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Thank you. I am sorry. Unforgiven.

Thank you. I am sorry. Unforgiven

First I want to thank all those who helped along the way. For those people are few and far between. The little I can say I do. I know not everyone is like this. I know not everyone agrees with this system and I do realise that there are many who would actually like to be free of this system. Thank you for the bits here and there along the way. I forget sometimes that many of you might yourselves have suffered in other ways due to this system, or you might still just remember what decency and freedom is or was, and you also do not agree with this system.

Second I am sorry for unwittingly hurting a place that’s kept me safe, gave me shelter, and made me happy. This place in spirit recently kept me warm. It helped me from a bad situation. It’s a place that I grew to love, with it’s warmth, humour, charm, kindness, and love. There are very few places that make us feel safe in any realm, this place did for me. It brought me out of a dark place where I was, and would not knowingly want to return. I have however unwittingly been back to that dark unwelcoming place a few times, without realizing it. Unknowingly, unwittingly, but still unwillingly betraying my new place where I have found shelter. For this in spirit, I am sorry, for it’s such a well suited place, and I have enjoyed calling it home. I send my thanks for all it’s done for me. My heartfelt regrets, and I am hoping I can stay in this place for a bit longer. If not I will always remember it with the deepest gratitude, and love. Either way, the dark place where I was is not one that I knowingly would return to. If I can not stay in the place where my spirit currently resides, then I will move forward, but hopefully never backwards, hoping to find a place similar to the one I just called home.

Lastly the unforgiven. Those little creatures who do mean things, that destroy people’s lives, properties, and relationships.  That do little bit’s of destruction along the way and revel in it. You are unforgiven. You are the lowest of the low. You think nothing of the little evils that you do along the way. One or two incidents, they seem like nothing, but to the targets they are the death of a thousand paper cuts. In my journey’s with this targeting, you are some of the worst, the lowest of the low, and your little misdeeds are in my opinion most unforgiven.

I have heard about just some mean and terrible things that these people have done to targets. Things like putting water into someone’s child’s diabetic medicine. Things like this don’t phase these people, and it’s little unkindnesses such as this that I personally feel are most unforgivable, and will not and should not be forgiven or forgotten.

Does it make me bitter? In some ways yes, because it seems that if people do bad things, there should be some punishment for it, otherwise the evil just continues. It makes me sad that these people will never be held legally responsible for such actions. On the other hand, this experience has brought me where I need to be, and believe that I am suppose to be. I can’t be angry about being in the place that I belong. I can only hope that my pain, suffering, torture has been for something. That some awareness has been raised in the human consciousness.

Beyond that take this post for what it’s meant to be. Gratitude, Regret, and The Unforgiven.

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