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Link Your VisaDebit or Credit Card To Paypal

Link Your VisaDebit or Credit Card To Paypal

Go to your profile, if you have not added a credit debit card, or visa, then do so now.

Add the credit card, once you add the credit card, then you can have it linked, meaning verified. They charge you $3.00 to add the credit card, it will either be there in your visa statement, or visa debit account, or pre-loaded visa account.

Once the charge is added, it comes with a 4 digit pin, punch in the pin, in your paypal account. Link and confirm debit, credit card, under profile.

Once you do that, you can most likely also withdraw money to your vias, visa debit, and you will also be varified with the visa, visa debit, or pre-loaded. You also get the $3.00 back after. It’s interesting.

The last part is shown on the website link.

No you do not have to have ebay, they just happen to own ebay. I checked my account, the linked feature is there.

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The Dollar As A Viritual Currency

The Dollar as A Virtual Currency

The Dollar has a physical component which seriously makes sense. It’s money, evidently, you can see it, feel it, touch it, it seriously be making sense, or does it? Physical vs electronic, or are they more and more becoming one and the same.

Are you clear that half of what we do on a daily basis with the dollar seriously be making sense. It’s electronic, virtual, cashless, and it seriously be making sense?

I used my visa debit, I seriously be making sense. I sent an email money transfer, I seriously be making sense. I used paypal today. I seriously be making sense. Plus all these other forms of payments. Micro payments, they seriously be making sense. Payments from the cell phone, or a wallet that seriously be making sense. On and on it goes, and it seriously be making sense.

So why is the dollar nookie so much more valuable than other virtual currency transactions that we do? Some of them either do or do not have a physical component, some of them may or may not be as secure, or eligible. I could go the whole day, the whole year online, and never have to worry about seeing cash. Offline, I can soon do similar, and the situation could suitably be making sense. Quite a few people still can not at this moment, but you see where I am going with this.

We use and trust the dollar and most people don’t question it, but other currencies are just as valuable, and they make sense, but they do not have the same weight or value, and they get questioned, when they get used, but the dollar as a virtual coin does not. Fine it does not want to be called virtual, it wants to be called electronic, when it’s in those forms, but how much of the dollar, how much of what we do on a daily basis is in those forms, via the dollar. Is the dollar still a physical coin primarily, or is it primarily a electronic currency now, with some physical components.

It’s becoming harder to print the dollar, in some cases, printing a penny and other coin is not making as much sense. People are getting rid of paper and going for coins, but minting coins, can be more difficult, and they are harder to carry around in large denominations, so virtual, or electronic is making more sense. How much of the dollar is an electronic coin. Does it require the rules, regulation and stipulation that other coins have been recently subjected to?

Are there other coins out there that are 100% or close enough physical based, that top the dollar in that regard? If so is that our new official coin? Since we are moving in this direction, and I can now see that we are,  Are you clear that some countries are getting rid of the penny, and smaller coins, and soon things will be rounded off to a dollar, the cashless society is starting to make more and more sense to people. It seriously be making sense. So we should be careful how we view and judge electronic, or virtual, or I dare say even spiritual based currency, cause the measure that we meet for them, may soon if it does not already be applicable to the dollar. It has value, cause we ineligible it to have value, it seriously be making sense, but ever more, cashless, virtual, electronic, and I dare say spiritual based currencies, such as The Royalty, are seriously starting to making more sense. Now I am double checking the virtual currencies and seeing if any of them have a greater physical component, cause for all I know, rune coins, or something could be the new currency with a physical component, equal to or greater than the dollar. So if the dollar were reviewed by virtual or electronic currency standards, would they seriously be making as much sense?

The future seems to be a bit more virtual, electronic and spiritual based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meted out onto the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

The future seems to be a bit more viritual, electronic and spiritual
based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this
restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but
the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meeted out onto
the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

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Their way or the highway

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks

    Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it
Do things their way or the highway, are hearing this, are you seriously hearing this? If you were you would be shocked, shocked and horrified, if you want to have an online business, and it’s deemed you did not go along with these laws, you eventually won’t get paid?

It’s not phrased this way, nothing ever is, but this is what it comes down to, most of us online, are not into the kiddy porn crap, or I hope porn stuff in general, but I can only speak for myself, even if you were if would be this type of situation, they would likely view for themselves, and not to incite children, what these people are saying is,

    Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures

They are basically saying, be compliant or else. In other words if they want to pass, inane laws, that destroy the internet, if you are an online business, we could be punished, or funds withheld, at this stage it does reference sites that collect subscription payments, but it says sites, that do not co-operate, that are none compliant, I am sounding the alarm now, so if you react now, then maybe you can have something. Down with this measure in advance, down with this bill, it’s not for us. Saving children, the absolutly correct thing to do, a bill or a measure that is going to stop sites getting paid, if we don’t go along with the stupid things they want from us, it’s not for us, it’s not correct, and if we hit out against it now, we might have a chance to servive. Otherwise, a few of us do survive online with businesses, websites, that collect payments, subscriptions, and they want us to be bound, to go along with whatever, and I do mean whatever measures, they see fit, or else we won’t get paid.

The moment thy get the business onboard, this is all they are going to do, this goes for websites, such as Alex Jones and the stuff he does as well, and other conspiracy sites, anyone who wants to make any kind of living online, and once they get them on-board, well, are you an independent website owner? You are not going along with crazy measures that others are, boom, you are now required to, cause if they get the business on board they will get the rest, and I do not, I repeat, I do not want these measures for the internet. I am all for protecting children, or having a porn free site for them, or protecting them, but I hate the filters they want to establish, they don’t make sense to me. The measure are likely to be equally abhorrent, and you know how they do it, don’t you, just like the witch trials, it’s for the good of the many, they are only hunting down this sort, they will get this through under the guise of protecting children, but they will implement gashly measures that we hate. We love the internet, we love our families, nobody, in their right minds, wants to sponsor filth, but the average guy, should not have to suffer, or agree to archain measures just to survive, or agree, to things this that are going to ruin something they love, especially when it won’t save the children.

If the children are using the internet, then put a filter on at home, not on the whole internet, and don’t make it mandatory, but make it readily available, and see if parents want the filters. As for us, the internet, we do monitor ourselves, we always have, and we likely will continue to, now having said that, watch all these little, staged incidents pop up, cause that’s how they function. But we do not have to function this way, the internet has been good to us, has it not for the most part, then let’s not ruin it. This measure will do just that under the guise of saving children, and what it really is, is just compliance that we would normally never agree to.

For those that use online payment system, it would be similar to when paypal questions a transaction, and then they hold your account, until you are compliant, imagine if other payment systems did the same, because you were not compliant to measure that you may or may not be in agreement with?

I refuse to live in fear, these sites if they do exist that are leading children astray can be tracked in a legitimate fashion, the internet is fairly good at doing this, I did say legitimate fashion. We can do this, but we don’t need to be beholden, to measure that we may or may not be in agreement with to be paid at first, but then eventually, just to run a website, cause they will start with the business, and then go after the rest of us. Let’s stop them now, before we have the watered down internet that none of us want, or need.

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I’d tap that.

I’d tap that, but I really wouldn’t. The new service was sprung on me the other day, I was at the store, and they were like, would you like to tap that? And I was like ok, but not that I have seen that in action, I really wouldn’t want to tap that. In fact I think it’s dangerous, cause you know, you could sense the after tap in the air, and I am thinking, if it’s that easy to tap that, then couldn’t other tap it the same way, pretending to be you, or you to be them?

The interact tap feature, does not seem to be the correct thing to me, so no I would not tap that. Cause think about it, you copy someone’s card, or just the tap feature, suddenly you are showing up as them, and them as you. No I would not like to tap that, and I am not sure that anyone else would like to tap that either.

Now what’s the polite, way to call you bank up, and explain, that you don’t want to tap that? I mean it’s not like I am paying for the feature, but maybe i should be?

Facial Recognition for payments, really?

PayPal using ‘risky’ facial recognition for high street payments
A technical director at SecurEnvoy has hit out at the scheme and said it leaves users at risk

By Antony Savvas | Computerworld UK | Published: 10:47, 12 August 2013

For me personally, I don’t want to tap that either, what if you have a twin sister, or brother someone who resembles you to a tee? What about underage minor children. What about when the money goes missing from your account or visa? Paypal sometimes can take a few months to work out online disputes, like when you do a transaction, and they question the payment, well what if it’s your bank, account, or visa? I mean that would be a problem no? I just unhooked, I don’t mind hooking it up, or being attached, but not that attached. I mean it’s not like we are engaged or anything is it? Revoking that order.

Mr Facebook.

Marc Zukerburg wants to connect the world, and knowing his track record he just might? That’s what they said on the news, but what is his track record? Do I really want him at the realm, or rather helm of all this, or that, and what would be the plot in the background. We just want the world connected, .com, look into it? I mean there is always a plot when it comes to something like this. It sounds like something IBM would dream up, but using facebook as the front runner.

Either way it’s the most interesting time in human history. And the whole time I am typing, or tapping that on the keyboards, I just keep thinking, it they only had the unique identifier system, the whole thing would be a lot easier, and it would solve the first two problems, if not all three, but the situation is as it is, or rather is as it seems, so no, I won’t be tapping that, but I did type up this article, and now I am out of here. See ya later. Super Khawahi. 🙂

It’s Bananas
(Holla Back) [’’%5D

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