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Life needs balance. You can’t take from one and not give back to the other. I have written about this before, that the last few months have been very good for me in spirit. I have felt supported and happy, and I think I ended up in a place that was good for me.

In flesh I don’t think I have had the same balance. In fact it’s been at times the opposite. In flesh I have not progressed as much in some ways. I don’t mean that I have been unhappy in flesh exactly, but sometimes it’s like watching one aspect of your world expand in a positive direction, and momentum, and watching the other slow down.

Some things in flesh did progress, but others have not, and I am trying to move forward to find that balance. I am not in the place where I need to be here, and have not touched based with the sources that I should here, and I know that internally. See when you are around the right sources, the bad tend to fully vacate from your life. I have had some success, but to meet my full potential and grow, change is needed.

See sometimes you get so comfortable in one place, you don’t want to change it, because you don’t know if you will ever be that comfortable again. But to find balance in life sometimes you have to. It’s like you have the perfect job, but live in a climate where your allergies are getting worst and worst. Do you keep the perfect job, or remove yourself from where you are happy, so that your allergies can get better, and you can have that balance? It’s that trepedition, that keeps you from changing, you might be wondering, will I ever have a job I love this much again, but if you don’t move, your allergies will never get better.

A lot of things are like the analogy above, you sacrifice one aspect of your life so that another can be happy, but to have true contentment, you need balance. So to continue with the analogy, I am leaving the perfect job, to try to find a place where things are all balanced. Change is never easy, in fact sometimes it’s quite the emotional upheaval, but without change there is no growth. The worry ofcourse is if you give up the perfect job, will you find another, and will you find a place, where your allergies won’t act up?

Now don’t get me wrong if you are in a place that you like, and you are not stagnating that is fine, but if you realise that you are not growing, that things are not changing, then sometimes you have to make those changes, no mater how painful that might be.

Sometimes you have to be a bit of a visionary and picture the end result. If balance is what you seek, then you have to be specific about the type of balance that you want. For me I want a spiritual, balance, so that is where my focus will be. I admit however that it’s slow progress.

It’s like dealing the perfect deck of cards on the one hand, only to realise that you have short changed yourself on the other hand. If you want a fair game, then you have to reshuffle. I have a deep spiritual reluctance to do so, but logic on the other hand dictates that I must.  I know it’s the likely path to find the balance that I want.

So if you are sacrificing one area of your life for another, do a check, is it a balance that you can live with or without, and if not, then try to find ways to even things out.

(Yes I know, not really a Gang Stalking post, but good advice all around.)

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