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Hey people, I forgot to share, for those of you interested in topics of mind control, you might want to check out the new series called Dollhouse, check out episode 6, that way you can decide if you want to watch the series.

It’s about these people who have their minds wiped and then any personality can be implanted and made to do anything. So you have dolls for sex, dolls for assassination, eg, beheadings, dolls for the hero roll, etc.

I think it might be a series you will want to catch, and I forgot to share this with you all earlier. The series just started in Feb and yes it is by the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but it’s totally relevant to what’s happening in the world now, and it has some great concepts.

There are also several great articles about how Joss and Eliza came up with the concept for the series if anyone wants to read them, just let me know.

Ok that’s my share for today.

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