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Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep

Well my dreams are not always sweet, sleep is not always peaceful, it’s the one border I can’t fully close off, but when it is sweet, I seem to keep coming back to some of the same places.

I have been buring the candle at both ends, looking forward to some zzz, but I wanted to take a moment to give gratitiude to those things, and people who make you feel safe, who rescue the things that you can not save yourself. My eternal gratitude.

I can’t think of anything else I prefer than those things right now. Those things mean a lot to me.

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Thank you. I am sorry. Unforgiven.

Thank you. I am sorry. Unforgiven

First I want to thank all those who helped along the way. For those people are few and far between. The little I can say I do. I know not everyone is like this. I know not everyone agrees with this system and I do realise that there are many who would actually like to be free of this system. Thank you for the bits here and there along the way. I forget sometimes that many of you might yourselves have suffered in other ways due to this system, or you might still just remember what decency and freedom is or was, and you also do not agree with this system.

Second I am sorry for unwittingly hurting a place that’s kept me safe, gave me shelter, and made me happy. This place in spirit recently kept me warm. It helped me from a bad situation. It’s a place that I grew to love, with it’s warmth, humour, charm, kindness, and love. There are very few places that make us feel safe in any realm, this place did for me. It brought me out of a dark place where I was, and would not knowingly want to return. I have however unwittingly been back to that dark unwelcoming place a few times, without realizing it. Unknowingly, unwittingly, but still unwillingly betraying my new place where I have found shelter. For this in spirit, I am sorry, for it’s such a well suited place, and I have enjoyed calling it home. I send my thanks for all it’s done for me. My heartfelt regrets, and I am hoping I can stay in this place for a bit longer. If not I will always remember it with the deepest gratitude, and love. Either way, the dark place where I was is not one that I knowingly would return to. If I can not stay in the place where my spirit currently resides, then I will move forward, but hopefully never backwards, hoping to find a place similar to the one I just called home.

Lastly the unforgiven. Those little creatures who do mean things, that destroy people’s lives, properties, and relationships.  That do little bit’s of destruction along the way and revel in it. You are unforgiven. You are the lowest of the low. You think nothing of the little evils that you do along the way. One or two incidents, they seem like nothing, but to the targets they are the death of a thousand paper cuts. In my journey’s with this targeting, you are some of the worst, the lowest of the low, and your little misdeeds are in my opinion most unforgiven.

I have heard about just some mean and terrible things that these people have done to targets. Things like putting water into someone’s child’s diabetic medicine. Things like this don’t phase these people, and it’s little unkindnesses such as this that I personally feel are most unforgivable, and will not and should not be forgiven or forgotten.

Does it make me bitter? In some ways yes, because it seems that if people do bad things, there should be some punishment for it, otherwise the evil just continues. It makes me sad that these people will never be held legally responsible for such actions. On the other hand, this experience has brought me where I need to be, and believe that I am suppose to be. I can’t be angry about being in the place that I belong. I can only hope that my pain, suffering, torture has been for something. That some awareness has been raised in the human consciousness.

Beyond that take this post for what it’s meant to be. Gratitude, Regret, and The Unforgiven.

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I am happy. I have not been able to say this for a really long time.

I mean the gang stalking has not been great, but even that get’s old after a time. The same stupid stunts, people that I think are too stupid to wash a car, much less following me around, I watch them act hysterical at times and think, gosh they are stupid. After a time I learned to tune that out, and focus on my spirit.

See I really do believe that we are mind, body and spirit. I think we are spirit, having a human experience. You hear that on talk shows a lot, but what does it mean?

As I have explained before, I think we start off as spirit and come to earth, or other plains of existence to have experiences we could not have in spirit.

I believe one thing I came here to learn was about man’s inhumanity to man and how that could happen. When I was younger, the history books, just could not explain how people could be so mean to each other, how they could hurt each other so much. WWII Germany and the events that happened as taught by the history books made no sense, and a large part of what I wanted to do was understand how people could be so mean to each other. I understand this now. Without the Gang Stalking, I could not have. So was this experience arranged to help me understand, reach a higher spiritual level?  Maybe. Maybe this experience was called into my realm, cause I so desperately wanted to understand how people could be so mean to each other.

Still aside from that, I wanted to focus on my spirit. Gang Stalking can really kill the spirit, if you let it. It put’s you in the midst of people who hate you for no real justifiable reason except they believe some fake label that you have been given, is it right, is it fair? No but it’s life.

A couple of years ago, I thought I was going to embark on a truly wondrous spiritual journey. I though maybe I was going to be lucky and finally understand more spiritual things. Instead I think I let in some bad spiritual elements, which took my soul on a bad journey, that I could have done without. I think I really tuned out of some things spiritual, because I simply was not happy, and wanted things to change on a spiritual level, but did not know how to make it so. I believe we have a human will, and a spiritual will, and the two do not have to see eye to eye.

So I just tuned out, and I think when you are around bad or parasitic elements, if they see the opportunity, they will just take advantage, and it draws worst, and worst things into your realm. Also more and more paracitic elements. I think also the opposite is true, when you have good elements around you, it makes a world of differenct. I think that is where I was. Then I did a lot of praying. Some times when you are bummed out, you forget what an effective weapon prayer is. But I prayed, and recently, much to my absolute shock and amazement, I tuned into my spirit to find that my spirit is happy.

Happy is not the right word, but it’s the polite one that I have decided to use. Somewhat like going from a sunless sky for years, to your first rays of light in a very long time. Like breathing in air again. Ofcourse tuning into my spirit created a few dilemmas. Awareness is such a strange thing, however being spiritually aware, even if it’s only a little bit changes things, vs someone who is completely blank.

I think two people could be in the exact same place spiritually and one be really aware and affected by it and another not. In researching Gang Stalking, I was surprised that there were quite a few targets that were emotionally aware of the energy draining affect of being around the informants. I think I have discussed spiritual shielding before and why it’s needful in a situation such as the ones we find ourselves in.

So my spirit is in a legitimate place, a bit settled and happy, but I am here, being Gang Stalked and trying to prove the conspiracy. I wrote a long time that I think you can live in two worlds, by saying that, I was referring to a blog I came across, and by that I just mean you can have a physical experience, but be aware of your spiritual life as well.

I think for me this creates another dilemma currently, and being happy in spirit, really does bleed through the matrix, just like being sad in spirit does. I deeply hated being unhappy in spirit, cause you feel like spirit is this thing that is separate, that you have no control over. I still feel this way, but I think you can influence your spirit for the better, and I think that is something each person should strive to do.

So dilemma that I had I temporarily solved it. I have to some degree tuned out of my spirit again, blocked out some aspects, not cause I want to, but I think it’s the right thing to do for the time being. I am a bit of a wet blanket that way.

I do know now that when I dream, I am happy, I just don’t recall too many of them, but I like dreaming now, where I don’t think I did for a while previous to this.

I think it’s good to be aware of the fact that we are body, mind, and spirit, but it’s also good to be aware that it can cause some unexplained delima’s sometimes.

So my gratitude for sleep that is actually peaceful, and an internal world that is for once calm, and well. My awake world remains as it always has been, but I have a slight, faint awareness of being happy, somewhere else, and the little that I let through, I am grateful for.

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Missing You.

This post goes out to some people that I am not around anymore, but I wanted to give a shout out to none the less. You might never read this post, but it was still important to say what I was feeling.

There are a lot of base, stupid, phony people in this world. I have met a lot of them over the last couple of years, over the last decade if I had to be really honest, and more of them than I care to count, but I can honestly say that my recent association with several of you was not of that variety.

I can honestly say that recently I met people that I still think are decent, kind, warm, humorous, and for a time I was pleasantly surprised to be around.

The association did not last as long as I had planned, not many of my associations do, but for the time that I was around you, it was a pleasant time and gave me a bit of hope for humanity.

I do now believe there is still kindness, decency and intelligence in the world. Knowing people that I felt were intelligent was a breath of fresh air, and desperately needed for my soul. I have met a lot of really stupid and base people in the last few years, so many at times it leaves me often shaking my head, but again with these associations this was not the case.

Sometimes you need to have your faith restored that there is still decency, kindness, intelligence in the world. The reason I like being online is because I really do find that people are often better informed than my counterparts that are offline, but again sometimes you meet with a small few and you realise that is not the case.

I keeping this post short and sweet. It’s again just to say thanks for those of you who did restore what little hope or faith that I had left in humanity. I just woke up missing you a little bit, but I remember all the kindness and for that I am grateful, and for having met people that I liked and who were pleasant to be around.

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