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Reverse frog prince?

I thought this was cute, the little girl looked so much like the little girl that was at the “Royal Wedding”, for a second I thought he had taken his cute little God daughter with him to Scotland, that would be so cute, but then I thought it couldn’t be her, she was what three at the “Royal Wedding”, and she must be so much grown, plus she is not likely that attached to her God father. 

The little girl was cute though, looking for a kiss from a prince and pulling away at the last moment, usually there are just not so cute moments, out there, so I thought I would blog about it. 

Here is a picture of Grace Van Cutsem, doesn’t she resemble the little girl from Glasgow who pulled away however. 

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I saw this movie and I actually liked it. Just when you thought there were no more good vampire movies left in the world, or romances. I admit the last year has not been a good one for movies, or a belief in real life romances, but this movie brought back a belief in both.

It’s a cute movie, I almost want to rate it as a teen flick of sorts, but if you like a good movie, I think you can enjoy this one.

It’s actually a movie I would want to see again. The plot is striaght forward, for once, no crazy complications, one of the more normal movies to come along.

Girl moves to small town, meets boy, who happens to be a mind reading vampire, meets boy’s family who also happen to be vampires, boy meets girls father, girl get’s hunted by other vampires and well I don’t want to ruin the ending.
The next parts are a bit spoilerish. I really liked the scene where Edward brings Bella home to meet his family and they try to cook her Italian food. To see a vampire clan trying to cook funny. Liked the line the human’s here. There are just really a lot of cute moments in this movie.

Plus it’s pretty normal for a vampire movie, which is I think the twist that I like. You kind of expect some kind of dark secret with Edwards family and Bella, but it’s just pretty straight forward, they like her because Edward likes her.

She’s immediately accepted into his clan, he’s kinda accepted into hers. The part I liked about this movie is the belonging. These are two characters that you like. The actors for the movie actually had chemistry, that you could see, just by the verbal interactions, which again is a nice change.

The parts that really got me thinking in this movie are the parts about keeping secrets. Edward and his family have to try to keep secret what they are. When Bella figures out what he is, she has to then keep the secret as well, but then there are rewards for belonging to this clan, such as the lengths they go to to protect her when her life is in danger.

It got me thinking about real life, and the things people do, or are willing to put up with to have that sense of belonging. See today’s family is very much broken down, people are often left looking towards societal structures for that sense of belonging or self worth, most don’t have a sense of that. It just made me think of reasons why it’s so easy for people to join in a cult like practice such as Gang Stalking. That sense of belonging, of being part of something that is larger than life.

When you first join you only see the good side I am sure, unless you are a target that they convert, then you should have some idea of what you are getting into, but as to why the rest of society goes along with this. It’s a part of why people do join cults. At first you often don’t see the bad scary side, you just have that sense of acceptance. That sense of I have found what I am looking for, at last I am part of something.

It’s only later that you start to see the darker side, by then you are already a part of it, and if you start to question, you are given reinforcements that show that you are doing the right thing, the target really is bad, crazy, terrorist, drug dealer, user, pedophile, etc. They do things to also keep the members in line. They are required to keep the secrets of the cult. There are rewards for being a part of the cult, thus why people are willing to volunteer their time, for these surveillances. There is the adrenaline rush of doing something useful, the hunt so to speak. Many people like to feel useful, special, important, this often gives them that feeling. There are also great penalties for going against the cult. There is of course jail time if you have signed any kind of agreement to keep this quite, but more importantly there will be social annexation if you go against the cult, even death.

That makes this the cult like aspect of Gang Stalking pretty dangerous for the target, because most people would never equate what they are a part of, as being a part of a cult, for some it’s the first time they are finding a sense of belonging, being a part of something. I am sure it’s no accident that democratic societies have spent the late few decades breaking down the family unit. With a strong family unit, it’s harder to induct people into these practices, and with strong family units it’s even harder to target individuals. That’s also why they like to pick on those living by themselves, easier targets. The same reason a lions pack, goes after the pray that is off by itself.

The movie made me think about what people do to belong, what they are willing to trade. Bella and Edward realise that they are all they want in this world, very cute and she decides at the end that she wants to fully be a part of his world, I will leave it at that. I sure there will be a part two, and I want to see how much further into truth and lies Bella will get to protect this new family unit that she is a part of.

It gave me a lot of insight, which I think I really needed. Other cute parts of this movie. Edward says something along the line of do you know how long I have waited for you? Apparently close to a hundred years. Other cute parts, when Edward tells his surrogate sister to put on one of Bella’s tops to divert the attention of the vampire that’s after her, and the surrogate sister is all snaky attitude, why should I do it, what’s she to me? Edwards surrogate dad step’s in with, “she’s with Edward now, and that makes her a part of this family.” End of discussion. Very cute movie, if you are looking for something to watch, I recommend this if you don’t mind cute teen vampire flicks.

It’s nice to believe that a good vampire movie can still be made, with some original content, and it’s nice to believe that there can maybe be some real romance out there. My faith in vampire movies is restored.

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