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Virtual and Spiritual Based Coins

In recent we have heard a vast deal about virtual coins, and also spiritual coins. I recall reading a few years back about some virtual worlds, and how they functioned, that people were even selling items to purchase property, or other items in virtual worlds. I really did try to comprehend the trend a bit, but at the time, it just was not as feasible as it could have been,

A few years later, the coins are doing as well as predicted, in fact better, in some cases, they are now openly traded as real world currency, situations such as the bitcoin, Lindens, Toricredits, Frenzoo, and other currencies, even currency exchanges for virtual coins, they have arrived a long way, and they even have gift cards that you can now purchase, pretty cool.

Future of Money: Classifying Virtual Currency Systems
by Parag and Ayesha Khanna
March 22, 2012,

it’s important to understand that money is merely an agreement to use something as a medium of exchange.  The function and purpose of cash is therefore assigned by our cultural and social systems, not any intrinsic value. So as our society evolves, and our physical and digital economies converge, how does our monetary system evolve along with us? Whether exchanged via virtual worlds, social games, or mobile apps, virtual currencies hold real implications for our global economy, fundamentally altering how we conduct transactions with one another.

Is it too late to get into the virtual cash exchange system? Unknown at this moment, I think a few years back, you could still get into the virtual cash exchange situation fairly easy, and still make some money. However to pick up on the vibe,

Recent guidance made it clear certain virtual currency firms have to comply with Bank Secrecy Act regulations. But it’s less clear how these companies, which are often smaller start-ups, will actually go about doing this.

Bitcoin’s big mystery: who created the virtual currency system?

By Shawn Knight

On May 20, 2013,

It’s no secret that Bitcoin comes with its fair share of controversy but what most people don’t realize is, it’s also shrouded in a veil of mystery. That’s because, even five years after its launch, nobody knows who came up with the original idea for the virtual currency system.

N.Y. regulator considers issuing virtual currency guidelines

By Karen Freifeld

Mon Aug 12, 2013

They are trying to ruin the virtual currency industry in advance, lovely, the virtual currency industry as it is now, is ok, I would hate to see them regulate it out of existence, cause that is how the situation functions. You got a good thing, and they will attempt to regulate it to the stage it does not make sense.

It’s better to be virtual, than to be regulated. You have a good thing.

Virtual currencies are worth real cash.
What’s your virtual net worth?

This is a great question, and please visit the sites, and articles to learn more about virtual coins, how they function, and the recent proposed guidelines to change all that and ruin it. 🙂

Spiritual Based Cash Exchange System

The Royalty is the coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, and it is a spiritual based, cash exchange system. It’s a universal cash exchange system, that’s been in place for the last few years, and it’s now eligible to be in the correct situations, and have the correct situations thus occurring and happening.

Individuals use the system, and The Royalty which is a spiritual gold based standard, to purchase spiritual based items, and in some cases, they will likely use this system, at locations such as night clubs, and other places, some locations are likely quietly testing out the system in the foreground, meaning the background.

This system delivers spiritual based items, and does it remotely, it’s hard to see it now, but someday, you might walk into a store, use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System to purchase an item, and then have that be your primary way of purchasing goods and services.

Night Clubs and other places are testing out the spiritual cash exchange system, and in future, additional locations, may well start to accept this spiritual based coin, which can be converted to most currencies, on the face of the planet and beyond.

1. Q: How can I use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System?

A: To use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System, is very simple and straight forward.

a) First remotely activate your unique identifier. You can do this from the comfort of your home, by saying outloud, I wish to activate my unique identifier information.

It’s all done spiritually (virtually) and remotely from the comfort of your home, and it’s voice activated, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

utilize your unique identifier with The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, which is a cash exchange system. Send and receive money, purchase spiritual goods and services, gold, silver, food, flowers and other items.

The future is open wide, be it virtual cash exchange systems, or spiritual cash exchange systems, we have more options than we ever did before.

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I thought of one more thing I could tell the potential target. The target who wanted to know what the point was of these Gang Stalking websites were if they could not show her how to get justice for what was happening, or how to stop it. She can be vindicated.

I mean sometimes you know what you are talking about. You are telling the truth, but no one wants to believe you. I mean I went through years knowing that co-workers, family, friends, were using my sensitivity against me. However I could never prove it, because the gentlemen had come to town and taken away everyone’s voices.

Anyways finding out about Gang Stalking was 100 and 10% vindication. It proved that the things that I had been saying or thinking were all true. I can’t give target’s justice, or even get this stopped 100% for many, but I can help some feel a little vindicated. It’s hard when you know that you are telling the truth or know what you are talking about and everyone else around you is saying something else.

Anyways I was glad that I stayed home this weekend instead of going out. I would not have discovered a lot of the sites that I did. As mentioned I liked the site in 2 worlds. I believe people in many ways live in 2 worlds. Some without even realising it.

I think we live in other worlds via our thoughts, minds, and hearts. I think we even create worlds and situations that are so true they have the possibility of coming true. I often think about Lord of the rings and those really neat dream sequences between Aragorn/Arwen. I think it was neat that they loved each other so much that they could feel, hear each other, and visit each other in their dreams, no matter how far or long they were apart. 

I liked both sequences where he dreams and is so at peace with her. I also like the sequence where he is in trouble and she knows and is there in spirit to help. I guess in real life we live in more than one world via situations like that at times.

I also like the sequence in that movie where she is about to leave to go on the ship to the elven world, and then she sees their spirit child. Their little prince. The future child of their hearts, and then she chooses to not go on the ship, but returns to her father.

I think it’s neat because at that stage the little boy that she is seeing is just one possible future. Eg. If she had gotten on that ship, the future she was seeing would not exist. That scene reminds me that the choices we make in life can take us away from one destiny or move you towards another one. The future is not set, no choice but what we make.

That blog, plus the David Icke videos gave me a lot of food for thought on things like that. How people walk in 2 worlds, and metaphysical things. The nature of the universe. You know things like that.

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