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Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Whenever the informants are around it’s as if they are speaking a different language, and it’s as if I almost need a translator or something. It’s as if they are speaking a different language in the stage, that it doesn’t even make
sense. They or often around doing the most inconsistent things, but then they often seem to think that they are doing the most suitable of things, and that’s why it does even make sense. They do the silliest things at times, again generalizing, because there is good and bad everywhere, and think that they are doing the most cleverest of things.

They remind me of Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. (The BBC version) This little twit manages to do the stupidest of things ever, along with her enabling mother.

She puts the family in harms way to the stage where it doesn’t even make sense.

She brings the family down to their lowest denominator possible, and then she  thinks that the correct things just magically happened on it’s own. Sure she went to bath, and sure she went away with Wickem to elope, but she missed the
part where she then enabled an infamous relationship, that threw everyone into the incorrect situations.

Then it was up to everyone around this little twit to fix the situation. Darcy had to step in, and put Elizabeth into the correct situation, it was suppose to be that type of situation, but Lydia, that dizt, made it into one. Thus why 5
sensible minutes was later on instituted for that other dip, Kitty. And this is why I’am saying it this way. The informant system, does not on the surface, or even the foreground, appear to be doing anything suitable for anyone in the

From a Targeted Individual stand point, these are the bains of our existence. They stalk us, they destroy our stuff, they ruin the things around them, then they think it’s the funniest thing ever. Myself and other targets have been at
times made so upset by these people it does even make sense at times, but they keep doing the exact same thing. then they think that they have pulled off something brilliant, which doesn’t even make sense to us. What no, you didn’t,
you pulled off a Wickem, you managed to snare yourself a Wickem, truly, really, how nice for you. Seriously, these bitches at times are seriously tripping. They do the most spiteful things, end of with the worst outcomes, then think that
they are doing something cleaver.

Everytime I see that Elizabeth character having to smile, and make nice with that little dip Lydia that almost destroyed the family, or watching the little twit walk ahead of her and Jane, I just think, what a dip. Then watching the Elizabeth character be nice to Wickem, the guy just needs a drop kick right, but she’s there making nice with him, and that’s what Targeted Individuals are remaining with somethings, we are left with being nice, and smiling with dip relatives, friends, associates, who have been ensnared by this stupid, freaking, system. We have to make nice, smile, fix everything the dip Lydia of a system does, or to a lesser degree Kitty, then there is the enabling mother, Mrs Bennett, who thinks that Lydia did something cleaver. We are left, meaning remaining to deal with the enabling, offices around them or officials around
them, who think these dips are doing something cleaver for the society, when in most cases, the majority of cases, they are bringing society down to it’s lowest common denominator.

So like the knowing characters in the movie, Darcy, your an ok kind of guy, Elizabeth, and the rest of them who survived the informant system, I mean the Lydia of a disaster, and Wickem that was brought into their lives, and into their worlds, then I say or mention, your ok type of people, and if you can survive such a disaster, and make something of it, you might just be ok type of people.

So for those in T.V. land, that’s the kind of situation that we have been dealing with, we have been dealing with the Lydia’s, Kitty’s, and Wickems of the world, throw in a Mary, and God, yes Mrs. Bennett, for good measure, and that is
what we have been dealing with, our camp against their camp, day in, day out.

God how we survived, is a bloody miracle. We deal with this day in day out, and that’s what it’s like to be a Targeted Individual, to survive such disaster day in day out, and to fix the stupidest things, that the Lydia’s, Darcy’s, and
Wickems, or wrothing on the world. Darcy got a mention, cause he understood the situations, it was up to him to remedy it, he understood that Wickem, was a low life scumbag was wasn’t doing anything suitable, and he should have mentioned it sooner, to his listening audience, but then he was an ok guy, cause he didn’t want to embarrass his little sister georgiana, or seem like that type of guy to put everything out there in the open.

That type of disaster is what we deal with, and fix all the time as Targeted Individuals, then we are left, remaining with saying, we survived. We lived to tell the tail.

If Elizabeth and the rest, of them can survive the informant system, ie. Lydia of a disaster that she wroth, then we can survive the Lydia’s, and the Wickems of the world. The hard part is learning to smile, when they roll around in the
brilliance of their actions, thinking that they have done the most brilliant things, knowing full well it’s otherwise.

Maybe a hero will save us. Darcy if you are out there, the world could use a couple of hero’s, if not, Elizabeth, girl, female, you will do ok for yourself.

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