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The Virgin Vs The Whore.

The boy coming into the Throne was told just one thing, if you marry the virgin the situation will be fine, if you marry the whore, the whole house will be into the incorrect thing, meaning things will fail, and the curse will never be

So the boy coming into the situation did just one thing, he could either marry the virgin, or marry a whore and condemn them all to the incorrect things, and remove everyone from their situation, and remove everyone from their stations.

The choice seemed simple to make, why would anyone willing marry a whore, when one could marry the virgin, but that’s the situation with so many things.


In life sometimes we are given a simple, or a couple simple choices, do the correct things, and the correct things will happen, live a specific way and the correct things will happen, choose a different path, ie, choose the incorrect thing, the incorrect path, and the incorrect things will happen. Much like the above scenario you would think the choice would be simple and clear, but all too often in life too many people choose the incorrect things, they honestly go for
what seems shiny and effulgent on the outside, while pushing aside the correct things, which might not be as readily prevalent.

They go for the easy choices, they choose the simple things that seem easier at first, but the end results are the same, the whole thing fails. I use to think that people would just make the simple choice and do the correct thing, but since researching, watching how the world actually works, most people in the world are choosing to do the whore thing, or choosing the whore thing. They are neglecting the virgins, meaning the correct choices, the correct decisions, and
going for the incorrect things of this world.

The problem with the above scenario is that ofcourse things will look shiny and effulgent at first, it will seem as if the correct things are occurring and thus happening, but in the end, when you choose the whore over the virgin, then the
whole house will fail, the incorrect thing will thus occur, or thus happen.

You see this everyday from politics in washington, the music industry, contract talks and negotiations, world politics, world stage, religious assignments, every sector of society, there are often choices to make, and in too many cases, the
incorrect choices, or even appointments are thus occurring, or thus happening.

The boy coming into the throne was told just one thing, if you marry the whore the whole house will fail, if you marry the virgin the correct things will happen. Let’s hope the boy  that was going to be coming into the situation choose the correct thing, because otherwise, the whole thing would or will fail.

If you are in a similar situation, and asked to do the correct thing, make the correct choices, or appoint someone to the correct situation, etc. I urge you to recall the example of the boy with ring, who was supposed to be coming into the
situation, who had an important decision or role to play, and think about doing the correct thing, think about marrying the virgin, vs the whore.

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