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Fully Functioning Buildings.

I saw this wonderful video a couple of years ago or more now, but it’s about  
this company that builds condo’s, buildings, and hotels in record time. They  
build a 15 story building in record time. I think it’s wonderful that individuals 
and companies can be so efficient.

An event that previously took months, nee years, now takes a matter of days.
This particular building took just 48 hours, suitable safety record, and the end 
result is quite something suitable. 

Someday if I have the means or inclination, I would like to create buildings 
similar, in the sense that they function, they are fully efficient, and they are 
build in a short space of time. Fully functioning buildings. Places where 
people can stay, sort of like how they use to take in children back in the day in 
those foundling homes. Something suitable, something shiny, something 

Someday I would like to see those same buildings that I am dreaming of, and
hoping for suitably secured, you know, I would like to see individuals using 
their unique identifiers to enter the buildings, and I would like to see the 
HELP ME Grid be a part of the design for security. I think that would make 
the buildings pretty specific and unique. Fully Functional Foundling Homes 
of sort, places that function. Built in record time, so efficient, friendly, and 
catering to a specific audience. It’s just a pipe dream right now, mind you, but 
someday wouldn’t it be nice to see those get built. 

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