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Open Secrets

Open Secret. That’s what Gang Stalking is. Many know about what is going on, and many are simply willing to keep the secret. Don’t get me wrong there are people in society who have no idea that the society is like this, but for others it’s a big open secret.

I learnt a lot about open secrets. Sometimes you keep them to protect yourself, mostly you might keep it to protect others, or in some cases to protect an organization or even a society. Other times the secret might be kept because the society, or organization is in denial.

It made me think about why people keep secrets, sometimes it’s to protect another, they worry about the consequences should the secret come out. Others because it might affect the system that supports them. Sometimes it’s to protect themselves, because they kept the secret too long, or they fear the consequences.

I thought about the priest that were doing these deeds to children. Many of these men were prominent, people trusted them, they liked them, looked to them for moral guidance, for a sense of community, for a sense of what made them who they are. To find out what you believed to be true as really false has to be a shock. Denial is a stage that people also go through, to deal with the shock but then also to protect themselves from the truth. They often might not want to hurt the perpetrator, they realise that exposing the perpetrator might bring down their cause, society etc. Like those preachers who had affairs on their wives, when you get caught doing the opposite of what you preach it can be a hard thing.

The actions of others have the capacity to shake foundations, and I think that is in part what is at the heart of the reason many keep quite about things like this in society. They don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t know who to turn to, or who to trust.

So the secret remains, in the open where you can see it, but silence where it’s not openly discussed, maybe whispered about, hinted at, but never fully brought to light. The secret infects the society and each finds different ways to deal with what is, or what has happened.

Some go crazy from the secrets they keep, some get into drugs and alcohol, some find other ways to self medicate, others end up with a case of total denial and thus memory block. Others do what they can to bring the secrets to light in the open where they belong, so that others can have a look and so that the community can start to heal.

Secrets are not an easy thing for a society to have to keep and deal with. Long term (dirty) secrets, or even just regular secrets can be very bad for a societies morals, such as some to the events of Vietnam, like the Mai Li Massacare that were initially hushed up, and coverd for many years.

Since doing research into this, I have a better idea of why people keep secrets, what they stand to loose by exposing the secret, and the moral and social consequences, that secrets can have, and how they can affect a society. I like delving into worlds of knowledge, but sometimes what you find, you can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, or don’t feel like shareing, much like secrets. So they remain open like a sore, visible for most to see if they know what they are looking for, yet everyone dances around the issue instead of facing it head on.

Gang Stalking, just one more big open secret to add to everyone else’s.  Only time will tell the true impact such a secret will have on the psyche of his society.

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Crime, Cover Up, Conspiracy, Collusion.

I hate talking about these types of stories but they have to be discussed, the report says the sexual abuse of the boys was ““endemic.”

[quote]Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality, region, or people:[/quote]

It was happening all throughout the system.
[quote]1930s to the 1990s, when the last of the institutions closed.[/quote]

This happened for over 60 years. For 60 long years thousands of abuses and it was again kept quite, by a community, a church, a society.


[quote]It exposes for the first time the scope of the problem in Ireland, as well as how the government and the church colluded in perpetuating an abusive system. The revelations have also had the effect of stripping the Catholic Church, which once set the agenda in Ireland, of much of its moral authority and political power.

See it was not just the church that covered this up but the government, the government that is suppose to protect it’s citizens help in colluding the investigation and in covering this atrocity up. You see these scenarios time and time again. This was a society that kept this secret, and for those who did try to get it exposed, it was kept quite, time and time again, by those who were in a position of trust and authority.
[quote]Some 30,000 children were sent to such places over six decades, the report says, often against their families’ wishes and because of pressure from powerful local priests. They were sent because their families could not afford to care for them, because their mothers had committed adultery or given birth out of wedlock, or because one or both of their parents was ill, drunken or abusive. They were also sent because of petty crime, like stealing food, or because they had missed school.

Again we see a target population of the poor and the powerless, who could ill afford to go up against the church.

[quote]“Punching, flogging, assault and bodily attacks, hitting with the hand, kicking, ear pulling, hair pulling, head shaving, beating on the soles of the feet, burning, scalding, stabbing, severe beatings with or without clothes, being made to kneel and stand in fixed positions for lengthy periods, made to sleep outside overnight, being forced into cold or excessively hot baths and showers, hosed down with cold water before being beaten, beaten while hanging from hooks on the wall, being set upon by dogs, being restrained in order to be beaten, physical assaults by more than one person, and having objects thrown at them.”

Some of the schools operated essentially as workhouses. In one school, Goldenbridge, girls as young as 7 spent hours a day making rosaries by stringing beads onto lengths of wire. They were given quotas: 600 beads on weekdays and 900 on Sundays.

Girls were routinely sexually abused, often by more than one person at a time, the report said, in “dormitories, schools, motor vehicles, bathrooms, staff bedrooms, churches, sacristies, fields, parlors, the residences of clergy, holiday locations and while with godparents and employers.”

Thousands of innocent children at the hands of these animals, these abusers. The worst part is you see these patterns repeating themselves, not just in Ireland, or even just the Catholic Church.

[quote]“While horrific, widespread reports of abuse and cover-up are sadly quite common, the significance here is that a government panel is conclusively saying that the finger-pointing and blame-shifting and excuse-making of the church hierarchy is bogus,” he said in an interview.

The commission was formed in 2000, after an explosive series of radio programs and documentaries in the 1990s began exposing a terrible secret that had been kept by an entire society: the details of what went on in the children’s homes. In 1999, Bertie Ahern, then the prime minister, issued a blanket apology to the victims of the abuse. [/quote]

Exposing the terrible secret that had been kept by an entire society. See societies can keep secrets, and in this case the secret affected it’s most pure, it’s most vulnerable, but they still kept the secret and protected the system.

The creepy part as usual is you have the public outrage, you have the investigation into this, which I don’t think had any choice but to find the church guilty, but you also have what I see consistently, the church and the perpetrators getting off scott free. Their names were protected because the church, which is just oh so sorry for what happened to the children, sued the state to protect the names and identities of the abusers. Many of them will never pay for what they did to these children.

[quote]“The report is significant in that it provides a detailed anatomy of how the abuse occurred and the institutions in which it occurred,” he said in an interview. “The problem is that you spend almost 10 years and who knows how much money, and you never get to the point of saying who was responsible.”

If the other pattern that I am use to seeing is consistent, it will also mean that over the 60 year time period, many of these men will have moved into top positions of power, because this is also a constant pattern with abusers, they don’t pay for their crimes, they move into increasingly greater positions of power, and thus they can cover up the crimes and protect themselves and their fellow abusers. It’s a consistent pattern.

This is why many things that we might call conspiracy do not come out, it is often not just the people doing the abuses that are keeping quite, but it is those around them who are aware of the abuses but who do nothing and continue to protect the system. If these people will keep this type of secret, which violated the innocent, and protected a system that was instrumental in their degradations and violations, then can we expect anymore from society when it comes to being targets of Gang Stalking or other forms of government torture and harassment?

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