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Recieved a ballon today!

Recieved a ballon today!
(Where earth and sky meet)

What if there is more to life than this flesh and blood? What if there is a
spiritual existence, and spiritual kingdoms? What if Royal situations are not
just decided on the face of the planet, but also spiritually? What if you have
to havce your spiritual rulership, to have your earth one? What happens if
there is a spiritual change over that is not reflected on the face of the planet?
Life could be stranger than we know.

It would be weird to think that spiritually the Royalty and Nobility could be
very different than what we are accustomed to on the face of the planet. What
if people are anointed spiritually, and then the rulership transcends to the face
of the planet? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

I like to think that there would be a way to figure out just where earth and sky
meet, that there would be a way to check into such things, but alas most of us
are not even cognizant that we have a spiritual existence, and if we are, we
could care less at this moment about who is in charge, who is in what
situation, most of us are just trying to figure out if we have a spiritual
existence, much less who rules, or runs it, mind you I like to think I rule and
run my own spiritual existence, but I am cognizant and accepting, that there
could be spiritual situations, that I am not co-cognizant of.

A Spiritual Place, if such situations existed, you would hope that there would
be a way to prove it, to confirm that the spiritual was a little closer than we imagine.

The movie that best defines such thoughts, or the concept that I am
trying to convey would have to be the forbidden kingdom, this movie came out several years ago, but it conveys beautifully, that where earth and sky concept
meet. That you could be in this one existence, but there could be a whole
entire existence that you are not cognizant of. Most people only access such
existences, or play around with the possibility in dreams, they hardly ever have the time, or take the time to play around, much less imagine it, or such in
their waking worlds. I find today, I want to be different than everyone else, I
want to play around with the possibility, with the thought, and see where this
leads me, if it’s just in dreams it’s fine, but if it’s somewhere else, or towards
something else, then that’s great as well.

The Royal Queen’s Day, is June 5th, psrt of a week of those types of crossover celebrations, where earth and sky finally meet. Happy The Royal Queen’s Day, if it’s you and yours. A spiritual queen, who’s presence is now being felt on the face of the planet, and having nothing to do with those that have recently gone before, not to be mistaken, or misconstrued as anyone else, but The Royal Queen.

Received a balloon today, and I have never been the same since. 🙂

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