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So when did I become a radical? LOL.

I have been thinking about this for the last few days. When I am not being termed Conspiracy theorist, Extremist, or Crazy, I guess radical is that nice safe middle ground that some like to use.

I don’t personally like terms, cause I don’t like to be boxed in like that. I don’t think I fit any one category, my activism is not extremist, some of the sources I have referenced in the past include: Loyola Law professor Alexandra Natapoff and her research into the informant system. I have referenced the ACLU in my research and their confirmation that investigations of innocent people are happening. I have also referenced people like Nikki Rappana in regards to the communitarian system and agenda 21. So my research is not extremist.

Is it conspiracy research?

Groups of people being followed around by informants? People doing little things to make them look crazy, or despicable? It sounds conspiracy at first, but if you read the research, I consistently back up what I say. Wither it’s reporting on the violent persons registry, or discussing how people are having full scale anti-terror investigations opened up on them for simple things like missing work, or for living in the wrong community. So I am not a conspiracy theorist in that regards, cause I do back up the research, and show cases, that are similar or near exact to some of the things that Targets report.

I have even shown that in the past, governments have used citizens to gaslight, or specifically target others to hasten an agenda. Using a program called VIK the U.K. government used Americans to target other Americans. They came up with over 500 ways to mess with targets. This again was a government initiative. So much of what I have discussed has been done, via other programs. This is without me discussing Cointelpro, McCarthyism, Stasi, etc.

I am just crazy/Skizo then? I mean how can I believe that I am being targeted in this way right? Well I believe it cause it’s true. I can back up information with the research online, and sources at times have given bit’s of information here and there. I am not crazy, I am not skizo. Yet I have it on good authority that without me ever having seen a psychiatrist in any capacity, remotely I have been deemed a danger or crazy. Much of this label comes from me standing up to workplace mobbing, which was deliberate and very targeted. Much of the extreme stuff that was reported came later, after I dared to challenge this system.

So after all those terms, the latest is Radical. When did I become a radical? I don’t agree with the term, cause I guess radical always put me in mind of the Black Panthers. I grew up thinking that they were anti-government trouble makers, who hated cops. This was such a misconception, I am now ashamed that this was how I veiwed them. This however is the picture that society painted of them.

The reality is that the panthers were kids. When they organized they were 17 and up, most in their teens and early 20’s. They also did not organize cause they hated police, they organized because they hated what was being done to them, and people like them in their community. Their goals were not to become anti-government extremists, no. A large part of what they did were things like free breakfast program for their community, and all these other good acts of kindness, but they were exterminated, demonized, and that is what I guess you could say radicalized them.

I guess they were radicals, but not cause they wanted to be, but because they were made to be.

So back to me. I spent the last few days thinking about this, cause I wanted to give a good answer. Like most I grew up believing the government was good, society was great. I wanted all the normal material things. I believe I lived in one of the best countries, and then cities on the planet. My life goals were simple, I wanted to find my mate, get married, and contribute to society. Simple goals, straight forward agenda, and then that changed.

I first noticed the targeting via workplace mobbing, this goes back at least a decade, and was part of the worst time in my life. The first time that I decided to try to take action it was hell, and it really shook me to the core. It was horrible that people could treat others in such a way, and yet most of the mobbing was subtle, proving it was a joke, and finally I left that job. The problem was it did not stop, at the next job the same mobbing scenario. But how? I mean it’s not as if people could communicate via some sort of network or something. Initially I just thought it was rumors traveling, you run into the odd person, who knows such and such and it goes from there. That’s what I initially thought, I know different now.

The next time the mobbing started, I was going to take a stand, and file a suit if it needed that. My employers did not stop the mobbing, I went through all the standard channels, a mistake in retrospect, they did not take the complaints seriously. Unknown to me they were using the complaints to paint me as delusional, but I was being mobbed, daily.

I finally took action outside of thee workplace and thus the wonderful world of Gang Stalking began. But I didn’t know about Gang Stalking then, but I did clue into the fact that my conversations with Lawyers were making it back to my place of employment. There was some kind of surveillance in my apartment, and yes I was being followed on the streets.

While this was going on, I had grown stronger, even if I could not win my complaint against my employer, “which I eventually just dropped due to the Gang Stalking harassment, and being tortured in my home”, at least I could help others. I could have gone forward with my case, but there was collusion, and it was happening in high places, and this made no sense. Since that time it makes perfect sense. Others have noted the same things. The patterns I had experienced were identical to many online. The perpetrators of the mobbing getting promotions, the fact that my information was out there, and an obvious interference pattern. However though until I came across the Gang Stalking information, the details about surveillance, that I had noticed, the seeming participation of people close to me, none of that made sense, then some of the pieces of the puzzles fell into place.

At that stage I was still just looking for a quick fix. I realized it was retaliation from my employer, but the surveillance network made no sense, how could so many people be taking part. See they are informants, and as you move through town, through their sections of the community, stores, etc, they are given little alerts about you. You are followed into stores, and hand signals are silently communicated, all this turned up via the research.

Your whole circle of family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc are contacted. Apparently you never have to be evaluated by a professional to be deemed as crazy. And why would an employer, or other nemesis that is trying to shut someone up, not be tempted to paint that person as crazy?

From what I have read, many people feel that family and friends really let them down in these cases. To be fair, if you are contacted by an official that your family or close friend could be a danger, threat, pedophile, etc. Most people would be tempted to co-operate believing that they would have a fair investigation, and not co-ordinated, underhanded, systemic destruction.  Some might even give destructive testimony, unwittingly or deliberately damaging that person in question.

The research. Let’s talk about that. I was never anti-government, but the research turned up some surprising things. Not only that this is systemic. This happens in many democratic countries, but this is happening to bright, intelligent people. Many are being systemically eliminated. That is a conspiracy. Be it workplace mobbing, which can lead to reports of Gang Stalking, people were being unfairly picked on, targeted, and eliminated. When I say eliminated I mean, driven to suicide, put in jail, falsely labeled as crazy, and locked away. Others were being provoked on the street, and much like the Nazi’s did to Jewish people, provoked and then when they lashed out put in jail. Others were getting into fatal accidents, many were deliberately being made systemically poor, having our life dreams and goals wiped away. That was bad enough, but in many cases, cause a lot of us live alone, our women were getting sexually assaulted. People like Ramona Lopez were raped. Jesus Mendoza documented how he had to watch his little girl get tortured, how he had to watch her scream at night, be burnt in her bed, and as a parent not be able to do anything, cause of what they were doing.

I read about Leuren Moret a whistle-blower and her experience with Livermoor Labs. She stated that in addition to her, there were about 500 other women and minorities that she was aware of who were also targets of the university. They also had their lives systemically destroyed the same way that she did. Again one more story that shed light on this being a systemic policy for dealing with those who do not all in line, who do not follow the status quo.

[quote]500 women and minorities had filed lawsuits against the University of California and had then experienced retaliation by the University of California apparatus of mobbing by employees, alumni and law enforcement.1The lawsuits were for denial of tenure, whistleblower retaliation and theft of intel-lectual property. These women had similar complaints about the destruction of their own lives and careers. The information gathered by the University of California is used to takeyour life apart; to destroy all that makes you feel safe; to bankrupt, isolate and alienate you from society and from yourself; and to attempt to make you look crazy.[/quote]

This was not only systemic, but it had in many cases proven to be mulit-generational. Meaning if you stand up to the system, and you have kids, those kids have a good chance of being targeted. I also read about Jeremy Blake and his lady, and their golden suicides, which I also don’t quite believe. I realized again just what this system is truly capable of, and why it must be changed, or stopped. It’s not right, it’s malignant for many, but many others protect it, give their allegiance to it, and would gladly fight for it.

With story after story, after story, after story, I saw a picture as brutal as any other oppression, as needful of exposure, and something that was hard, or going to be almost near impossible to prove. I realized we were up up against a system, and that system was not some shadow group. It was not vigilantes, it was not extremists, it was our own governments, and this system that has been set up. It’s not that different than what was done in Russia to many, or even the former East Germany. In America those who saw McCarthyism, or even Cointelpro up close should have no trouble believing it, and yet many ignore this.

Outside of Gang Stalking, I researched many other topics, Pedophile rings, Senator DeCamp and the amazing work he did trying to expose a pedophile ring, and the fate of those victims. Senator DeCamp also realized that he was up against a system, and he rightfully wondered if that system had become too corrupt. I read about Gary Webb, and his wonderful reporting, that got him demoted in his job till he had to quit, how he was found with a bullet to the head, yet another suicide, which I don’t believe for a moment. I read about the fate of the victims of the CIA drug smuggling. How they were silenced and dropped the lawsuit. I read about the fate of the African American female lawyer who tried to take on the CIA. Anita Belle lost everything. Her home, her career, he country, he livelihood. She tried to stand up to the system and it attacked.

I read about how Journalists who get too close to the truth, how they are also often systemically attacked via the buzzsaw, how their careers are ruined, how they are made to look either crazy, or like they don’t know what they are talking about.

All along the cyber collective consciousness, I found proof of what I was talking about. There is a system in place, that keeps everything in place, that system is corrupt and needs fixing. That system is protected, very powerful, but very evil. That system is being run by governments, their security forces. Do I believe every politician is evil? Heck no. De hamp, people like Cynthia McKinney and others have come up against this before, there are many out there who really don’t realize that their is a problem. If they do become aware, they would rather believe that evil forces have taken over the government, or that we can work within the system to fix it.

I don’t care what you believe, my job right now is doing what I have always done when I see a problem or a system of injustice. I try to make a difference. I am trying to help fix it. I am making people aware. I have been like this my entire life. I am fairly sure it’s who I have always been meant to be, and who I will always be.

So when did I become a radical? If you must call me this, and I hate labels, then I guess I have always been this way, I have been this way my entire life. If I see injustice, I try to stand up to it, expose it, make a slight difference if I can. If I see a bully I will try to stand up to them, to the best of my ability.

So let me throw this question back out there to you all. Why are you not a radical? Do you not believe that there is a problem? A conspiracy? Do you feel powerless? Why are you not out there telling the truth, cause at the end of the day, that is all that I am doing. I am telling the truth, and just trying to expose a system that has become terribly corrupt. A system that truly needs fixing. So if you see me as a radical, and not yourself, then ask yourself this. Why are you not a radical?

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From the inside

The best way to bring down any system? From the inside, that’s what the government has been doing for years. They infiltrated the civil rights movement, panthers, 9/11 truth, etc. They have also done this with gangs, mafia, etc. Often they put their people on the inside and use them to destroy these organization, set people up, etc.

That is also why they want to join these conspiracy, extremist, and other forums. They plan, manipulate and work for years to get into positions of power and authority. They do this in society too, judges, lawyers, politicians, they get in and further advance people like themselves, (corrupted, immoral, deceitful, etc) and suddenly they are in charge. The innocent get mobbed out of these jobs, and what’s left is an organization with the corrupt, obedient, or those who just don’t ask questions, or maybe with a few who are too afraid to.

Well the interesting thing is this concept can work, and eventually will work with this system one way or another. Two things can happen with a sytem like this, if the people could ever effectively wake up, realise there is something wrong, they would have the power to change it. If they unanomously got together, realised that things are wrong, then from the inside they could bring in down, sabotage the system the same way they do to other groups and organizations.

The other method is an eventuality. They destroy themselves because they get so immoral, so corrupted, so debased, that all that is left are the stupid, immoral and corrupted. People of independent thought are often long gone by this time, and what is left eventually like what we saw in the movie apacalypto destroyes itself from the inside.

One process is what we might call revolution, this is a process that they fear. That the people will wake up, stop believing the propaganda, stop believing the lies. Get past all the lies they have been sold to keep them seperate, these lies that keep you seperate are part of their control structure, till you can overcome these, your chances are much more limited.

Revolution can come by bloody battles, it come come by peaceful protest, it can come by popular sentiment, but it can happen if a people truly wake up, feel that something is wrong, and decide to do something about it. Most people try to make revolution happen at the voting booth every few years, but if all parties are the same, or working for the same side, then revolution can not truly be fascilitated this way.

If revolution fails, and the people remain silent, then an eventuality of tyranny almost always happens. Then the people suffer, the good are destroyed, and freedoms are suppressed. However a society like this eventually eats itself from the inside, however this process is much slower, and it usually involves the systemic destruction of the innocent, the independent thinkers, dissidents, etc.

A society as a whole has great power to decide their fate and the change the course of their lives for the better, they can choose a future of enslavement, or they can sit down, realistically look at the problem, and start to believe and realise that they have the power, they have the capacity to make a change for the better, and then start to go about making those changes.

A desire for change, getting past fear, awakening of society, organizing, and eventually action of some kind are all keep factors in starting to make that change happen, if society wants the first outcome vs the last.

This system already has people on the inside that can make a difference. If you can wake up, realise this system is broken and corrupted, you can make a change for the better. There is still time, and more importantly, the members of the society, have the capacity, and the people have the power to bring about this change.

I think taking an it starts with me attitude is key, but people have been down for so long, it takes a lot to change behaviour patterns and enslaved thinking patterns, we have in ways gotten lazy, many want change, but change is scary, and also many are just comfortable enough, but we know that if things are allowed to continue this way, it will eventually get very uncomfortable for those who value any sort of freedom, or independent thought. Interestingly enough thought is the key, we have the capacity to change the world for the better, but we have to desire that, believe that, and work towards that, otherwise this corrupted system will destroy itself, but before it does, it will take a lot of innocent people with it in the process.

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Ring the alarm?

A few weeks ago, I provided a post that looked like this.


“In the democracy, they came first for the Extremists, but I did not say anything because I was not an extremist.

Then they came for the conspiracy theorists and the denialists, but I did not say anything because I was not a conspiracy theorist or a denialist.

Then they came for a the Targeted Individuals, but again I did not say anything because I was not a Targeted Individual.

Then they came for the outspoken and the some of the Christians, but I did not say anything then either, because I was not outspoken or a Christian.

Then they came for me, and by this time there was no one left to speak. ”
I think that this is a real breakdown of what we will see if history should start to repeat itself. Based on that, I have been spending a lot of time getting to know, via observation a specific group on the net, that is considered to be extreme, and who might be at the epicenter of such an event if they did go after extremists first.

I have been learning what they believe, why they think and feel the way they do, and looking for signs that their communities are going to be following the script above, in getting targeted first, just like the communists were first targeted in Germany.


Would they really come for the extremists first?

Well like many others I have been paying attention to news articles. What I would expect to see is an increase in extremist killings, kind of like how we had those mysterious killing sprees that were suppose to get us all so scared, guns would be banned. Anyways, what I have been on the alert for is an increase in this type of media hype in regards to extremists a) and b) and increase in demonizing the community.

Remember in Germany it was the communists that they came for first. That group was easy to pick on and they were the first to be attacked. Once this was left to happen, it was easy to go after other political enemies, create laws, etc, which eventually lead to rounding up of several other groups. So what I have been wondering is, could it be happening again, using different groups?

I first noticed an increase in articles, such as the Tiller killing, trying to paint him as right wing, a lone wolf, and the new domestic threat. Then there was the extremist who said he was going to kill Obama. Then in the UK, an alleged international plot by extremists to kill ethnic minorities with ricin. Keep in mind the UK, plot involved only a father and son, and the so called ricin was in a jam jar, and had been there for two years.

[quote]The man suspected of fatally shooting abortion provider George Tiller as Tiller served as an usher during church services yesterday has a long history of involvement with the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement, as well as anti-abortion radicalism.[/quote]

[quote]The two men were taken to the county jail where, the next day, in the presence of FBI agents, they began to reveal their intentions. Cowart went first, saying they planned “to go from state to state on a killing spree. Paul had mentioned a total of 88 people and beheading 14 of them.” In Schlesselman’s account, their aim was “to kill 88 people and kill 14 blacks”: either way, the numbers are symbolic among white supremacists. The eighth letter of the alphabet is H, so 88 translates as HH, “Heil Hitler”; 14 refers to the number of words in a message, legendary among the faithful, left by the white supremacist leader David Lane when he was jailed for murder: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”[/quote]

[quote]The perennial question in such tragedies is what motivates the perpetrators. In most cases, answers are hard to find, not least because those behind the trigger are not around to give their side of the story. In the case of Cowart and Schlesselman that impediment does not exist, but there are plenty of other conundrums, not least the issue that will no doubt prove central at their eventual trial: how serious were they? Was their talk of a killing spree and dying in a hail of bullets at the feet of Obama a plot they took seriously? Or was it the ranting of two infantile fantasists?[/quote]

[quote]Federal authorities are searching for a man who has at least eight guns registered to him and has threatened to kill President Obama.
President Obama walks towards a car at the airport on Thursday in Dresden, Germany.

 The man, identified as Daniel James Murray, is charged with making threats against the president of the United States.

He recently withdrew $85,000 from a Utah bank and told a teller: “We are on a mission to kill the president of the United States,” according to court papers.

Murray is originally from New York, but was seen several times in late May in St. George, Utah, making bizarre statements at a bank.

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Utah, Murray opened an account at Zions First National Bank on May 19 with a $85,000 check.

“Not to be disrespectful, but if I don’t get this money, someone is going to die,” Murray said, according to the criminal complaint.

Murray would not accept a check and demanded bills no larger than $50, the complaint says.

“We are 94 million miles from the sun, and are in between the sun and moon, and the eagle that flies between them and it’s a giant step for mankind. … I have traveled thousands of miles to be here and know things that are going to happen. … the banking system will fail and people will die. … there will be chaos in the world,” Murray said.

He then made his threat against the president, the complaint says.

The next day, Murray returned to the bank, withdrew the rest of his money and closed the account.

Authorities do not know where Murray is and said he has been seen driving a blue 2001 Buick LeSabre with New York license plate number ERL 1445.


I was trying to look into this more, when I was again interrupted by another white supremacist plot. This case bothered me, because I know what happens when you make a large deposit such as this, investigations, etc, and then he was just allowed to withdraw the money. It sounded staged, but I did not have time to look into it further.

Allegedly he is mentally ill, but the fear has been set. But there are lot’s of questions about that story that still did not make sense.,2933,525299,00.html

[quote]A teenage boy and his father are being held in Britain under the Terrorism Act over a suspected ricin poison plot by white supremacists.

Nicky Davison, 18, was arrested after police found the deadly poison ricin in a jam jar at his father Ian’s home this week.

Ian, a 41-year-old former DJ, is also being held after the anti-terror raid at the terraced house, on Myrtle Grove, Burnopfield, Durham Durham.

Nicky was initially arrested at his home in Grampian Court, Annfield Plain, on suspicion of inciting racial hatred but now both father and son are being detained under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Senior police say they believe the two could be part of worldwide terror plot targeting ethnic minorities.

Durham’s assistant chief constable Mike Barton said: “This shows that the terrorist threat in the U.K. is real and present.”

“We believe the people involved to be white supremacist extremists and one of our lines of inquiry was that they were going to target people from ethnic minorities.

I saw this plot and I called it bs. The son was initially arrested for inciting racial hatred, grant it not a good look, but an international plot? They searched the house and found a jam jar, that had been sitting there for two years, and it had traces of ricin. No clear evidence at the time that they were going to poison anyone with the ricin, and if that was their intent, why have it sitting in the cupboard for two years?

How they got that this is an international plot is what I am not clear on. So far they have a father and son, and every article that I had seen was just saying a father and son had been arrested, but the intent to spread fear, hatred, and racial division was there. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure this kid got himself into trouble, but the news sources are taking every opportunity to exploit these cases, to point us in the direction of the new terror threat, and yes this is what I was expecting and looking for.

So at this stage I was like, should I sound the alarm, write an article or is it just too soon? No one ever wants to sound like that lone nut on the internet alerting the audience of the deliberate intent to create a new threat, the extremist. That willy domestic terrorist that is more hard to predict that external terrorist, thus necessitating more laws, to take away our freedoms, specifically hate speech laws, but this is what I thought I was seeing.

As it was the weekend, and my image needs no further hits, I thought, maybe just wait and see. What I found was in addition to that, I found a video of Obama telling people to not question the official version of 9-11. Exhibit A.

Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story

Now maybe Obama really does believe that 9-11 was done by terrorists, and that Osama Bin Laden is still alive, I don’t know. However for many others they do believe that 9-11 was an inside job, and as the years go by, they are not alone in that belief. It seems more and more people are joining into the speculation that 9/11 was indeed and inside job.

Whatever you believe, in a free thinking society people should be able to look for answers to questions that they have, they should be able to question, without fear of draconian laws, and labels. It seems 9-11 truthers are also a target for new labels, as some try to link them in with extremism. I also expected to see this pattern, again 9-11 truthers fall into the second category I expect to see attacked, and that’s the conspiracy theorists.

Anyways after seeing all this, I was still undecided. Then the weekend passed, and I was again in my observation mode, because I thought that with the 911 truthers being highlighted and the sudden media blip of evil extremists on the loose, I might be seeing what I had expected, but wanted to wait a little longer. Well I did not have to wait too long, because the holocaust museum shooting happened and a bit of hell broke loose.

This guy was a poster child and wet dream for extremist watchers everywhere. He was a hate filled white supremacist, had been for years. He had a history of jail time spent for taking hostages. (He claims it was a citizen arrest for the federal reserve.) Either way 4.5 years in jail. He was a supporter of the BNP. A British extremist party, who many claim have extremist or racist views. He was a 9-11 truther, and he also wanted to look into the Obama birth certificate issue. I can’t remember if there was anything else that I missed. Oh yeah he hated black people and Jewish people, and thought the world was run Jewish persons. He also ran a website, which some had listed as a hate site. I don’t know how this guy managed not to have links to Al Qaeda. Anyways, the stories were flying, and I spent days trying to monitor threads about this, articles, to get a better picture of what had happened.

So far many of the stories that I had come across were suspect in some ways, eg, the British ricin plot, the guy who seemed to have deposited money with no other intent than getting people to hear that he was threatening the president, and then this.

So the first question is was he really a hate-filled extremist that was hell bent on wipeing out someone black or Jewish before his last hurrah? On the surface it looked pretty cut and dried. His ex-wife says he wanted to go out with his boots off, his son says his hate-filled ways destroyed their life, he has a history of convictions, he is hate filled, what else do we really need to know?

Yeah I can see where most people would stop there, but as a targeted individual, and someone who looked deeper into the Jiverly Wong case, this is what I see.

Some weeks before the shooting, he told a friend that his social security had been cut, he felt that someone in Washington had visited his website saw something he posted, did not like it and then had his security benefits cut.

Most times this would sound like the ramblings of an old man who is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, or paranoid but is it possible someone was visiting his site, and saw something they did not like? Someone with the connections to have his benifits cut?

He is under investigation, many articles have made this clear, if nothing else his arrest for the hostage taking or whatever it was, would leave him on a watch list probably for life. Remember when under investigation your family and friends are contacted, and they make it almost impossible for you to have the means to support yourself.

Based on articles that I have read, this is what I put together. Sometime ago, he moved in with his son and his sons room mate when his sister had cancer. It seems that his security could not cover their home and they had to move in with the son and room mate.


“I think it was financial reasons” that led the father and his sister Alice, who was being treated for cancer, to move from their home in Maryland into a 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom house shared by the two managers of a store renting furniture, appliances and computers, Aulbach said. With Social Security payments his sole income, von Brunn “couldn’t support himself,” Aulbach added.

Aulbach said he and the younger von Brunn agreed to share the master bedroom so his roommate’s father and aunt could have separate bedrooms, but he still paid half the $1,500 monthly rent.


That was several years ago.
[quote]Soon after, Eric lost his job and the von Brunns returned to Maryland, where Alice died of cancer. Eric moved in with his father in Easton, returning to Florida once in 2006 for a vacation, Aulbach said. The former roommates talked “maybe once or twice after that,” but the conversations ended when Aulbach lost Eric’s telephone number.[/quote]

From what I understand, the dad Van Brunn moved in with his son and his son’s fiance, or his son later acquired a fiance and he paid them $400.00 a month for rent.

He lived like that and ran his website. Then recently this is the part that’s tricky because I don’t have exact dates, but recently he said that his social security had been cut back. By how much I don’t know, but in one of the articles that I read, it said the cut meant that he would not be able to pay for his monthly internet connection and would have to go offline.

I have other articles saying that he told his online friends that they would not be seeing him anymore, and one final article confirming that he sold his domain name, or transferred it to another gentleman on June 01, 2009.

So we have an octogenarian, who is barely making it, living hand to mouth, who’s pleasure is talking his hate online to those who visit his site. He is hate-filled, but the hate is going into his website, till the means are cut back for whatever reason, he believed it to be someone in Washington.

The other articles say he had become despondent, talking about giving away his computer and other items. Can’t pay your internet bill, no more access, no point in keeping the computer. Was he suicidal? I don’t have the answer to that question, just what I found in the articles.
[quote]At least one acquaintance said he suspected that von Brunn was preparing for a violent end.

Von Brunn had talked about giving up “precious things” – even the computer from which he spread his angry diatribes against Jews, interracial dating and the government, said fellow white supremacist John de Nugent.

“He said he had gone offline,” said de Nugent, who last spoke to von Brunn on the phone a few weeks ago.

De Nugent said von Brunn complained that his Social Security benefits had been reduced, and he suspected that his white supremacist views were the reason.

“He was unhappy with his living situation,” de Nugent said.[/quote]

I think he was more than unhappy, the other article described him as despondent. I have no idea what the cut to the social security cheque meant, or what it was going to do to his living circumstances, but the internet loss would suggest that it hit him someone what badly.
[quote] Winchester Model 6, .22 caliber rifle — a type of gun manufactured between 1908 and 1928[/quote]

He had two guns that he owned, but oddly decided to take with him, the gun that would cause the lesser damage. Why not take the other gun if he intended to go on a killing spree or go out with a bang?
[quote]Investigators found 10 rounds in von Brunn’s rifle and a signed, handwritten screed in his car. “You wanted my weapons – this is how you’ll get them,” von Brunn wrote.[/quote]

I don’t know how many rounds a winchester holds, he fired at least a few according to the reports, but there were still rounds left. I don’t like guns, and I could not find this information via a quick web search, so I left it for the time being.

If the note really is his, and not faked. (Let’s remember the Martin Luther King suicide note in his own hand writing, which was faked.) It it’s his, it might give some indication as to why he finally snapped and let the hate spill over into the real world. He said that if they wanted his guns, this is how you’ll get them. Who wanted his guns? Was he speaking in general terms or specific terms? Remember he is a convicted felon and is not allowed to own guns except on the downlow. If someone really did cut his security like he claimed, did they also find out about his guns? Did he get a letter from the tobacco and fire arms, or some other agency asking him to turn in his guns?
“It was a desperate move,” said de Nugent’s girlfriend, Margaret Huffstickler, “by a man who thought he couldn’t do any more.”

[quote]In his car, officers found a notebook with a handwritten note saying, “You want my weapons — this is how you’ll get them. The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews,” according to a court affidavit.[/quote]
[quote]”He said his Social Security had been cut and that he was barely making it,” de Nugent said. “He felt it was the direct result of someone in Washington looking at his Web site.”

In one of his e-mail blasts expressing his white supremacist views, the man police sources say shot and killed a security guard yesterday at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum told readers that they shouldn’t expect to hear from him again. Von Brunn was shot and critically wounded by museum guards.

He was about to give away his computer, his primary connection to the fringe world of radical racists. He was living hand to mouth. [/quote]

His primary connection to being social with others, to being human. Though I have read that he visited neighbours, and lived with his son, his real connection to others like him, like minded people was online. Having that taken away from someone who is already hate-filled, means having their outlet taken away. Having him online is like having a cage where you can openly monitor his views and opinions, but it also gives many of these an outlet, an outlet that might other wise be expressed in other none productive ways.

In the end Van Bran is responsible for what he did, so is Jiverly Wong and all the others, but let’s not discount any other roles or factors that society might play. By this I mean killing is wrong, and their is no excuse for the actions, but let’s examine what we know about this case.

If left to spill his hatred on the internet, Van Brann, much like many other keyboard warriors, (it’s not my term, but I like it) would be just that. Keyboard warriors. The majority of people who come on the internet and spill their views, hatred what have you in my research are more likely to take action online, then offline. It gives them an outlet. Without the internet many of these people posting on extremist sites, conspiracy sites what have you, would do what people use to do, they would go out and they would find each other offline, and then maybe form movements, and then you really would have fringe groups all over the place.

As it is, most people online, not everyone, but the majority will spill their hate, opinions, and conspiracies on the internet and keep it that way. If this man had been allowed to stay online, would this shooting have happened? I don’t know the answer to this question, but my suspicion is possibly not. Was there a final trigger that sent this man over the edge into unplanned rage? I don’t have the answer to this question, just the picture that had been painted of an old man, conspiracy theorist, extremist, who spilled his opinions on the internet, where his hate was in someways more contained then we realise. This outlet due to a social security cut, which he blames on someone in Washington, was removed from him, he told the people online, whom he seems to have connected with, his community, that he would not be seeing them anymore. He then transferred his domain to someone else, and talked of giving away his computer. Remember it does not sound like he wanted to quit being online, it sounds like he had to, and I will not make excuses for what he did, but this left a hate-filled person with no outlet. I also don’t know if the cutbacks were going to interfere with any other life necessities, I have no way of knowing this.

There is a hand written note where he talks about his guns being taken away, if the letter really is his, we have to wonder if there was an actual threat? Did someone know he had these guns? He is not allowed to under the law because of his conviction. Did someone turn him in? Did he mention that he had guns on his site? Did this set him over the edge, or was it just his natural years of being hate-filled as we are lead to believe?

When I see these stories, I try to understand what is behind it, what is the story we are not being told, the picture we are not being painted. I now realise what the mainstream tells you, and the picture they paint is hardly ever the full, real, or true story, and I often go looking for the answers that others do not.

Being under investigation myself for God knows what. Remember first I was supposedly crazy. Then I have heard danger to society. I know from what I have heard back, my handing out activism material was recently used to paint me as crazy. I am none of the above.

Then I know for a fact that my recent research into extreme communities was used to paint me as something  that I am not. Me of all people. Welcome to 1984, any websites you visit, even just for research purposes, or to better understand the communities, can and will be used against you. Keep in mind that me and 109,000 other recent visitors to this site could potentially have this crap used against us, not for ever posting, but just for visiting.

So I always try to see that others side. These people could paint a saint as a demon, and this man gave them a lot of material to work with. He was clearly no saint, but was he the heartless fully unredeemable character being portrayed? Hellbent in a fit of racist glory on destroying others?

There are two sides to every story. I have read and gathered evidence and this is the side of the story that I think we are not seeing, and that might be worth examining.

As far as the fallout is concerned, it’s just what I expected. Calls for rounding up of extremists, for limiting free speech, it’s being used to attach 9-11 truthers. For the truthers, I say hang in their guys, you must be getting close to your goals or they would not be attacking you this much.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

With the 9-11 truthers there is a scare campaign that I see happening. I see people posting stories such as “oh I was in a bar the other day and started talking about 9-11 and people tried to have me arrested,” or “oh I was talking about conspiracies, and someone tried to have me committed to a mental hospital.” I am seeing stories like this and I am thinking either the stories are fake and being used to scare people into not talking about 9-11, or people are getting desperate to shut them up. I kind of think it’s the former, but who knows.
The fall out is interesting and I am still just getting caught up on that, but here are some of the highlights.
I see people talking about rounding them up, the extremists.

I see people wanting to push ahead the hatecrime bill, that bill needs to be stopped. It will kill free speech and not stop hatecrimes. It will allow them to take down blogs they don’t like, and go after anyone who has an opinion they don’t like. Free speech is under attack and we have to all work together to stop this.

They are comparing 9-11 truther to terrorists.

They are saying that the lone wolf terrorist is harder to predict than Al Qaeda terrorists and thus more laws are needed, it’s not true, but while they have your attention this is what they are pushing forward.

This is what I was expecting, but the speed to which is came down, did catch me out of the blue. I really thought there would be a bit more time before this action came on like this, but I guess I was wrong, but on the other hand, I was watching for it, and expecting it, and this is what I can report back.

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