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The Tattoo, the ring, or the pill?

The Tattoo, the ring, or the pill?

The tech companies are finally trying to catch up, and in my opinion failing badly. When Google suggested the ring to login, instead of user names and passwords, I thought it was a waste of time. I am not against jewelry, but some people just don’t wear, or carry jewelry and find it to be invasive.

Google Wants to Replace All Your Passwords with a Ring

The world’s largest search engine is now experimenting with jewelry that would eliminate the need to remember dozens of passwords.
By Tom Simonite on March 12, 2013

Why It Matters

Passwords remain the standard method of protecting personal accounts, but people struggle to remember them, and they are often stored insecurely.

The search and ad company first revealed its plans to put an end to passwords in an academic paper published online in January (see “Google’s Alternative to the Password”). The effort focused on having people plug a small USB key that provides their credentials into a computer. The possibility of using special jewelry in a similar manner was mentioned in that paper.

I really thought this idea wasn’t that great, that is until I read this in the paper this morning, now the ring doesn’t seem that bad.

Motorola has announced it is looking at alternatives to the traditional passwords in a bid to make logging into online sites, or accessing mobile phones, more secure. Among the ideas discussed at the D11 conference in California on Wednesday include electronic tattoos and authentication pills that owners swallow. The tattoos contain flexible electronic circuits that are attached to the wearer’s skin using a rubber stamp and the pills can emit a signal from the wearer’s stomach to a mobile phone.

But seriously for my own situations ever increasingly, I am using spiritual based products. The only item for me that makes sense is the unique identifier system. It’s what the internet and the world has been waiting for.

I will go with being uniquely identified, and that will make sense. Even if someone discovers your unique identifier information they can’t use it, because it’s unique to the individual. So better than a password, it’s with you at all time, because it uniquely identifies the individual. It’s a spiritual based product, so it’s their at all times in the background working, but fully none invasive, what the internet, and the world loves.

I also want to see a universal login, open id is pretty cool, because then I don’t have to log into a billion situations, I want to see a payment system like this as well, one payment system, one login, similar to open id. That works for me, as long as they are working with the unique identifier system, even better, cause then no one, can use your information. Your unique identifier is sensed out remotely, and that would be that.

I think if these worked with the unique identifier system, then the internet would have the security, and the convenience they need to survive.

Eg. Example of a unique identifer system

1. Creator of unqiue identifiers
2. Name of creator of unquie identifiers
3. The only person who can say they created the unqiue identifiers

That’s a bit of a lame example, but the unqiue identifiers, can only be used by the actual person, the remote sensors can not be tricked, and it’s unqiue to the individual. You are the only person with those credentials, so if someone found your details, and tried to use them, the remote sensors would simply advise, you are not this person, you are not eg. Administrator of Gangstalking World or something.

The Gangstalking community have likely had access to this information for over a year and a half and been using it, also some others on the internet. The unique identifier also comes with a personal spiritual firewall, so it can be used in conjunction with what you already have, it’s an extra added layer of protection.

Activating the unqiue  identifier is easy, you just request to remotely activate your unique identifier, or remotely activate your Royal Queen Security Clearances, and those get activated at the same time. That’s what I personally use, and I have been a little bit safer, but I am waiting for full integration with some of the situations that are out there, once the integration occurs, it will make sense.

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