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Zion Dixon

Zion Dixon

 Is there really a gentleman named Zion Dixon who’s name amounts to the number 666? I have had it made mention, that letter amount to 666, the name of the man. They are also saying that he is affiliated with IBM, but who knows, I mean isn’t IBM Mr Bill Gates? I have never heard of a Mr. Zion Dixon being affiliated with IBM, so I am wondering if it’s true.  If his name really was translated to 666, ergo, the name of the mark of the man, I am sure someone would have mentioned it by now, so I could not really be sure.

It’s an interesting theory, and I am no numerologist, but would that  mean he has the mark of the beast, or rather would that mean his name could be translated to 666, meaning the mark of the beast, I don’t know, it’s an interesting theory, but hard to fathom. how do you check the meaning of the name? Is h really affliated with  IBM, and wait, aren’t they the company working on something called the human bar code reader?

Anyways it’s an interesting theory, if such a person exists, and is affiliated with such a person.

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