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Jesus was Neo

Jesus was a total Neo. He came, and yes he existed. He came here and he saw and observed the system for what it was, and warned people future forward, or rather phase forward of what would be happening. Cause it’s the same game that’s being played out now that was played out then on him. The way and the light.

It’s funny but just by following the bible, and living these boring lives, many of us avoided some of the trappings that would have long ago, turned us into a part of the system. Interesting. Guess he really is the way,the truth and the light.

Judas the other informants, people turning or betraying each other, he warned of this. Because it’s the same system, that he came up against. He also talked about the rulers of this place, but Jesus was this being that is said to have been able to manipulate his environment, to control the matrix.

He was totally aware of spiritual warfare issues, which most people now do not even believe, but check out some of the David Icke stuff.

Then Jesus mentioned something like a thousand years here, being like one day, or something like that makes more sense. If on different plains time moves way differently than we observe it, or think about it here. Interesting.

Water to wine, walking on water. He spent hours daily meditating and things. He was very intuitive. I wouldn’t say telepathic exactly, but he had a way of knowing what was being said, discussed. He could definitely tune right into people’s feelings and emotions.

He also could get into a state where he seems to have some contact or remembrance of his pre-existence sell and just knowing his mission and what he was meant to do.

He predicted stuff that would be coming down the line during this phase. He spoke communicated via meditation, with higher level beings. He was aware.

When you really look at it, and read about things that have been said about him, and discussed, and the system that he came across, he was like a total Neo.

It’s just neat. When I was observing this, I didn’t write down the points, so the comparison was better, but I don’t have the time right this minute to do that, but yeah, he was a total Neo.
(For those who don’t understand the reference, movie Matrix. Neo is from the Matrix. Wakes up sees that that the world is not what he thought it was, etc.)

Makes sense to try to spread disinfo about him, or make people think he never lived, or was not what people thought he was, but he was a total Neo. That’s pretty cool, when you hone in on it that way.

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The Truth

What’s Behind Internet Conspiracy Empires? Apparently the truth. From the comments being posting on the article, it’s apparently the average person being sick and tired of the mainstream media feeding them the same information day in and day out that does not explain or answer some of the questions that they are seeking answers to. They are therefore seeking out alternative points of view. You know thinking outside of the box, asking questions and trying to find answers.

I won’t spend too much time on this article, the comments that were posted were fully vindicating. They were bright, intelligent, and they really were highly expressive. I was very impressed by the majority of commentators in that thread.

I was really surprised by the level of discontent with 9/11 truth. That issue is not going away. It’s worst now than it was before. Many of the comments were in regards to this issue. Many of the comments were also about the fact that many people no longer truth corporate controlled media and are looking for other alternatives. Other comments were rightfully concerned with Internet censorship, some felt that this might be a first step towards trying to target such websites, and labelling people as mentally ill for having different points of view. 

It was the intelligence of the posters that really impressed me, they were really bright and articulate, again I was highly impressed by the majority of them. People who are still willing to ask questions, and go out and seek other answers for themselves. These are the types of people who find my website, people that have not been satisfied with the mainstream explanations of what is happening and they are independent enough in many cases to be going out and looking for additional answers about what is happening to them.

As far as terming Gang Stalking World as a conspiracy website? I agree that what is happening to us is a conspiracy, but can we prove some of the targeting?

On the site you have documents that show that average normal everyday citizens can and do get followed around in the manner described. I have been able to show that for covert and overt surveillance, police do employ foot patrols. They do use signaling while on foot patrol. I have been able to show that Informants are being hired by the state, that we have become a surveillance culture, and that targeting the way in which we describe is possible.

The information on the website, utilizes information that any individual can go and access from various sources. Eg. Many recent documents on the website link to documents form the A.C.L.U. The documents show that average people will be having information recorded and placed into secret databases which the accused can not access. The information shows that 800,000 Terrorism Liaison Officers, will be in every town, state, city. They say that we are very close to becoming an Orwellian society. Is the A.C.L.U. a conspiracy website for posting this?

If someone goes to their website, or reads one of the various articles available on the Internet about surveillance and average people being monitored in the described manner, are these websites conspiracy sites? Should these websites worry that the information that they are putting out might cause someone to become paranoid?

Again if someone goes to a different website and reads about Workplace Mobbing, Cointelpro, Red Squads, The East German Stasi, etc should those websites be concerned that they might be influencing paranoid delusions? At the end of the day, those websites and mine are providing information, it is up to the individual to decide if the information is relevant and then go from there. The information on the Gang Stalking World website, is a collaboration of information that is readily available at many points of port around the Internet.

The article is an ok read, but the comments were the really interesting and relevant focus. It really showed that people have many concerns that are not being met or discussed by the mainstream media, the primary and reoccurring being 9/11 truth.

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Under Siege?

Well another article has come out it’s called What’s Behind Internet Conspiracy Empires?

Dec. 12, 2008—

The article much like the last few articles wonders what the impact is that Gang Stalking Websites, more specifically Gang Stalking World, because let’s face it there are only a few websites in the community that discuss what is actually happening.

A man standing on a street corner with a sign reading “the lizard people rule you all,” or, “my neighbors are spying on me for the government” isn’t likely to get many supporters.

But give that man a Web site template, or let him produce some slick videos on YouTube and, lo and behold, he may have thousands of people across the world supporting him.

Such is the story of several extraordinarily popular conspiracy theorists and theories online today.

Take the victims of gang stalking — a subculture of people who think their friends and neighbors are all secret government spies ready to turn them over to the authorities. The movement has recently spawned gang stalking support groups, forums and advice Web sites.
The article is not unexpected. Ever since I saw the article a few months ago about Truman Show Delusion, I expected similar articles. I did not expect them to specifically hone in on the Gang Stalking Websites so soon, but you knew it was coming.

So in anticipation of this, I wanted to give people a chance to discuss some of the things that have been happening to us. If they are truly interested in discussing Gang Stalking and Researching it, you can do so here.

Because of programs like Cointelpro and their ability to wipe out movements, we have learnt that it’s very possible to cover up things that are happening, demonize movements, or get rid of people that are not within their control. You can discuss the topic as long as they control what is being said about it. 

What I see happening with Gang Stalking is that we have some real targets being removed from the scene, I blogged about this recently. I also see that we have many websites and blogs, but many in my opinion are not by genuine targets. Based on what we know about Cointelpro and other programs of that nature, we know that these programs have a habit of removing legit groups and starting up their own, this way they are in control of what is happening, what gets said, and what progress the movement makes.

I have often said that out of 10 websites you would be lucky to find one that is legitimate, that still holds true.

I have also suggested that you request your F.O.I.A. freedom of information act request, but please avoid people online that would get you to compose outlandish letters that will spawn the concern of “mental health experts”.

The other problem is that activists and dissidents of other groups that are being spied upon, are getting some attention and concern, where Gang Stalking targets seem to still be very marginalized. We can not show reason to believe that we are being targeted, but our claims even with all the research are still being put off into the conspiracy zone. I am wondering if any activist in the community, who are parts of other activist programs have had any luck with getting assistance from outside communities?

Eg. Have you joined or are you a part of a peace movement that is under surveillance? I am wondering if targets in this situation have had any luck with gaining assistance from an outside source as a target of surveillance rather than Gang Stalking because they belong to a peace movement?

Anyways it’s an interesting article. If this is just the new buzz word then that’s great. If it’s not the new buzz word, then we will see attempts by health experts to show that these sites are harmful. We might even get examples of this.

This article completely left out mentions of the Mind Control websites and went straight for Gang Stalking, and specifically Gang Stalking World.

It’s something to be aware of. The information on Gang Stalking World has been free to be shared, and backed up for sometime now. I suggest that you share the information, and if you have the space, make a copy of the website.

If we do not learn from history, we will be sure to repeat it. We might repeat it anyways, but at least we learnt.

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