the MOVE organization. MOVE, a radical utopian largely-Black organization, was formed the year Rizzo took over City Hall. Its members lived together in communal homes as an extended family, adopting the common surname Africa, and wore their hair natural, in dreadlocks. In 1974, from their base in West Philadelphia’s Powelton Village, MOVE started speaking out at political forums and organizing community demonstrations against police brutality.

In 1974 two pregnant women from MOVE were man-handled by cops until they miscarried. MOVE’s demonstrations intensified. The police responded with a campaign of “arrest on sight.” Between 1974 and 1976, there were 400 arrests of MOVE members, resulting in bail and fines of more than half a million dollars. Life Africa, a three-week-old baby, was killed during one violent police attack. [30]

By March 1978, these confrontations came to a head when Philadelphia police clamped a siege on MOVE’s home on West Philadelphia’s Powelton Avenue. Police cut off water and electricity. They set up barricades to prevent food from entering.

Armed with his tape recorder, Mumia stepped into the middle of this mounting conflict. He later said that he gave voice to the members of the MOVE organization at a time when most Black reporters ignored them, and the mainstream press simply slandered them.[/quote]
The police after all the press they were getting pretended to back off, and then ofcourse staged a waco like attack on the residents. The organization members were put through a questionalble trial and placed in jail. He was one of the few journalists to ask the truly hard questions and carry out the function that a journalist is meant to perform.

[quote]Mumia Abu-Jamal spoke out from the crowd of journalists, sharply raising questions about the way police had destroyed evidence after the raid.

Rizzo was already on edge over the increasing coverage of police brutality spreading into the mainstream press. He could feel his long-standing support in the city’s media eroding and it bothered him. [39]

But to be publicly challenged in his own press conference by a Black journalist the same day a cop had just died in a raid–that made him livid. Rizzo’s answer to Mumia’s question was a now-famous threat: “They believe what you write, and what you say, and it’s got to stop. And one day–and I hope it’s in my career–that you’re going to have to be held responsible and accountable for what you do.”[/quote]

Three years later that would all come to a head, but not before he continued to live, work and rise in the community as someone who was nsightful, passionate and caring.

[quote]In 1980, at the age of 26, Mumia was elected president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. The following year, he was named one of the city’s “People to Watch” by Philadelphia magazine. The article spoke of his “eloquent, often passionate and always insightful interviews.”[/quote]

He was known as the voice of the voiceless. Then December 9, 1981 things all came to a head. 27 years ago.

[quote]The events of December 9, 1981 started as a typical police stop for “driving while Black.” Just before 4 a.m., Mumia’s younger brother Billy Cook was driving his Volkswagen Beetle in a seedy part of Philadelphia’s Center City–when he was pulled over on Locust Street by Officer Daniel Faulkner.

The official record claims that the reason for this stop was a crooked license plate and a broken bumper. But before Daniel Faulkner even climbed out of his patrol car, he had decided to arrest Billy Cook and called for a police wagon to take Cook away. Faulkner quickly had Billy Cook out of the driver’s seat, spread-eagled across his car and was beating him in the head with a weighted police flashlight. [47]

Mumia was driving his cab that night and came upon this scene. Moments later, when police backup arrived, Mumia was on the ground, shot in the chest. Faulkner was dead from two gunshot wounds and Billy Cook was standing against a wall bleeding. Anyone else involved in the incident had fled.

A cop was dead and from that moment on–true to the methods, mentality and traditions of the police–Mumia was responsible and deserved to die, no matter what the evidence (or lack of evidence) might actually say.[/quote]

Since then he has been in the system, fighting for a fair trail and litterally fighting for his life on death row.

In the months that followed Mumia’s arrest, the machinery of Philadelphia’s notorious Homicide Squad went into motion–and systematically manufactured a case against Mumia Abu-Jamal. Evidence was suppressed. False evidence was created. Witnesses were coerced. And a notorious hanging judge was rolled out to ram this railroad through the trial process.

Mumia had been the dogged opponent of a brutal power structure for 12 intense and explosive years. He had exposed their crimes, upheld their victims, given voice to their accusers. Now he was in their hands–a political prisoner headed for death row.

Thus the story in part ends there, but continues now 27 years later. He has been on death row ever since then, the system then as now is the same and it has not changed. Evidence of a signed confession from another man exists from his team, suggesting that the police officer was shot in a mob style hit.

Abu-Jamal is still on death row waiting once again for his fate to be decided some 27 years later. Some would say that his fate was decided when he confronted the Mayor on his actions in taking down yet another group from that time period.

[quote]We are now at the crossroads of the case. This is a life and death struggle in the fight for Mumia’s freedom. His life hangs in the balance. The following are details as to what has been occurring in the Supreme Court.

Abu-Jamal v. Beard, U.S. Sup. Ct. No. 08A299: On October 3, I filed in the Supreme Court a Motion for Extension of Time to File Petition for Writ of Certiorari. Justice David H. Souter granted the motion on October 9th. The Petition is now due on December 19, 2008.[/quote]

So here it is, just one more piece of the puzzle, that’s finally helping me to put it all together. The full story is a fascinating read, and it answers the questions that I had when I first came online and started to learn about Cointelpro.

I had wondered why there were no more leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. I mean that time period seemed to have produced a lot of leaders and groups, such as the black panthers, Malcolm X, etc. The last two I grew up thinking of as outlandish radicals, but now I see that they were just a part of the same struggles that we are all a part of wither we know it or not.

So that answers that part of the puzzle for me. They are locked away in the system. If they are not dead, in prison, in process of being destroyed, or in mental wards as is the new thing to do, then they are simply unaware, or a part of the system itself.

Coitelpro as we see primarily targeted ethnic minorities, their leaders, political movements, and organizations, but even before Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination the mandate was changing for that program. The mandate had become making sure that no (black) messiahs rose up, this would mean finding creative ways to target these future messiahs, these ones that could potentially rise up and distrupt the system, cause dissidence and throw a cog in the wheel. Those at every level who refused to fall in line.

Well the machine has continued to work, and so has the corruption and the injustice. The system that existed then, as much as I wanted to believe that it had fully changed, I am in reading and researching lead to now believe that it has never really changed. Those frieghtening tentacles still exist and instead of just targeting activists and dissidents, these programs have merged and branched out. Again in accordance with new initiatives such as community policing, anti-terror laws, etc, they are alive and well, and the machine is as active as ever. With the emergence of 9/11 and overseas wars, we are simply seeing the machine mount up and show itself more clearly, apparently this is very common, during such times from what I have read.

Abu-Jamal was known as a voice for the voiceless, he helped shed light on injustice for dozens if not thousands of people throughout his time, before the system also took him out of the picture and almost silenced his voice. Today his life still hangs in the balance, and a fair trial is needed once more. Can any justice exist in this system of corruption and conformity? It’s been 27 years, and a decision is days away from being made, maybe by being a voice for his plight, and sheding some light on this case, some right can finally be achieved.

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One nation under seige

Ok as expected within a few hours of posting about this movie with a link to the movie, it’s been removed from youtube. I recommend that every target watch this movie. It has very valuable information about some of the things that are going on in this country and others.  I have not seen such an eye opening movie in a really long time. I wish I had seen this movie two years ago.

Here is the link for movie info.

audio clip.

However I recommend viewing the movie.

It talks so many things that are going to show you the reality of what is happening, things that you need to know about, community policing, police can come into your home without a warrent and look around when you are not there, medicated society, electronic harassment, Cointelpro, Red Squads, RFID tags. Many of the things that I have spoken about in the last two years, can be found in this movie. Find a way to view it.
One nation under seige.

It’s all about spying, tracking, and control…

Prepare to be instantly propelled into a world dominated by hi-tech surveillance and old fashioned spying as you go behind enemy lines drawn in our own backyards. One Nation Under Siege presents disturbing facts never before disclosed to a majority of the sleeping American public.  Through the research of over a dozen internationally distinguished authors, journalists, physicians, and ex-military – you will begin to understand the massive and ceaseless control projected onto an unsuspecting populace by a government that has finally crossed the line to fascism.

From the USA PATRIOT Act and the blatant disregard for the Bill of Rights to the outright tracking of every human being on the planet earth, you will be stunned by what U.S. government documents describe for the future of America.

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