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Soul Mates

Soul Mates

What if you could be eligible to be in the correct situation, doing the correct thing, what if you could be in your soul mates situation, wouldn’t that be the correct thing.

Imagine if there was a way to find your soul mate, could it be that easy, could someone have set something up, or created a system that enables you to find and locate your soul mate, like a quilt that enables you to find your soul mate. What if you find your soul mate in spirit, but they are not on the earth, or the face of the planet, how does that work?

Can you have more than one soul mate? I believe that you can only have one soul mate at a time. I believe that even after a person transends, they can still be your soul mate, similar to the movie ghost, but I am not sure if they were soul mates in the movie ghost, or just two people that loved each other.

I believe that soul mate stars do form, and that’s the actual situation. I am also clear that they can unform if you have a new soul mate, it can so happen, it can so transpire, that as much as you love someone, sometimes you just don’t end up together, and those soul mate stars unform, and new ones form.

Soul mates do exist, I believe that, I do not believe that they are bound by age, but there should be some restrictions, such as if you find your soul mate, and they are still in the cradle, wait till they are 18 or at least in the teens, somewhere hun. Color, religion, possibly gender, because the soul mate stars are pretty specific, and so forth, so within those paramaters, I do believe that soul mates do exist.

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