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Should you share personal info?

When I first started to contact websites for aid and assistance one of the first things that these people tried to do when I just joined these forums or emailed these places was they tried to access my personal details. Name, address, etc. What my sensitivity is. etc. They got very little information, but when they knew enough, they tried to use it against me.

Since this time period my recommendation to targets has always been don’t give out personal information. If you are already out there great, but if you are new, until you have some idea what we are up against don’t do it.

This means if they have a survey asking for your details, don’t give. This is another way and might I add better way of giving out your information.

If they ask for an email, provided it does not have your real name attached that might not be too bad, but think about what you are doing. Even emails can be used to track targets, but that is different than willingly providing your details to a third party. Unless you 100% know what the intended goal is.

A survey can collect a lot of personal details about you, personal details that can be used against you. It can also collect information to provide very useful statistical data. We do need this kind of information, but a survey that is asking for too many personal details might not be in your best interest.

If people are asking for the name of your legal representative, don’t give it. Because most times it’s hard enough to find a decent lawyer, but if you do, and they get the details, you might find that your lawyer suddenly is not on your side after awhile. It’s important to protect our privacy.

If someone or some site is asking you for these details, ask yourself why.

This recently came to my attention and though I think it should be pretty obvious to targets why this might not be a good idea, especially if you are new.

When targets email in. I tell them to not give out their details. I don’t need to know it to give them helpful information and feedback. Everything they email to me is read by third parties, if their emails do get to me at all.

This is an FYI for you. If you give out your information to some third party this does not affect me, but it could put you into a situation you did not anticipate.

Eg. If our informants were in a group meeting would you ever willingly walk into that meeting and give them all this information? I hope the answer would be no. So if you are filling out one of these types of surveys online, how do you know that you are not giving out the same information to them?

Name first and last, full address, home and cellphone, email, country, DOB, Gender, Marital Status, Race, Religion, Education Level, Employment Status, Type of industry, Have you contacted he police, outcome, (So even if you do find a helpful officer, kiss that goodbye,) on on on.

That’s all I am going to say on the topic for now, but use your best judgement please.

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