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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Some of us were just thinking that the situation has changed, but the situation in some ways remains the same. Eg. They use to call us crazy in the community, and poke fun at us openly, or attempt to gaslight us, gangstalk, attempt to make us think that we were crazy.

We have yet again come a lot way. We are now clear in some cases, that  threat assessment files, can and are created, in the Jane Clift case, and others, a situation was crated, where they placed a warning on her file, and advised, may be a danger to self and others, only to be seen in pairs. These situations may seem small, but they had a devastating affect on us, and our community, and we are that, we are a community, we seriously be making sense to ourselves, we are logical, practical and we seriously be making sense.

We have worked hard, we have strived, struggled, to be eligible, to see that promised land at the end, or some form of sanity, or eligibilty, and that has to shine through, our efforts to make sense. We need to be thee eligible. We need our REM sleep back, or REM sleep cycles, we need to be sure, and clear how processes work. How a system could have been employed, that had that much access and capactiy to destroy, and desimate an entire populace, community, individuals. For we are global in nature are we not? Thus populace.

We not only need to move forward, we need to go back, we need to go backwards in time, and see how this could happen, which processes, eneligibled this. What could have enabled, individuals at work, in play, from all over the place, to be on these types of files, lists, who and which entity, and is that person, place, or thing still out there?

We can not just let this go, but we should not hold onto it either, should not eneligible it, to hold us down. We must come together, (not neccecerily group meetings.) eneligible ourselve, empower ourselves, cause that is what it’s about, and that is what it is still about, it has to seriously be making sense, and if it does not, these we, we still must be making sense.


Find your strength in love.

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Mind Hacks

Is there a pattern forming?
I asked this question after realising that an article about Truman Show delusion, Internet delusion and climate change delusion came out back in August 29, 2008. It was written by Sarah Kershaw and in the article she mentioned Joel and Ian Gold, both brothers. Both psychiatrists, one out of New York, one now in Toronto, who are writing about Truman show delusion.
The second article which you might be more familiar with is the New York Times article again by Sarah Kershaw, November 13, 2008, with mentions of Vaughan Bell, Dr Hoffman and unnamed concerned health professionals.

The third article is by Jennifer Peltz, where she writes about Truman Show Delusion, this came out 11/24/08. She also references the brothers Gold and Vaughan Bell again in the article.

Now wither or not it’s a new trend to write about delusions or as some suspect an actual attempt by the system to give society the impression that people claiming to be watched are delusional is anyone’s guess. 
I was going back over my writings and I did want to make one thing clear. When I first read the Sarah Kershaw article, I wrote about it. Now the pen or in this case my typing fingers might have been a bit faster than my mind. What I mean is, I was looking back at what I wrote, and it seemed to be critical of the article. I never meant to be critical of the article, and I apologize if it came across that way. What I was actually concerned about was the new “syndromes” that had appeared in the article. Specifically the Internet Delusions and to a lesser extend the Truman show delusion.
The first article by Sarah Kershaw was actually an interesting, informative and insightful read. It was a pretty well written article, I didn’t mean that I wanted the article to fail. What I meant was that I had really specific concerns more specifically, about the findings that had been exposed in the article. 

Here is some background information about my concerns. Since coming across the David Lawson book Terrorist Stalking in America and his conclusions that this is being done by vigilante groups and then his follow up book which claims this is being done by terrorist or anti-government groups, I have long suspected the work to be a disinformation piece that was meant to destroy and harm the credibility of targets should they go to the police or health professionals with his conclusions.
This is what I wrote about David Lawson back in December 2006.

If what he says about these stalking crews are true. These crews are illegal, dangerous, well connected and you would not want to be writing a book about their activities without consent. Members stay in the group out of fear, blackmail, the sense of power it gives them. The reason they work so well, and have become so powerful is because they work in secrecy. Secrecy, and yet he was allowed to write a book about them and go on his merry way?

No reprisals? No revenge? He is either really brave, and lucky. Really deceptive and wrong. Or maybe somewhere in between?
Since then David Lawson has reappeared, his book is off the satellite stealing website, and it’s now widely available at amazon, with the new conclusions, that this is being done by terrorist, and anti-government groups.
David Lawson claims to have been a detective for 12 years, then he claims that he was a part of these stalking groups for several more years. My question has always been, why was he allowed to write the book if they are so dangerous? He claims to have been one of them for several years, so how do we know he can be trusted? Later after doing my own research and talking to others, I realised that his conclusions were false and that a detective of 12 years could not have come to such false conclusions easily, especially one that claims to have travelled with them for several years. I have maintained that I think the book is disinformation.

I wondered if at some point the establishment would have an illness similar or one that matched his conclusions. After reading the article and doing some research, I came across this.

This paper analyzes four case-reports and notes that, contrary to the traditional view, the cases are examples where an internet-theme has particular clinical implications.

In one case, a patient began to have paranoid thoughts and used an internet search engine to investigate suspicions about an ingredient on a chewing gum packet.

Her searches led her to believe she had discovered a secret terrorist network, and was therefore being personally targeted by the authorities using phone taps and hidden cameras.
I read over the case study, and the first case study presented was unrelated. My concerns however with these new findings is that they don’t take current factors into consideration when making their diagnosis. Eg. The real danger that people’s concerns about surveillance could have some basis in truth. 

The other concern is the fact that there might be disinformation material being deliberately distributed to the public by specific sources. I am sure this is a foreign concept for many members of mainstream society, but practices such as Cointelpro have shown us that, false Media Stories, Faked dirty letters, poems, and satirical comic books were among the FBI’s many devices for pitting activists against one another. 

In the past it was used to discredit dissidents, today it could be providing a similar function.

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Just a quick update on the New York Times article.

I have just spoken to Vaughan Bell, one of the key psychologists mentioned in the article and he was kind enough to clarify that he has never studied Gang Stalking.

The research that he did, fully focuses on Mind Control sites. He has never studied Gang Stalking or the Gang Stalking World website more specifically.

I think one of the things that Sarah Kershaw did in the article, that many people do is that she lumped in Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Mind Control, all together.

For the record I do believe that all three happen and are happening to Targets. I know about Mk Ultra, the experiments that happened, the law-suites for mind control. I am familiar with Electronic Harassment. How many times have I gone into the shower to have patches of my skin peal off from the burns of the night before?

I do however focus on the Gang Stalking aspect of it, because it comes down to what can you prove? Over the last two years, I have spoken to enough police officers, (who are no longer mentioned), health professionals, social workers, crisis centers, lawyers, Investigators, Human Rights, etc to find out what I could about what was happening with the Citizen Informants, and the programs that they are being used for.

I have enough people offline and online that I have spoken to, to know that I know what I am talking about with the Gang Stalking stuff.
Since the only psychologist thus far that I could find who mentioned extreme communities was again Vaughan Bell, he has not identified the Gang Stalking websites as such, since he has never studied them.

The article also does make it clear that in relationship to Dr. Ralph Hoffman, his patients have “told him of visiting mind-control sites, and finding in them confirmation of their own experiences.”

So we have two named professionals, one psychiatrist and one psychologist, both who have not it would appear studied, or actually made mention of the Gang Stalking Websites.

It seems the confusion and the lumping together of the terms might be coming from the author of the article Sarah Kershaw, and it is an easy error to make, if you are not familiar with the three phenomenons. We are all Targeted Individuals, but just because you experience or are a target of one, does not mean that you are a target of all.

I just wanted to clarify this factor for anyone who still had questions about this article or how the conclusions came about. I might do a bit more follow up, on this article with at least one more person, but these are important details that I thought should be clearifed.

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