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Heartfelt Gratitude

Real Dream

I am blogging a lot, cause I will not be posting for the next little while, so I wanted to share as much as possible.

Ok I got through and had a real dream. I know that sounds funny, but vs the faux dreams I have been having. It’s funny but the element or one of the elements that real dreams have vs faux dreams has been so obvious for the years that I have been dreaming, but I had forgotten what that missing element was.

So at least that portion of my subconscious is not destroyed, just co-opted. Ok this answers that question, and yes real dreams feel very different than the implanted mind fluff that I have had to deal with, plus you actually rest in real dreams. Even if it’s just a short dream, you actually have energy after. Not always, but your mind get’s a work out that just does not happen with he faux dreams. I don’t want to say what the missing elements are, but to anyone who dreams it will probably be obvious if I did point it out.

The subvocalized thoughts to speech. I have been praying for years, and for anyone who prays they can be silent, but you often have a goal in mind, but you never hear yourself say the words. Well now with the subvocalized stuff, the intentions of the prayers can be heard being translated into speech. That is kind of cool, cause now I know that my unvocalized intentions actually do have a word components. When you pray most times it’s in silence, or you might pray a scripture, but at other times it’s just silent prayers, or meditations, well no anymore. The intentions get translated, and I know the words of the intentions. I have been praying for years, this just does not happen. This is subvocalized intentions translated into speech, it’s kind of nifty.

Gregory a target came to my aid with some really valuable information, when I needed it. Like I stated when it’s not your situation, you just can’t understand the full impact of what the person is going through, or what they have been going through. He shared some very personal things that had happened to him, and I don’t have the words to say how truly horrible and abominable what was done to him was. It’s truly disgusting and there are not the words. These people are the lowest form of filth to crawl the earth, there is nothing else that can be said. I am truly and deeply disgusted by what was done to him, and I do hope that these people will pay for what was done. There are a lot of people who are getting away with a lot of abuses and it is just not ok, it is not alright and it is not acceptable.

I can only again express my deepest sympathies for what was done to him, but I know that it does not go far enough. The violation of his person and his spirit was truly unacceptable, and to be honest there is no true name for such a violation except for unacceptable. That is what it should truly have been termed, unacceptable.

I hope if you are out there you read this, and I do thank you and all the others for the information and feedback that you provided in my time of need. Clearly parts of this are ongoing, and a remedy will have to be made, but there are a lot’s of this that could have been much worst. I want to thank the members of the community, or strangers for the helpful tips that were also provided, such as earth stones. The nice thing about being a part of a community is we truly don’t have to go through these things alone.

Thank you, and I am greatful for the assistance that was rendered to me. I hope that help will be rendered in kind for your own personal situations.

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month.

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Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep

Well my dreams are not always sweet, sleep is not always peaceful, it’s the one border I can’t fully close off, but when it is sweet, I seem to keep coming back to some of the same places.

I have been buring the candle at both ends, looking forward to some zzz, but I wanted to take a moment to give gratitiude to those things, and people who make you feel safe, who rescue the things that you can not save yourself. My eternal gratitude.

I can’t think of anything else I prefer than those things right now. Those things mean a lot to me.

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Sweet Slumber

I was thinking about some of my recent posts, and I hope that some of my more gentle readers were not put off or offended by my forthright posts. I figure a little embarrassment, beats a great deal of misunderstanding.

As a Targeted Individual, I find that there is often a great deal of misunderstanding towards intentions, and meaning, too often have I had to clarify what was said, vs what was interpreted, and thus I have learnt to be very direct. As it stands targets have not had our cases heard, by being meek and gentle, most of us have had to fight for any recognition of our cause, against great obstacles at times.

Today or yesterday was one of those days where the needs of others came up, a great many, and none of them mine, and much more than what I was prepared for. A few unexpected scenarios also crossed my path in a most unexpected manner, and I had to act accordingly, to bring those scenarios back in place.

Upon reflection, I do see that my posts were very direct indeed and to the point, and can only appologise to those readers who are not accustomed to such forthright speech, it has become needful at times for me, as a target.

Well I am going to give the candle burning at both ends a bit of rest for the next few hours, and try to get that long denied sleep that I have so thristed for and longed for today, but that would not quite come. Mayhaps in slumber, I will find that which was denied me while awake.

Goodnight gentle readers, till next time we meet.

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