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R.Q. Security Clearances

What if in the future everyone had their own special or unique brand of security clearances. 

Not like RFID technology exactly, but security clearances that were used on a daily basis. Security clearances that covered everything from work, play, home, and beyond?

Security clearances as they stand now can and are too often manipulated, they do not always make sense, and once issued they can be very difficult to revoke. What if there were security clearances that could be updated, or downgraded, on a moments notice, would that be something suitable?

What if there security clearances had different classes and levels? Eg. Work, General Class, Shopping class, Home, Military, etc. What if they had different levels starting from 0 on up, wouldn’t that be something. 

What if you could use several of your security clearances all at once, but only the most relevant, or prevalent would show up. Eg. You are at a party, but thinking about shopping, or purchasing something, but then you also have to go back to work, and in the middle of this you have to call the kids. That is potentially four separate security clearances that could be harmonically working in conjunction, but they interact seamlessly, and in the background so that you are never disrupted, but you have a clear idea of what’s happening, what’s relevant and necessary. 

What if you are at a military base, or event, and suddenly the person in front of you goes from full security clearance to a threat, and their clearance is revoked, would that maybe not be helpful, maybe they walked into the event with one intention, and suddenly the threat level changed, would it be helpful if their security clearances, and access changed with the threat?

What if you are at a club or mall, and depending on your level of enjoyment of the event, your security level escalates for that specific event, eg. Shopping clearance, level 15, goes to level 45 or higher, would that not be fun at the malls, it might also enable the store keepers to be cognizant of who to assist a little bit more, but only if you are willing to reveal your clearance levels. Otherwise it’s just a normal day out. 

Could security clearances be that much fun, and intelligent? I think they can, I think they will be, and I think they are here now on the face of the planet. Maybe keep an eye out for them, they could be arriving to an area near you. 

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Playtime. What Playtime?

Still buring the candle at both ends, anyone who has been to the blog lately should know this.

I am sure a lot of those around me think I am likely ignoring them, or some other such offense, but the reality is, as a target I go through these odd phases, where I have to focus on the basics. This stretch is taking longer than usual to level off, so my focus has been on the basics.

Most targets would like to have play time, fun time, but if you understand my world at all, then those out there in T.V. land should understand that this is not something targets can take for granted. Our daily survival at times is something we must look to.

Speaking of which, I have not had a chance to get an update from a target that was going through a similar stretch, hope that target is ok. So for me my time is still being spent buring the candle at both ends. This means where I normally have a moment to relax, and tune into other things, I just don’t have those moments right now, so I am not really tuned into the things, and people that I should be.

My time free time right now, is spent working, finding solutions, preferably long term solutions. But it is what it is, and I am focused on this right now.

So if you are trying to reach me and can’t, I am not being spiteful. When those emails are not answered, I just don’t have the time that I normally do, they will be responded to, just not right away. If you post a comment, and don’t see if right away, or for a day or two, it’s just because my time right now is not as free as I wish it would be.

There is so much to say, but I am going to keep it short and sweet.

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