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Shifting our focal point

This is something that I have been meaning to write about for some time now. It’s about ones focal point when dealing with these snitches.

Now there job on a daily basis is to try to disrupt your life, to bring you down and to make sure that you don’t succeed. They want and need to be the focal point of your life. As Mark has rightly described them in the past they are parasitic. They literally feed off of other people.

The more of our precious time that we give them, the more they react to that. Eg. If you react to keys jangling, then they will try to get up in your face and jingle more keys. If you show any reaction to anything that they are doing then that is what they try to incorporate into their programs.

What we have to try to do is to change our focal point. What does this mean? Well it means we have to do everything in our power to block them out and to get on with our lives as best as possible. We have to find creative, inventive and imaginative ways to prevent them from disrupting our lives. We have to run Counter Interference.

This means for the times when they mess with us in one way or another finding ways around whatever they are doing. Wrong number calls, let the machine get it. Street theatre ignore. Anything else they do we have to try to do better.

We have to overcome and triumph where they fail. We have to find ways to rise above whatever they are doing and above whatever is being done. Success is a weapon that they do not like and do not know how to handle. They do not want people like us to rise and so we must try to rise up as best as we can. This means changing our focal points to the best of our abilities.

We have to overcome with our minds what we might not be able to with our physical beings.

Now a lot of people have been asking me and so I thought i would share this with you. Now my snitches recently decided to disrupt my life again, so I decided it would be time to help everyone out there brush up on there signals a bit. These are fun things us targets can practice while finding nice work arounds for the snitches.
If walking on the street, you would do something like brushing back the hair at the back of your neck three times. Kind of like a greeting. (Please remember that these are just ruff translations of the code.)
Squeezing the nose between the thumb and fore finger, would be akeen to I understand.

Directional signals as well. Eg. Pointing left or right to signal which way your fellow snitch should go.
Touching the eyes can mean several different things. Eg. The number of times that you swipe at the eyes etc. Primarily you will see them place their hands over their eyes. Recently a lot of them have gotten fashionable and they will remove their glasses, or put on their glasses, but it indicates the same thing.
To open communication we often use to see the yawning move. Which you more often than not will see the water bottles being carried, tee etc. Just taking a sip to open communications.

Don’t for get to brush the hair back first three times. The hair at the front of your head. It’s kind of like what’s going on?

The infamous double blink to say I understand if you are a snitch and there is no other way to communicate.

There are many more, but these are a few we can all patiently practice while we wait for the disruptions in our lives to stop.

Oh and I am waiting for conformation, but it seems that in addition to coughing at targets for a sensitivity, they will also use this to signal location and other things amongst themselves. Eg. Dark theatre, no other way to communicate, use this.

Again take these as ruff translations, but it’s all things that we can focus on while we wait for the disruptions in our lives to stop. 
The only way that I see of rising above these creatures is to really succeed. It seems that the antidote for these and other types of paracites is to do well and live you life to the best of your ability. They will try to leech onto you every step of the way, but the true solution seems to be to find a way to get above them. Thus we can start by shifting our mental focus points and letting the rest follow from there.

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