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HIV Scurge

Herpes is everywhere correct? It’s even in the water, but what if the source of the discontent of many is that herpes, leads to the HIV Virus.

What if the situation is as is, that herpes actually leads to the virus that causes HIV, wouldn’t that be the weirdest situation?

The research goes towards, and a few, years back there was this amazing post, by, yes, gangstalking, and the post, is a theory about the herpes virus, how deadly it is, and it;s prevalence in some cases, the thread also looked into something called fear of HIV, a situation that was occurring in China, and it was most interesting.

The post was there at least, 3-5 year now, it’s been a while, the research or post of it all, was forwarded to the correct source in the scientific community, the theory is that a known problem, is mixing with something, mixing with something, and causing problems for everyone.

The research was provided, because the person in the situation like to research things, like Ebola, HIV, Spanish Flu, Cancer, and a variety of other items, yes Saturdays, could have been a little, bit more exciting mind you, but between the Targeting, Gang Stalking as it’s called, and the boredom, thank, God there was research.

So a Targeted Individual might have done something suitable, and forwarded an interesting theory, the research credit is therefore interesting, cause, everyone always wants to claim in after that, ofcourse the original post is not available at the moment, but it is out there.

Interesting none the less.

Oh, I should also mention, that Toronto did discover some sort of vaccination, not sure if it’s anything suitable, but the details are there, and HIV, globally is changing some what, it’s not considered the exact same disease, it was 30 years ago or so, but it’s still an interesting study.

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When I am world ruler 2

When I am world ruler 2.

Ok my last post was fun, about when I am world ruler and the things that I wish to implement in the society. I want all these changes that will help humanity, one of the first things that I would do is ensure that the family unit was the first and foremost thing. I would ensure that it was the heart and soul of my futurist society, that I wish to see created.

First and foremost I want to create a knowledgeable society, where people are well educated. I want to create a knowledgebase that will last beyond this plain of existence, I want something that will exist past space, time,
distance. I would like to create a knowledgebase similar to or something that could surpass the Akashic records.

I want to also create a Teleporting, time travelling society. When I am world ruler technology will be a huge focus, and will be well funded. My fantasy in part is to own a really cool R & D department/division. I want to have something that would create one of the most technologically advanced society, on the face of the planet and beyond.

I would seriously create an alternative cash exchange system, one that would be a little more stable, and one that actually felt good to use. Something like an intergalactic, interplanetary, multidimensional cash exchange system.
It could happen.

I want to find the cure for cancer and other incurable diseases, and distribute the cure to those who are eligible for a reasonable fee, or for free. It’s a dream, but it could happen. In my spare time, over the last several years, I have done nothing but independently research a variety of such items, yeah it’s a fun hobby on the side, and who knows, when it will pay off for humanity.

I want to create these amazing buildings, that are some of the most secure, they will have the most secure login’s, and they will be able to understand who is in the building at all times. They will be some of the safest, most self contained, environmentally friendly places to live.

I will also create this force, this league of extraordinary individuals. A Royal league of some sort. Really cool wardrobes, and unlike the informant system, which has brought down humanity to it’s lowest common denominator,
the force will work towards elevating humanity, and doing something good for the planet and beyond. Their roar would be heard, that’s one of the things that I would like to do when I am world ruler.

I would like to locate the missing and exploited children across the face of the planet, and bring them home safe. When I am world ruler, I will find a way to reunite families, and keep children safe.

Finally when people are truly doing the evil in the world, you know those lowest common denominators like I’ve previously described, I would have them showing up as evil, no matter where they went on the face of the planet or
beyond, so that innocent people could know who and what they were dealing with.

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