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Spending time with an old love.

Spending time with an old love.

Not what you think. I am spending with an old love indeed, but not what you think. I use to have these other places that I loved hanging out at, before I was fully aware of this weirdness, there was at least one other place that I like hanging out at. It was just a fun place, and I started it.

It was very active, then it had died, and then I had started it up again. It was during my time spent getting harassed at one of the banks, (the one I tried to take to the human rights commission. The one where Carol and Ian called me into Carol’s office and said if I didn’t drop the case, they would ask that I see a company health professional if I choose to go ahead with my case at the commission. Make a stink go see a shrink.) At the time I didn’t know anything about how companies operate and the dirty things they do, I just knew that Carol from HR and Ian my senior manager had just tried something really dirty, and I was just really shocked, and yes I still went ahead with trying to take them to the commission, but that was also where I learnt that there was something systemically wrong. Eg. My multiple lost faxes, my case being switched every week to someone new, my cover page being mysteriously lost, so I would have to start the whole process over again, and it when from there. Fond memories.)

Anyways, three years ago, I had been rejuvenating this place, when I realised that some weirdness was going on. This other place that I liked to hang out at, it was great, I was there almost everyday, I liked the people that hung out there. What was weird is what they would drop hints or say things, or do things that pertained to my offline world. I didn’t know any of these people except for online, so it was weird that they were intimating things about my offline life.

I knew there was something going on, I asked a couple of them that I trusted to tell me what was going on, in subtle ways, but no give, but I knew something was up. So that’s where it began. There is no way that people that I have never met offline, that I only knew online could know anything about my offline world, also most of them were from various countries, or different parts of the country so that also made no sense. That’s when I started to think that maybe I had a key logger on my computer, maybe one of them had sent me an email with something? That didn’t make sense either, because the stuff they were alluding to is not stuff that I kept on my computer, they were mentioning people that I knew in subtle ways, like how the snitches offline, will repeat conversations of our personal life.

So then I thought, maybe someone is watching me from outside. I noticed that were my computer was situated that there was a window and it was conceivable that someone across the other apartment building with a telescope was seeing what i was doing online, and had joined the forum, and was maybe going behind my back and spreading stuff, but then there was more to it than that. Why would these people I trust, just not tell me?

So that’s when I started saying stuff in my apartment, I wanted to see if it would get back to me. Waited long enough and it did, something very specific, from someone very specific that you just don’t hear everyday. The people at work knew specific things that were happening in my apartment, and shortly after that is when I found out I was being followed around on the streets. I didn’t just out of the blue believe it. I went up and down the city, in allies, underground, above, above ground, to one end of the city to the next, lane ways, I was always followed. It was creepy. There was one specific incident that made realise that something was wrong. I was at this one store, and suddenly this guy comes in, he rushed in like it was urgent, but when in the store, all he did was try to listen into what I was saying, he had no other purpose or agenda, and I knew it. I knew he was there for the sole purpose of me, but it made no sense, but it stayed in the back of my mind, it was too specific what had happened. The next time a citizen snitch followed me, I became aware of it. This time it was a woman, she followed me so closely she brushed into me, then I tried to lose her, she would just go everywhere I did, (I kept it subtle, cause I didn’t want them to know that I knew) then finally I thought I had lost her, but what I realised is that another woman had picked up the trail where the first one had left off. This is when I then spent the next few weeks, up and down the city confirming what I knew, felt, but could not believe.

These people had every end of the city monitored, I mean every end of the city, they still didn’t know that I knew at the time. At some point after this or around this time, I came across a posting about Gang Stalking, but when you read about Gang Stalking, you are like, that can’t be happening to me. Vigilante groups, what the heck? However I would also come across more credible sources.

Around this time is when I realized the phones were tapped, all my conversations with every lawyer, had been listened into. That’s how these people always stayed a step ahead, and every time it would look like I was going to go ahead with the harassment case, the harassment would intensify, within the workplace and outside the workplace.

That whole time period is still so confusing, it has a lot of trauma attached to it, but that’s around the time I started trying to talk about it online, the threads getting shut down, deleted, my accounts banned, blocked, it was so weird. How did they have so much influence? How could they get to places I had just registered at and get the accounts banned, or get admins to shut down threads, and this was not just once or twice, this was several incidents.

Anyways I would quit the job, take the next ten months to find out that it was systemic, we live in a corrupt system, I was not the only target that had experienced this, i would learn more about mobbing and the similar experiences in the workplace, via other forums I learnt that sexual harassment targets, mobbing targets, bullying targets, etc, all had similar stories about systemic corruption, lawyers, stories about these people always being one step ahead of the game.

So if you have read my blogs, you know most of the journey after that, and then the site was created, and you have seen it grow, mature, and change as new information becomes available, and now you have a cute ebook that you can get for free, paid for by the blood and trauma of this little journey.

This system has always been in existence in some form or another, the informant system is not new, and it would seem that in every generation most of the population is brought into the fold in one capacity or another, and this has been happening for some time, it’s nothing new. It’s the way the society has always been. In my opinion it’s not a free society, not the way we were taught, or made to believe. Also just because the society has always been this way, does not mean that it should always be this way.

The daily electronic harassment that they are using is no better than how they use to try to whip slaves into submission. Being followed around the city, airplane surveillance, it’s not a free society, but most people are still comfortable enough, still helplessly attached to the system, that they will see you as the enemy, and it’s all so true. The Matrix Movie had more truth than I ever knew.

So back to the old love. I loved that place, but I left that place, because I could not be there, with these people that I had once trusted, who I would in time realise what some of their roles had been, why others could not say anything even though I knew they wanted to at the time, and the rest was pretty easy to fill in after that.

It’s been a journey, I feel like I have done the whole Lord Of The Rings adventure, but only a small part of the world realise there is a dark Sauron army waiting to take over and enslave the world. One ring to rule them all, one government to rule them all. Same thing.

I had stayed away from this place, I had left it to die again, let it get run down again, but recently I returned, and it felt good. I had missed that place. So I performed some long over due maintenance, gave it a new virtual fence so to speak, a new web coat of paint, and it looks so good. It’s such a fun place to be, so I have been spending time with an old love. Not that I don’t love all my Gang Stalking peeps, and my blog, and Gang Stalking World, but it’s been nice spending time with an old love, and so that’s where I have been.

In going over the reasons I left, it brought up a lot of the memories from that time, some that I had not gone over since then, because at the time it was all really confusing, traumatizing, and as I have stated before, that is around the time I was introduced to the fun world of electronic harassment, I guess they hoped I would break down and kill myself, or just go crazy, and drop the suit these people are so messed up it’s not even funny.

Anyways it’s been a fun clip trip through memory lane, but when I got through all the bad memories, I had a lot of other fun ones that could also be accessed and called upon as well. So if you wonder where I am and what I am doing, well I am spending time with an old love.

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Gang Stalking. The only word.

Gang Stalking the prefered term.
Now if you go to some websites they will tell you that the term organized stalking is the preferred term. Maybe in their little web 1.0 agent worlds, but in my world, Gang Stalking is the perfect term.

These people are nothing but thugs. Right now they are using intimidation tactics on my offline customers, some friends and family to intimidate them. My customers are scared and doing what they are told, that’s unconscionable.

You like to pick on the elderly, women, and others you think that you can intimidate. You are nothing better than thugs and punks. If anyone thinks that the term Gang Stalking is not the preferred term, think again, it’s the only term, that I would use to describe these people and their thug like tactics.

The street gangs could probably learn a thing or two from these people about dirty dealings. Not only are these intimidation tactics illegal, but I have no more delusions about democracy, wither it’s the airplanes tracking me overhead, should I go missing off the informant radar for 5 seconds, to the citywide, and country wide webs, that have been established. You people are creepy, and Gang Stalking is most definatly the correct term for describing you.

If people hear this term and it puts them in mind of a Gang, (which if you read the forums, the real people are not stupid and they do understand what the word means.) then it would still be the correct understanding for the methods that are being used by these people. 

Following people around, trying to intimidate them, or others around them, these people and this controlled structure is a fanatic entity that needs to be driven back. It needs to have enough light shone into the darkness that it is.

Just like the street gangs, mafia or any other organisation, they hold their power by making people feel scared. They want people to feel powerless, I keep telling you that we are devine, and when they make us forget this, when they try to take our power like this, that’s what gives them their power. The David Icke stuff has 95% truth, so keep that in mind.

We have vast power within, power that we never tap into because of worries. They keep our minds imprisoned in this deliberate slave society, thinking that we are free, giving us the illusion that we are free when we are not free. They want to control us without chains. They want to see everyone enslaved, and when you come along you follow a different concept, you don’t follow their rules, because you don’t know what their rules are, and more importantly you don’t care, you follow a different set of rules then they hate that, and want to take your power away from you.

Tuning or tapping into this is dangerous for them, because in some ways they are like the wizard, these creepy little men, pulling the strings, scaring everyone into compliance, controlling them. Getting them to control each other, slavery by the people for the people.
They are at every angle and in every way working towards this one world controlled government, and in every generation they decide who they feel should be a part of their snitching friends network, who they want to make game. They believe that if they enslaved the previous generation, they can enslave the current generation, and it’s been working, and until people start to push back it will keep working.

People are just comfortable enough that this keeps, and stays in place. Just because the society has always been like this, does not mean that it should continue to always be like this. This type of slavery works for some, but for others it’s chocking and life destroying, and just like in East Germany, when these types of programs come to town the suicide rates, and others rates go up.

Like I have said before, I can’t tell people to not be scared, these people are more dangerous than any street gangs or mafia. They are more lethal, and more silently brutal, they intimidate, try to control and instill fear, more than these so called punks on the street. The ones on the streets show their true colors, these people hide behind friendly facades. We are your friends, we are their to protect you, to serve you, to control you for your own good. Too many people by into and go along with this. They deceive you constantly with staged events for your own good. Problem reactions solutions, and you buy into it, you don’t question it. They scare you, you comply, you run to them, you give up your rights, begging them to protect you and you further enslave yourselves, and the next generation even more so.

When the new ones are born, they will grow up into a world where it seems normal to be loyal to the state, to turn in friends and family who are not complying. They will not understand that there is a better way, that there were other ways because it’s all they will have know. Who’s fault is that, who is responsible for that? Hold up the mirror, we all are, because to have these rights, it requires constant vigilance, but we are not vigilant, we let things slip by all the time, laws get passed that we have no idea about till it affects us. This creepy society I was not aware of for the longest time.

I don’t believe this place is democratic, not by a long shot, they are just better at getting people to believe what you want them to believe, but you won’t hesitate to pick on and intimidate hard working people. They won’t hesitate to scare the old, the weak the infirm, you won’t hesitate to make the young, thier slaves, and take their souls and their power with them.

I will never think well of the people or the minds that could set up such a slave society, it’s against everything that I grew up believing. I very much believe this type of set up is against God and the freedoms that were intended for us as beings. I grew up, I was law abiding, and I did everything right, but it makes no difference in a slave society, because you have freedom only if you stay in the preset lines that they think are perfect for you. They don’t understand and they don’t like when you step out of those lines.

I will remind you again how controlled things are, from the surveillance that you are now learning about, little bit by little bit, to the NSA whistle blower, to former governor Jessie Ventura and his revelations that the CIA is in every level of society. He says that when he ran for governor and was elected, they interviewed him for 3 hours in some underground location, and in his opinion it’s because they did not see it coming. They did not see how someone like him could get elected, and they wanted to be sure it didn’t happen again. Again you see the control that these people exercise? They try to control who get’s in, who get’s elected, who is complying, who can they control. They try to see what they have on this person, what can they use on that person, and the ones that have enough means, independence, and have risen to the stage where they can not readily be touched, other ways are found to deal with them.

If you don’t see, feel or understand the control that is being exerted, throughout all of society, then you don’t truly understand the world that we are living in. It’s a harsh realisation at first, but then it’s the only way to truly live, because when you have a realistic sense of the situation that you are in, only then can you start to affect change. We look at other countries and oh these people here, and these people their are so non democratic, they don’t have the same freedoms that we do, you don’t have freedoms either. You have a plan with limited minutes of use, most of us never reach those minutes, but the ones that do, and go over that plan, they see the world for what it is, and they understand.

So again for me, Gang Stalking is the only word that I could think of for describing these people. They are a gang and if you follow their rules do what the gang says then you get to live your life. Go outside those lines, and then you see their true faces, you see what they are really like, and if you are really unlucky you see what they are capable of.

I no longer play with the idea that this is a free society. I use to hear the stuff about East Germany, and this is worst, this is more controlled, it’s just we hold the facade of freedom, but I don’t buy it for a second. You are only free if you color within their pre-set lines. Just like Gary Webb, he thought he was free, writing really daring stories, it was only when he really wrote something daring that he found out what they are, and who they are, and he paid the price. If more people stood up for truth, and those who tell the truth, you would be so much further along, but you most times let your whistle-blowers and those who try to stand up for you get sacrificed to the dogs, and then back to the slavery that you understand and are comfortable with.

You follow the don’t rattle the cage rule, why, because that’s the way it’s always been. I have used the example before that social psychology uses. 5 monkeys in a cage, stairs to get to a banana, as each monkey tries to get to the banana, the others get sprayed with cold water, soon they start to attack any monkey that tries to reach for that banana. Remove one monkey, the other four attack the new monkey till it learns to not reach for the banana. Replace all the monkeys, one by one, and each in turn learns to not reach for the banana. Even when you stop spraying them with cold water, they keep attacking the monkey that tries to reach for that banana. Why? Because that’s the way it’s always been. You like to think that you are more intelligent than monkeys, but we are those monkeys in that cage, that cage is society, and those who try to reach for the top, or go out of the lines get beaten down by the other monkeys, till they in turn learn “the rules”. Then they in turn enslave others, and it goes on, and then you ask why, and it’s because that’s the way it’s always been. The ones that challenge that get beat down, assassinated, and then the other monkeys learn their lessons. Then they feel justified for their compliance, they fell like, see I told you to just comply and stay in lines. That’s not freedom.

Only when you stop helping to enslave each other can we be free, but that unseen invisible cold water is still getting sprayed, and the control is still getting kept, one generation to the next. Remove one monkey, as the old set die off, and the new are introduced into the world, and the other monkeys, society beat down those who don’t follow the rules, but who made the rules, and why should you comply? Because you live better, no because you are slaves, and these rules are used to control you, but you go along with them because you don’t know better. You understand the control and punishments that will be issued. It’s truly sad. Then you have the odd few that come along and show you a better way, their lights don’t last long, and most of their time here is spent being persecuted and belittled in their time phase, but then icons after they are assassinated, or whatever. Wash, rinse,repeat and the cycle continues. It’s crazy, like Susan Powter use to say, STOP THE INSANITY, you are the only ones who can. Take back some of your power that these people are trying to take away in little ways, by little ways. Support those who are trying to help you. Stand up for your whistle-blowers, if you did, you would probably have a lot more truth, but you don’t, you let them and others like them continually get destroyed, and then who’s fault is that?

I could write a novel about this creepy society and how the world is enslaved, but I think someone already did. There is a lot of truth in the bible just waiting to behold. I am going to look for some of that truth, from one who lived, worked, and died in this creepy structure, and saw it for what it was. It’s not about being religious, it’s the memoirs, of one’s who came, saw, and in some cases overcame the world.

I wish you well, I wish you truth, and I wish you peace.

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