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I can neither confirm, not deny that

Answer to give to the press if it ever comes to it, and for a thousand other senario’s.

Eg. I can neither confirm nor deny, that the Robot Sentient Research Project exists, and I can neither confirm nor deny that Frequency Suits exist.

These are responses that I have personally been using, and or utilizing for some time now.

Plus a variety of things. However this post is not about that, it’s not about anyone trying to steal content that you are not even clear that you have to protect. What about protecting mind content? Can that actually be stolen.

You would never think that someone’s phrase, I can neither confirm nor deny that, could be taken and used by a cheap, plastic, mannequin, with a fake smile that does not make sense to me, that in future will not make sense to anyone else, but the odd time, such things could thus occur or happen.

Let’s just say, word to the wise, request to protect your mind files content in advance. Your intellectual content. Technology exists that can enable individuals to go through your mind files, even from the time that you are little. Even mind files you did not even know existed.

Also on the news recently, I was just reading about or hearing about mind meld. Someone used someone else’s mind to enable a coulegues of theirs to move his hand. Eg. Similar to moving the hand liken unto a robot.

Lately for the last few months when I am typing or doing things, I do think about the Robot Sentient Research Project, and the manipulations that they do. Lately when I am typing I notice the odd things that are off, and hope that I am not one of those ‘accidental submissions’, you know, the accidental submissions that they are experimenting on.

Darth Vader eat your heart out: Researcher controls a colleague’s hand by channelling his brain signals through the INTERNET

Scientist sent a brain signal via the internet to control hand of colleague
This is the first ever demonstration of human-to-human brain interface
The technology could be used to help those with illnesses communicate wish for food, but some have raised ethical concerns

By Ellie Zolfagharifard
28 August 2013

There I found the article, I am not clear if this is anything like the robot sentient research project, it might be a completely different type of situations, but I still find it interesting, that you can remotely, manipulate another person physically. Imagine making them have an accident, drop something, or feel emotionally happy towards you. Some guy that creepily likes a girl, suddenly she feels all happy around him.

Either way, what was the point of this again? There I recall, I was blogging about the Robot Sentient Research Project, wither this one exist or not, the one that was just in the papers, The Robot Sentient Research Project does exist, and I think this article, moves us all a little closer to being clear that it does exist.

(The Robot one likely started with research into invoked, evoked emotions. I have a post, called The Day That Went Backwards, think that’s where, this started from.)

If it does, what they have done to men, women, children, and adults, is horrific. Some of the research did not follow the parameters, or the confines, what’s the other word I always use, the stated outlines or guidelines. Usually I can recall the words, but the odd time now, I have these irregular mind freezes, which don’t make sense.

Either way humanity as a whole, should take care.

Either way, if it’s yours and mind, take care.

(To out spiritual families, if you are out there, take care, love ya.)

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