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Follow up on the child abuse

I am currently remotely intersecting and interacting without intention with two of the most dysfunctional individuals I have ever arrived across. It’s not something that I wish to be doing, but the information is remotely arriving across my details, or channels.

It’s a situation that does not make sense. It’s the same one that I wrote about the other day, one of child molestation, and devastation. Cheap plastic mannequin is basically a child molester that does not make sense. The male she married into the situation with is the exact same thing, the children they are abusing have been given to them by friends, family, relatives, they have access. Because of their social standing, to formally arrest them at this time is not possible.

Proof is there, because it’s because there are recordings that can prove that they are child molesters. D notices, and other blocks, prevent investigations from going further, the traditional methods use to prevent people from speaking out, meaning, you could investigate, discover the truth, and not do much else. Could not talk about it, could not do anything. Things are different, because the truth does get out, but people do not want to do anything about it because of the social standing.

This is honestly what use to occur, and is still occurring, individuals in high prominent positions get to be some of the worst sorts of people, and get away with it. People are aware, but those that try to do something can not always do something. Those that report it, they see as a problem, they don’t see their child molestation as a problem, they see reporting on it as a problem, if you can cogognizant how they function.

Now they are trying to enable the children to become child molesters themselves, with molestations. Basically the dysfunctional Betties think that it’s the correct thing, well here is news, the rest of us, the rest of the world, do not want to have to deal with this. Socially the situation needs to change.

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There is nothing more admirable, adorable or astounding, especially when it’s in a young person. Take for example some of the following children.

Each adorable in their own right, or capacity, each with the potential to truly shine, and each with their own fan base or following.  The only thing is that when a child, or young person does have potential, it’s important to ensure that they are in the correct situation, and have the correct things happening to them. You want to ensure that those around them are the correct influence, and that the adults, or other young individuals around them are not exploiting them in any manner.

It’s important to keep an eye on these children, not only in the spotlight, but in the background. What goes on behind the scenes? Are they in the correct situations? If we as a society are going to continue to have children with such potential, then it’s important to be the watch guards of such children, the village, or friendly neighbourly hand, that helps guide, guard, and keep that watchful eye so that we don’t lose such children, with such potential.

JonBenét Ramsey . -She was the sweetest little girl, she had all this potential, but the child ended up, being molested as the report seemed to indicate, and she ended up dying. To this day, they don’t seem to know conclusively who was in her situations, or what exactly ended up happening, but she was a child with potential, who should not have been in such situations.

The problem with such situations is that everyone sees the spotlight, they see the shiny and effulgent of it, and they think that everything is fine, when everything is clearly not fine. Try as hard as I might, I never comprehend or understand why a child that age, had to be in such situations, or the adults around such children that are willing to exploit them openly.

She didn’t have to die, but all too often, children in such situations are openly used and exploited by the adults around them, and without much recourse.

People watch and openly think that the situations are cute, or ooh, just adorable, but behind the scenes the worst things are happening, all too often, and most individuals don’t want to get involved, but sometimes, just sometimes, maybe if they did, the correct situations could happen.

I think in her case even if people comprehended that she might be being exploited, or even molested, would they have done the correct things, would they have called the police, or child welfare?

She was from a prominent family, and would anyone have done the correct thing, if they know, or comprehended that the incorrect things was thus happening or occurring? With JonBenét Ramsey, I can only speculate, as I am not that familiar with the case, but the reality is people in such situations, often all too often, find it hard to get involved, get destroyed for trying to do the correct things, or just stay quite out of fear, whatever the reason, let’s hope other such tragedies can be averted.

This child, this beautiful child, had a great deal of potential, and it will never be actualized, because the individuals in her situations, or those around her, enabled the incorrect things to happen. (I am not going to comment on those beauty pageants, at this time, except to say I think they do more harm than good.)

Honey Boo Boo -The Child Rosey Donnell claims to be the next Shirley Temple.

Whenever I see Honey Boo Boo, I have to agree that she is adorable, but I think she is working a little bit too much, and that comes across as being exploited.

Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a lovely child, again a child with just so much potential, but I caught her the clip of her recently, where she is pretending to be asleep because she does not wish to answer questions, and I really wish someone would pull the child aside, and look into her welfare, to
ensure she is doing ok.

I think children in such situations at times are too often in some ways not doing ok, and they need the society at times to lend a casual ear, or a neighbourly eye, because that too often is what the situation requires, and that too often is what is not getting done.

I keep wondering if there is a safe way for this child to be in the correct situations, without what I see and view as exploitation. Even if she works the allotted hours, she seemed truly tried in that one clip, and yes she is a child and children do get tried, but I am wondering if we as a society are enabling the child to be in the incorrect situations, but continuing to encourage the appearances?

I think it’s great that her family wants her to be a star, what family does not, and she is seriously cute, and quite a character, but just ensure she is not being over worked, cause she’s still pretty young.

Grace VAn Cutsem everyone’s favourite internet meem. I honestly hope that the child is faring well after the Royal Wedding, everyone recalls this child, and even though I have not heard that much about her recently, or her family, it can be a real let down being in the spotlight and then having things go silent, dead. That can be a real let down.

“The 3-year-old is Prince William’s god-daughter, the child of his friends Hugh van Cutsem and Lady Rose Astor. She’s also the great-great-great-granddaughter of the famous New York lawyer and politician William Waldorf Astor, the man who opened the world-famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Grace would be about 5 years old now, and see is forever an internet meem, but I hope that in real life, the child’s welfare is doing something suitable.

When we see children, or young adults with potential, it’s important to foster that potential, and nourish that growth, but at the same time, it’s important and relevant to ensure that they are truly in the correct situations, and not just the appearance of it. Prior to her passing, very few could have imagined, or even gleamed that JonBenét Ramsey wasn’t fully in the correct sort of situation.

(The JonBenét Ramsey (and Susan Smith) case reveals a pattern of trivialization of child molestation evidence.)

I hope as a society we do out due diligence, and continue to foster and nourish potential with the one hand, but keep a watchful and vigilant eye with the other.

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Free Free

Free Flow

I have not blogged for awhile, so that means that I have a lot to say.
The first thing that I was thinking about was the movie Marlena. I saw this movie years ago, I am not sure why, but at the time it reminded me of something similar that was ongoing.

The movie starts with this young very beautiful widow, who’s husband goes missing in the war. Because she is young and beautiful the cats in the community start in on her with rumours, and they basically try to destroy her life. What happens in the movie is malicious, but it’s done in such an everyday way that it was a good reflection of society.

Throughout the movie there is this young boy who witnesses it all, and he is almost the narrator of the movie if I remember correctly. What I remembered most about that movie, is that after destroying her life, when the vermin in the town finally succeeded, they were at the end trying to give her free food, I just could not understand why she didn’t throw it back in their face. I never understood why her and her husband even moved back amongst such people. People in society are so like that, and that is the one part of the movie that I really wish I could have changed.

I however think the movie is a good reflection of how this society works, and many others and it’s a well worth watch. What these vermin try to do to targets is very similar to what they do to the character in the movie, they damage her reputation, then make it almost impossible for her to support herself, they turn her father against her, and then destroy her life, till she becomes what they tried to make her into. It’s a great reflection of society, and how it functions.

The only time these vermin in many cases are truly sorry is when they have destroyed someones life. Most of them when they issue their fake I sorry, don’t mean it, because they simply do not understand the concept and do not have enough humanity to issue forth such. The end reminds me so much of these people who take part in Gang Stalking.

The next thing that came to my mind was a case I came across with a young boy that had been molested by a priest. It was a real life case and it just served to show the pathology of this society. See the priest had molested before, but the priest was moved by the church to a poor community in South America somewhere. He offered to give music lessons to the 5 year old boy. Anyways in time the young boy revealed to his grandmother that the priest had taught him how to “make love”. He felt safe enough to tell his grandmother, anyways she did the right thing and reported the priest. You would think that the community would do the right thing and protect the child right, remove the vermin from amongst them, and not side with him? Wrong, worms support worms, another reason that society does not change. No they picked on the family, called the 5 year old boy the priests little wife, make it seem like he asked for it, and tried to pick on the family until they would bend and drop the case. See this is a large part of why society does not change, you see this in all aspects of society, but this was one of the worst examples, because it was society failing to protect it most innocent members. I never forgot that case.

Now I also think about how many times did this happen before? How many times in our societies were priest caught harming children and society pressured, or tried to pressure those that wanted to do the right thing by stopping it or exposing it? I think this is what happens more often than we think. I also recall a case where an officer came across a community where sexual molestation of children was ongoing, and had been happening for years, in the end he tried to do the right thing, and they destroyed his life to protect the vermin amongst them. They are if nothing else consistant.
I have now seen this example with workplaces and sexual harassment suits, mobbing suits. The case study after case study of a community going after the target, and protecting the perpetrators. That is why society in many cases is the way it is.

I think we saw this in the movie North Country as well. When I was doing research into this, before my research started into Gang Stalking, what was most interesting about that movie was the fact that the women in the movie were just as bad as the men in some cases, not just the women, but some of those same women who were being harassed tried to work with the harassers to shut Lois Jensen up. It was that boys with be boys mentality, the she was a slut, she deserved what happened to her. See they refused to take any ownership for their actions, and the community protected them, and the workplace protected them, and that had been ongoing in that community for some time, till Lois took a stance. Ofcouse that case changed laws across the US. The first class action lawsuit of it’s kind.

What is amazing to me is that is society that prevents change from happening, it is society that protects the perpetrators, it is society that often refuses to allow positive changes to come about, even when it would be to their own benefit. Kind of like a group think, but you can not call it a group think, because they do not think.

It’s this dirty code of silence, where men, women, and children are used to try to silence targets, and make the actions of perpetrators seem acceptable. It’s this disgusting code that lacks honour that makes it ok for societies to keep silent about very detrimental things, that protect people that should not be protected and to lash out and to try to destroy the targets. Society has for the most part managed to continue to be this way, and it does not change. Many go along with it out of fear, they suppress what they know is right, be it defending children, women, or others, they do what they can to protect the perpetrators. It might even be out of a sense of misplaced loyalty, the individual does not have a reason to get involved, or they know that to side against the perpetrator will be detrimental towards them, either way the society continues down this path, and that is why society is the way that it is. That is why it does not change.
These cases all saw the targets being dehumanized, made to seem less than, the child was called the wife’s little priest, Lois Jensen was made to look like a slut, the officer of several years was harassed till his life was ruined, and in the movie though a fictional account, the character goes through a similar process of having herself broken down. Society is this way at every level and it is too often because people allow it to be that way.

Can society ever change? Not while the monkeys are happy to live in the cage. Silencing anyone and anything that exposes that their are some real problems in society. Rather than looking at it and examining what is ongoing, the worms side with the other worms and thus it continues.

Like attracts like, and worms attract worms, and thus the decent in society is often removed to make way for the indecent, and even when it is bad for the society and the community, it’s still continues.

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