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I can neither confirm, not deny that

Answer to give to the press if it ever comes to it, and for a thousand other senario’s.

Eg. I can neither confirm nor deny, that the Robot Sentient Research Project exists, and I can neither confirm nor deny that Frequency Suits exist.

These are responses that I have personally been using, and or utilizing for some time now.

Plus a variety of things. However this post is not about that, it’s not about anyone trying to steal content that you are not even clear that you have to protect. What about protecting mind content? Can that actually be stolen.

You would never think that someone’s phrase, I can neither confirm nor deny that, could be taken and used by a cheap, plastic, mannequin, with a fake smile that does not make sense to me, that in future will not make sense to anyone else, but the odd time, such things could thus occur or happen.

Let’s just say, word to the wise, request to protect your mind files content in advance. Your intellectual content. Technology exists that can enable individuals to go through your mind files, even from the time that you are little. Even mind files you did not even know existed.

Also on the news recently, I was just reading about or hearing about mind meld. Someone used someone else’s mind to enable a coulegues of theirs to move his hand. Eg. Similar to moving the hand liken unto a robot.

Lately for the last few months when I am typing or doing things, I do think about the Robot Sentient Research Project, and the manipulations that they do. Lately when I am typing I notice the odd things that are off, and hope that I am not one of those ‘accidental submissions’, you know, the accidental submissions that they are experimenting on.

Darth Vader eat your heart out: Researcher controls a colleague’s hand by channelling his brain signals through the INTERNET

Scientist sent a brain signal via the internet to control hand of colleague
This is the first ever demonstration of human-to-human brain interface
The technology could be used to help those with illnesses communicate wish for food, but some have raised ethical concerns

By Ellie Zolfagharifard
28 August 2013

There I found the article, I am not clear if this is anything like the robot sentient research project, it might be a completely different type of situations, but I still find it interesting, that you can remotely, manipulate another person physically. Imagine making them have an accident, drop something, or feel emotionally happy towards you. Some guy that creepily likes a girl, suddenly she feels all happy around him.

Either way, what was the point of this again? There I recall, I was blogging about the Robot Sentient Research Project, wither this one exist or not, the one that was just in the papers, The Robot Sentient Research Project does exist, and I think this article, moves us all a little closer to being clear that it does exist.

(The Robot one likely started with research into invoked, evoked emotions. I have a post, called The Day That Went Backwards, think that’s where, this started from.)

If it does, what they have done to men, women, children, and adults, is horrific. Some of the research did not follow the parameters, or the confines, what’s the other word I always use, the stated outlines or guidelines. Usually I can recall the words, but the odd time now, I have these irregular mind freezes, which don’t make sense.

Either way humanity as a whole, should take care.

Either way, if it’s yours and mind, take care.

(To out spiritual families, if you are out there, take care, love ya.)

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Staying Put

I seem to really be lacking the motivation to make the changes that I want to for the moment, so my quest for balance is on hold. Well it’s not on hold, but I am sidetracked once again.

Needless to say however, I still want to find a way to bring that balance about in my realm somehow.

Since these controllers that they have around targets are so mentally defective, it’s a wonder that they have not tried to investigate our fantasy lives. I could just see that, you day dream about beating the living daylights out of them, and they decide to open an investigation. I can really see society going in this direction in the future. Investigating people for mind crimes, or mind offences. Anything people dream about, think about, they would just open investigations into. Gosh how many targets let off steam once in a while by thinking about just knocking one of them flat.
Anyways looks like I spoke a bit too soon, and I am back to the drawing board, but trying to stay focused on getting that mind, body, spirit connection, and balance. Well I guess I better not try to dream too hard, least the mind crime police come after me. (That might not be a joke in future, you should see some of the creepy technology they are thinking of using on everyone.)

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Mind, Body, Spirit

A short time ago I was putting these categories into separate compartments, not cause I wanted to, but because I felt that it was necessary.


Some time ago I was lucky enough in spirit to come across a situation that really helped me to get to where I wanted to be. In spirit I have been happy lately, fulfilled. I found a situation that was well matched, and well suited to my needs. A situation that I am spiritually connected to, open to at times, even starting to want to trust a little bit.

Through space, and time my request for something better was granted in a most peculiar way, that still leaves me surprised at times, but mostly smiling at others.

Where I am now in spirit from my perspective has been most wanted, welcome, and oh so needed. In some ways I am able to be more tuned into my spirit, in other ways, not so much so.


Because I have been more happy in spirit my mind has been far more engaged, and happy. Thus it’s been even easier to have very little interaction with the informants. My sojourns have been pleasant. Over the last couple of days I hardly noticed them more than needed, and had no unnecessary, or unpleasant interactions with any of them.

When you are happy in spirit your mind tends to want to follow. However I am a realist and there are things of an worldly nature that must still be dealt with.


This is still a work in progress. Right now it’s very different than the other areas of my life due to this type of targeting, and I wish it were otherwise. The electronic monitoring and systemic targeting continues.

What I do know is that when you are happy on one level, and the other aspects of you life are not in sync with that, you are more aware of the imbalance. It’s unfortunate, and at times leaves me wishing that i could get some kind of synergy happening in all areas.

Anyways I do now realize once again that these areas are not separate as most people would like to believe. I am praying deeply that a way can be found to overcome the targeting not just for myself, but for many others. Now that I know what it is, trying to find sources that will help is the next step.

Feeling happy and settled on one level does point out the parallel circumstances more accuetly at times, but then it’s also helped me to define what my ideal circumstances would be, in another way.

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I am happy. I have not been able to say this for a really long time.

I mean the gang stalking has not been great, but even that get’s old after a time. The same stupid stunts, people that I think are too stupid to wash a car, much less following me around, I watch them act hysterical at times and think, gosh they are stupid. After a time I learned to tune that out, and focus on my spirit.

See I really do believe that we are mind, body and spirit. I think we are spirit, having a human experience. You hear that on talk shows a lot, but what does it mean?

As I have explained before, I think we start off as spirit and come to earth, or other plains of existence to have experiences we could not have in spirit.

I believe one thing I came here to learn was about man’s inhumanity to man and how that could happen. When I was younger, the history books, just could not explain how people could be so mean to each other, how they could hurt each other so much. WWII Germany and the events that happened as taught by the history books made no sense, and a large part of what I wanted to do was understand how people could be so mean to each other. I understand this now. Without the Gang Stalking, I could not have. So was this experience arranged to help me understand, reach a higher spiritual level?  Maybe. Maybe this experience was called into my realm, cause I so desperately wanted to understand how people could be so mean to each other.

Still aside from that, I wanted to focus on my spirit. Gang Stalking can really kill the spirit, if you let it. It put’s you in the midst of people who hate you for no real justifiable reason except they believe some fake label that you have been given, is it right, is it fair? No but it’s life.

A couple of years ago, I thought I was going to embark on a truly wondrous spiritual journey. I though maybe I was going to be lucky and finally understand more spiritual things. Instead I think I let in some bad spiritual elements, which took my soul on a bad journey, that I could have done without. I think I really tuned out of some things spiritual, because I simply was not happy, and wanted things to change on a spiritual level, but did not know how to make it so. I believe we have a human will, and a spiritual will, and the two do not have to see eye to eye.

So I just tuned out, and I think when you are around bad or parasitic elements, if they see the opportunity, they will just take advantage, and it draws worst, and worst things into your realm. Also more and more paracitic elements. I think also the opposite is true, when you have good elements around you, it makes a world of differenct. I think that is where I was. Then I did a lot of praying. Some times when you are bummed out, you forget what an effective weapon prayer is. But I prayed, and recently, much to my absolute shock and amazement, I tuned into my spirit to find that my spirit is happy.

Happy is not the right word, but it’s the polite one that I have decided to use. Somewhat like going from a sunless sky for years, to your first rays of light in a very long time. Like breathing in air again. Ofcourse tuning into my spirit created a few dilemmas. Awareness is such a strange thing, however being spiritually aware, even if it’s only a little bit changes things, vs someone who is completely blank.

I think two people could be in the exact same place spiritually and one be really aware and affected by it and another not. In researching Gang Stalking, I was surprised that there were quite a few targets that were emotionally aware of the energy draining affect of being around the informants. I think I have discussed spiritual shielding before and why it’s needful in a situation such as the ones we find ourselves in.

So my spirit is in a legitimate place, a bit settled and happy, but I am here, being Gang Stalked and trying to prove the conspiracy. I wrote a long time that I think you can live in two worlds, by saying that, I was referring to a blog I came across, and by that I just mean you can have a physical experience, but be aware of your spiritual life as well.

I think for me this creates another dilemma currently, and being happy in spirit, really does bleed through the matrix, just like being sad in spirit does. I deeply hated being unhappy in spirit, cause you feel like spirit is this thing that is separate, that you have no control over. I still feel this way, but I think you can influence your spirit for the better, and I think that is something each person should strive to do.

So dilemma that I had I temporarily solved it. I have to some degree tuned out of my spirit again, blocked out some aspects, not cause I want to, but I think it’s the right thing to do for the time being. I am a bit of a wet blanket that way.

I do know now that when I dream, I am happy, I just don’t recall too many of them, but I like dreaming now, where I don’t think I did for a while previous to this.

I think it’s good to be aware of the fact that we are body, mind, and spirit, but it’s also good to be aware that it can cause some unexplained delima’s sometimes.

So my gratitude for sleep that is actually peaceful, and an internal world that is for once calm, and well. My awake world remains as it always has been, but I have a slight, faint awareness of being happy, somewhere else, and the little that I let through, I am grateful for.

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Small ways to unplug.

So what can we really do to unplug from the system?

We can all start in small ways. Here are some suggestions that I have come across, or figured out on my own.

If you can cut down on how often you watch t.v. it really is programing for the masses. Try to slowly take yourself off the tube. Maybe a day here, a week there, some people have reported going a month cold turkey. The feedback is that they think more, and function better.

Try to get your news from additional sources. Try to avoid the usual doom and gloom of the nightly news and check out other news sources that might provide more balanced coverage of the news, but sites that might also give you additional news that you are not getting right now.

Cut back on radio as well, or switch channels to something that helps you tune in to what is really happening around you.

Change from the big telecommunications company to smaller ones. Use online services for some of your entertainment need. Try to unplug from the bigger giants over time.

Put your money in some of the smaller banks. Does not have to be all your money, but if people had their assets in various places, it could help prevent these monopolies, and the financial meltdowns of the future. Try to avoid putting the eggs into the same baskets.

Change your vibrational energy. What we think really does have a big impact on what we feel, see, experience. We do pull specific experiences into our realms, so change the frequency.

Take a moment to breath. Go outside of yourself, and tune into your higher self. Believe that you have a higher self to tune into.

You can do this by willing it, and by thinking it. It all begins in the mind. That is where we can start to affect change.

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