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Monkey’s, Elephants, Frogs

How control works.

Monkey’s and Society

This is how society is basically controlled. I have blogged about this before, but I thought that this would be a timely reminder. People talk about how they want change, how they are dissatisfied with governments, but then they control each other worst than any authority figures do. If people really want change and freedom, then they have to understand how this works, it’s the only way that change can and will happen.

Under this informant system, it’s being used as a means of state and personal control. The other citizens (slaves)  get pressure applied, then they in turn pressure the target to conform, at times by participating in the systemic destruction of the targets life, and they hope to eventually break and destroy the target enough to control them, just like the example above. That is how state control works, and that is how it is working. The people at the bottom have to realize this, and want this to change, but most like the bit of power it gives them, that sense of control. They don’t have it in their own lives, so they try to take it from others. It’s really uncool, and things will not change until this happens.

Elephants and societal control

[quote]In India young elephants are tied to a tree to be taught obedience.  They pull and pull but cannot break free.  The elephant is still not strong enough to pull the tree out, and in time, after many attempts, it becomes to believe that it will not break free.  No matter how large and strong it grows, it believes that it will never pull the tree out.  At this point, an elephant can be tied to a twig and it will not attempt to break free.  It will always believe that the twig is stronger than it.  Do you ever feel like your stuck?  But, inside you, you know there is a better way of life?  And you just don’t know how?  The elephant and the twig is a perfect parallel to the human condition known as “learned helplessness.”  Realistically an elephant and a human have very different traits to consider this a comparison.  But this particular pattern of the elephant is symbolic to how the human can be subjected to the same condition.  Unlike the elephant, a human has his own will; therefore, the cycle can be broken.  As a human, you were given a great power.  Your mind, the mind has endless possibilities.  Unfortunately, instead of living our lives freely, we have succumbed to living in environments run by systems.  Sure it does make some things easier and helps keep some kind of order.  On some part systems help keep things running, which is not a bad thing.  The only problem with a system is that it keeps things running in one direction.  It does not allow much room for change, for that would disrupt the system.  As humans we are always evolving and need room to grow and change.  With these systems we have been subjected to this “learned helplessness” and have become stuck living in the system.  These systems reside in a family unit, a community, in professions, by traditions, and in cultures.  Don’t get me wrong a system provides support to function, but the original purpose gets lost in the upkeep of the system.  In other words, we are the elephants and the systems are the twigs.   We must not forget our true purpose and not be afraid to disrupt the system in order for it to be re-evaluated and adjusted.  Just like a computer, it is always being updated and changed to bring us better service.  Imagine how far you could advance if you were to upgrade the system.  Now, maintain respect to the systems but don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades.[/quote]

Once you get the people to condition themselves, very little control is needed to keep them in line. Thus we walk our selves back to work after breaks, no control, no chains needed, we learn to condition ourselves, breaking free of those conditioning is in part what being free would truly be about.

Frogs boiled alive and society

We watch our rights being eroded everyday. Body scanners, email and internet rights being removed or invaded, the water is boiling but like this helpless frog we do very little about it. We change to go along with the laws, and we are  passive.  Before you know it the water is too warm. This is what society is like in the 21st century.

This post is not to be confused with frogs, monkeys and state control. 🙂

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