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Destruction of Victoria’s Ivory at the palace?

Destruction of Victoria’s Ivory at the palace?

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A part of history. A part of human history. A part of Victoria’s history.

I was surprised shocked, and dismayed to learn, that William wishes to destroy, give away, or do away with the ivory at the palace. It’s great that he wants to set some modern day example to be sure that is always commendable, but some of these items belonged to Victoria, Queen Victoria, and they ough not to be destroyed. They are historic in nature and significance, and should be preserved.

She was empress of India, that is something you are not likely to see again anytime soon, unless she arrives back. The items are significant, and they honored a Queen, I think she would be dismayed to think some of those items were being or were being debated about being destroyed.

Does one have to be Victoria herself reincarnated to think or make mention that destroying those items might not be a good idea. Set an example by all means, but I do hope Victoria’s stuff will not have to be destroyed to do so.

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