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Follow up on the child abuse

I am currently remotely intersecting and interacting without intention with two of the most dysfunctional individuals I have ever arrived across. It’s not something that I wish to be doing, but the information is remotely arriving across my details, or channels.

It’s a situation that does not make sense. It’s the same one that I wrote about the other day, one of child molestation, and devastation. Cheap plastic mannequin is basically a child molester that does not make sense. The male she married into the situation with is the exact same thing, the children they are abusing have been given to them by friends, family, relatives, they have access. Because of their social standing, to formally arrest them at this time is not possible.

Proof is there, because it’s because there are recordings that can prove that they are child molesters. D notices, and other blocks, prevent investigations from going further, the traditional methods use to prevent people from speaking out, meaning, you could investigate, discover the truth, and not do much else. Could not talk about it, could not do anything. Things are different, because the truth does get out, but people do not want to do anything about it because of the social standing.

This is honestly what use to occur, and is still occurring, individuals in high prominent positions get to be some of the worst sorts of people, and get away with it. People are aware, but those that try to do something can not always do something. Those that report it, they see as a problem, they don’t see their child molestation as a problem, they see reporting on it as a problem, if you can cogognizant how they function.

Now they are trying to enable the children to become child molesters themselves, with molestations. Basically the dysfunctional Betties think that it’s the correct thing, well here is news, the rest of us, the rest of the world, do not want to have to deal with this. Socially the situation needs to change.

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Full of Grace

This is the type of post that I truly am not fond of, because there is no way to fully verify the details at present. What information there is, has been gleamed from a UK source, who is  intimating that they have information or details about a small underage minor child of four, who is the god child of someone prominent position, who is in the incorrect situation with that person.  It intimated that the child is being  molested, and abused to the stage that it does not make any sense.

[quote]BBC–Six men filmed themselves as they raped and sexually assaulted a drunk 15-year-old schoolgirl, a jury was told.  The girl was taken to three different houses in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, during the course of one evening in May 2010, Leeds Crown Court heard.[/quote]

[quote]Investigators say as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a California high school homecoming dance Saturday night.[/quote]

[quote]Richmond, California (CNN) — Investigators say as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a California high school homecoming dance Saturday night.[/quote]

The feedback or rather what’s floating around is that the stories above are starting to resemble a typical weekend in the child’s life, weekends where the child is being handed off to this source. What’s floating around is that the physical beatings are becoming all too common place, along with the molestation of the child in question, and that the child’s future prospects are not going to be happening, unless something is done.

The claim is that several individuals involved in the actual situation, including the enabling parents, who keep willfully, deliberately, and knowing keep leashing the child out to such situations, have all been advised, but because the person is part of a very powerful establishment, nothing is being done at the moment.

Verifying all the horrific, and I do mean horrific details at the moment is fully impossible, but I do believe the bulk of the information that has been posted, for my own personal reasons. If the stories are true, I am truly, and deeply heartbroken to think that such horrors could happen in this world, unacknowledged, unaided. If I could verify any of this fully, I would, but can not at the moment.

When you read stories such as the above online, it’s easy to be horrified, and ask why more is not being done, if the stories are what they seem, it is truly horrific, I am remaining glued to the papers to see if any real world details can be verified, but beyond that, that’s all the information that’s been gleamed.

I recall reading about a very powerful politician once in an online post, about the things they were getting up to, and it was years before there was a real world story, where some of what was being implied could even be verified. A lot of forums, blogs, have interesting information floating around, but it’s often almost impossible to verify those stories, or sources, until real world details appear in the papers.

~All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

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