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Nation of wimps?

Are we becoming a society/nation of wimps?

Ok that’s probably redundant but the question is why?

I was watching the Beyonce video ring the alarm, and so a few months back I went to go looking for some background, sometimes these artists use music, songs, videos to express how they are feeling, and sometimes a song is just a song.

Anyways rumour has it that the song might have been used to warn away a rival of Beyonce’s who she felt was going after her now husband. I won’t bore you with the details, but the reaction to the video was really interesting. Even though the words of the video are about a domestic situation, I think the meaning could be applied to other senarios, such as anything that a person has worked hard for, and feels that they have a claim to. Jobs, activism, world cup.

A lot of people found the video to be too angry. LMAO. No really they felt that the video was too angry, and at the time it the song didn’t do that well, and people were really worried about her, but felt the violent theme was over the top, from what I have read.

Now when I was reading some of the comments, I really wanted to laugh and I was thinking, are you kinding me? I can think of past times, and some videos where the female of the species really expressed how they were feeling. Eg. Alanis Morrisette and her anthum, You outta know. That song was nice and angry. Can’t recall the video, but the song qualified as angry.

Then a few years later I think Avirl Lavine came out with some sort of a watered down version of another sort of angry song, I can recall thinking that the video was pretty light, in comparison to some others, but at the time, I remember that many felt that it was an appropriately angry song.

What I am wondering is, how are our natural instints being watered down, are we moving towards a soceity were emotions that were once deemed normal, natural and healthy are now going to be seen as inappropriate, signs of mental illness? Are we being emasculated as a society. (This goes for everyone.)

I mean what’s the future going to look like, emo kids, metro sexual males, is the future brave new world, where all emotions are controlled? (Nothing wrong with emo kids, or metro sexual males.) No more anger, jeolousy, rage, these emotions use to be normal, even healthy in some cases, but more and more I see people reacting worried, scared and concerned when people express such emotions. Are we going to be so watered down someday that we are too polite to have any true emotions? Are true emotions going to be medicated away?

I think it’s great that we have a polite society, but sometimes it can go too overboard. We like victims in our society, the person who get’s hit, but does not hit back, don’t get me wrong sometimes this can be a nice thing, but sometimes, the bullies in society need to get dealt with where it hurts to truly understand. Fits fights use to be normal at one time in society, now they are cause for suspensions if not expulsions.

Somewhere along the line we are losing our ability to think, our emotions in some ways are being watered down, but in other ways we are retaining our mob mentallity.

I think it’s great that we hunt down people who put kittens in garbage cans, kids who throw puppies into lakes, and mean women who make fun of dying girls. We retain our right to have a mob mentallity in these cases, but then on the other hand we complain when people show emotions in society.

What I found really interesting was when people were calling for revenge on Jennifer Petkov, many people were ok with the fact that her son was picked on at school. I hear positive comments in regards to this, but then on the other hand we were outraged at her for picking on an innocent girl. People were also happy that her and her family were hiding out in the basement, but that also meant her four children were being terrorized, again just what we disliked about her actions.

For those who don’t know, Jennifer Petkov made fun of her dying 7 year old neighbour, the world found out about it, and her kid got into fights at school, her husband got suspended from his job, and they were harassed. What’s really funny is that people see examples like this where a community can mount up, and come together to harass people that they think are vile, but refuse to believe targets when they claim harassment after being put on  warning lists.

Jennifer Petkov and her husband Scott Petkov are regretting their actions, reports say. Her husband has been reportedly suspended with pay from his job. He is employed as a forklift repairman in Warren. Scott Petkov has confirmed that the company might be planning to fire him, while his eldest son was sent home from school after entering into an argument with a student, who confronted him about the photos on the web. Strong reactions from every quarter has jarred the Petkov’s back into their senses. Jennifer Petkov said that she feels horrible for what she has done and hoped that the little girl has not seen the pictures.

The point is at times society is too watered down, ready to take offense at the smallest turn, but on the other hand, many who are ready to seek out and take revenge never stop to examine their own actions.

I think we are becoming watered down, but on the other hand we are also taking the revenge mob mentallity to the extreme at times, looking for that next person who needs and is deserving of punishment.

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I notice a new post that I felt needed to be addressed.

Now I contacted Jeremy recently, he had reviewed some of the books relating to Gang Stalking and I shared my feedback with him. I don’t believe the comment was posted to his site, so let me repost it here. He had listed Gang Stalking World and felt that it was a red flag that only some links were posted, while others were not. Just like a certain other person has tried to paint that site as a poison pill. Either way, they come and…

gangstalking said
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 5th, 2010 at 6:21 am

The only red flag is that I don’t promote informant sites. If that’s a red flag too bad. I have watched informants come and go, a new kid be crowned, and then dethroned. I have watched informants pitch the Lawson book, and the idiotic nonsense in the book about vigilante gangs. I have watched as some listed my site as a poison pill, while supporting the Lawson book without any proof.

I am familiar all too well with how this system works. The shrills all work together, pitch who they want to pitch and slowly discredit who they want to discredit. All under the guise of doing the community a favor. I have watched them come and go, and fought my battles for the community, and will continue to fight them.

If you missed it by the way, it’s sites like Gang Stalking World that even have these forums taking the topic seriously. I have personally fought most of the battles over the years, to ensure that the topic could be discussed in a rational manner, to ensure that the topic got “normalized”, while watching every newly crowned shrill take pot shots at my site.

I continue as I am, most times they come, they are the flavor of the month, they sell themselves, and then God willing they go again.

If that’s a red flag, then I suggest targets start waving it proudly. I have proven myself, and I have proven the test of time, while withering the slander, that’s been more than unjust. Anyways, let the Karma balance where it may.

I believe the proof is in the pudding, some of the only decent articles like psychological harassment in a group setting happened because of Gang Stalking World, it actually got a none target to sit up, pay attention and write a decent article.

I can only imagine that other similar material will also do the same.

Now Jeremy dear has a new article that again seems to pinpoint the Gang Stalking World website. I have seen worst, and I could ignore it, I could write some professional response, or I can take it there. So which response should I go with?

Well let’s see what Jeremy Stalked has said. Oh before I do that, I just want to say that I think it’s great that Jeremy as a target manages to be able to afford google ads seven days a week, most targets I know can not do this, but it’s great that he can.

Now I don’t know a lot about Jeremy, I think he is loosely affiliated with the FFCH group, or does his own thing, and does something conference call like a lot of them do today.

Either way, I am going to examine his latest post.

The top search results for gang stalking or organized stalking are sites that lead targets to believe one variation or another of these manpower-intensive theories must be true. For example, Gang Stalking World takes it for granted that a Stasi-like organizational structure is behind what targets are experiencing, allowing targets to believe that any signs of hostility exhibited by a person are proof that person has been “recruited” or “threatened”.16 A targeted individual who acted on this belief, and accused mind-controlled patsies of being “in on it”, would end up ruining his reputation by his own hand; meanwhile, the web sites he got his belief from would simply egg him and others like him on, saying the incredulous reactions of accused parties just shows how extensive the cover-up is.

Jeremy Stalked probably doesn’t realise this, but unlike a lot of other sites, Gang Stalking World gives you proof. Gang Stalking World tells you point blank, do your own research. Use the information there, but do your own research, trust your own judgment, think for yourself. All the other sites tell you what to think, or in subtle ways they tell you who you should follow, and who not to follow. If you can say the government is doing this, or not doing this. Gang Stalking World points to the government programs, under occupational health and safety, but then you are presented with proof.

Eg. The Jane Clift case, that was not a rabbit pulled from a hat, and further investigation, unlike others, pointed out that these lists exist in every single city. The lists are given out to those around the target. Letters are sent out. So to say that those around the target are in on it, is not wrong or inaccurate.

It’s not manpower intensive when you realise that many people who own stores, work in the community, in the colleges, etc, are aware of this program. Many do not realise how widespread it is, but it is everywhere. Do your own research.

Oct 6th, 2010, 10:18pm

Warning System, Fast Action Saved Lives At UT
Posted 9/29/2010 6:30 am by Ron Hogan

When a gunman dressed in black was spotted on the campus of the University of Texas, there was no hesitation on the part of school officials. In the wake of the shootings at Virginia Tech, and UT’s own history with crazed gunmen going onto the campus for shooting sprees (Charles Whitman), Texas does not mess around with this kind of stuff, and the quick actions of campus officials and the coordinated responses of campus security, school staff, and the Austin, Texas, police department saved many lives yesterday.

The gunman, 19-year-old Colton Tooley of Austin, was a UT student majoring in math and actuarial studies. At just after 8 in the morning, students spotted the armed man wearing black, firing bursts of gunfire into the air and at the clock tower where Charles Whitman went on his famous killing spree. They panicked and called the police. Police informed campus officials, and in 15 minutes the entire campus was alerted via text messages, warning sirens, and Twitter updates. That kept students out of the way, kept people alive, and made the job of the police easier as they tracked Tooley to the sixth floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library. At 8:50, Tooley committed suicide.

This prompt response it heartening, in that it shows officials can handle these sorts of situations when they come up with the proper training, but isn’t it kind of disheartening that we need these sorts of disaster preparedness plans for people going crazy on our college campuses? It’s a sign of the times, I guess.

Warning System, Fast Action Saved Lives At UT
Text Warning System

Arkansas Tech University has an early warning text messaging system as an additional means of communicating with the campus community during emergency situations on the Russellville campus. Students who register for the service will receive a text message warning in the case of a serious campus emergency. Signing up for the system is optional, but it is strongly encouraged.

here have been several attempts to use text messaging as an alert system, with universities, including Boston University, making it mandatory for students to sign up to such a system. This is despite the notable failure at Louisiana State University when a misunderstanding prevented alerts being sent out to students.

Students, faculty, and employees sign up and opt in for text alerts by providing their cellphone numbers. When an emergency situation occurs, administrators at the college can use a web-based service to send text messages to every phone on the list, reaching people who are sitting in class, walking around on campus, or in mid-commute.

Already, the services have been used in emergency situations. Mobile Campus Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is available on 11 campuses and has used its service to notify students and faculty of everything from a campus closure because of a severe ice storm this year at the University of Texas, Austin, to an emergency closing due to tropical storm Ernesto at University of Central Florida in 2006.

Omnilert LLC , a Leesburg, Va., company that delivers emergency text message alerts for colleges and businesses, already offers a text-messaging alert product, called e2Campus, to 30 universities. Florida A&M University used the service to alert students when a pit bull was loose on campus. g.php

(9) Communication is the heart of a good emergency plan. When a traumatic event occurs in the workplace, employees expect to be informed immediately about the nature of the event and the measures to take to protect themselves. To respond to this vital need for information, lines of communication must be established ahead of time between you and:

* Your employees
* Your senior manager
* The workplace health and security team on your floor
* Your Departmental Security Officer
* Others as appropriate.

Do you and your employees know the names and telephone numbers of those listed above? If this information is not readily available, precious time may be lost. Finding vital information in the middle of a crisis can be complicated by anxiety and fear.

(10) Set up a warning system (code) so co-workers can alert one another if urgent help is required. Possible scenarios include a physical assault, or the presence of a disgruntled employee or an angry client in the workspace. The building’s security response team is responsible for deciding the types of code to be used. The warning system should be standardized and all employees should be informed. Colour codes can be used, for example, to describe various dangers. This will help reassure employees that help can be accessed quickly in case of danger.

(11) Warning messages. In addition to increasing fear and anxiety, waiting for a warning message can lead to confusion and disorganization. Insist that the building’s security response team know how to write brief, clear and accurate warning messages. Standard warning messages need to be written ahead of time and kept on file so people can access them readily when danger threatens. They also need to be updated periodically.

The goal of a warning message is to empower people by providing accurate and appropriate information on what has happened, where it has happened and what protective measures people need to take immediately. If exits are blocked or filled with smoke, or there is a chemical substance in the ventilation system, employees need to know immediately what measures to take (i.e., whether to exit or stay in the building, when to leave, how to protect themselves).

It’s been shown time and time again that this interconnected network exists. It’s been shown how the listings are used. The fact that the warnings on a targets files are transfered when they move from one location to the next location. That the warnings with personal information can go out into the community. That’s pretty Stasi like. It’s not labour intensive, because the system is already in place, and most people are required to be aware of it, or take part in advance.

“In the service sector this may require identifying to employees persons who have a history of aggressive or inappropriate behavior in the store, bar, mall or taxi.

The identity of the person and the nature of the risk must be given to staff likely to come into contact with that person. While workers have the right to know the risks, it is important to remember that this information cannot be indiscriminately distributed.

These listings work in conjunction with community threat assessment teams, which can be and are often comprised of officers, health professional, psychiatrist, etc. If they get a report that a target has done something is acting irregular, or an event happens, they might well send out a new notification. Eg. Target is medium risk, only to be seen in pairs. So you are at work and suddenly the boss who’s office you use to be able to go into by yourself, you now are required to have another person present, and this did not happen before. This is an example of how the warnings could work. It does not mean everytime someone else is in the boss’s office with you, you are on a list, but that is how the listings can and do work. It’s like when they had those crazy terror alerts for terrorists, today it’s code orange, tomorrow it’s yellow, the terror alerts kept people in these states of stupidity, but trusted the terror alerts, and people trust the listings and the warnings. Don’t forget this system does work sometimes, it’s not all bad, but if you are an innocent person, wrongly accused, wrongly listed, with a bunch of people in the background making assessments based on third party evidence, people who have never met you face to face, there are going to be problems. Period.

For example, Gang Stalking World takes it for granted that a Stasi-like organizational structure is behind what targets are experiencing, allowing targets to believe that any signs of hostility exhibited by a person are proof that person has been “recruited” or “threatened”

The occupational health and safety lists are real, they operate in every country, and community, and the individuals on those lists are treated the same as if you had a pedophile lose in the community. Period. Anyone who has ever been a part of a community or neighborhood watch program knows how this works. Someone is dangerous and lose in the community, you get a phone call, be on the look out for such and such. These programs use email and phone message, now many also will be using text messages.

People might be hostile on their own, who knows, but what has been said is that trust your own judgment. It’s not paranoia when they are out to get you. I would rather take things seriously and err on the side of caution, than not take things seriously enough, and end up like Randy Weaver who the state destroyed. People assume that these agencies don’t lay deep traps to destroy people, but I can tell you example after example from years of research that they do. They plot and they lay deep cover to trap people.



the unethical recruitment of drug informants
Submitted by bobbie (not verified) on September 19, 2008 – 4:34am.

[quote]My son was targeted by local law enforcement simply because they valued him as a potential drug informant.

They were interested in him because he did construction work for someone who had a permit to grow marijuana plants.

He had no drug violations. The detectives targeted his specific vulnerabilities, and played on his sympathy with an older informant who said he was going through a bad divorce, and needed marijuana for his anxiety.

The 4 detectives witnessed and videotaped the sale, but did not arrest him. They waited until he reported for a scheduled jail time for a DUI, and rearrested him without publicity, and without family support.

They told him he was “screwed”, and would he work for them? When he didn’t want to consent without talking with his girlfriend, they went after her at work and threatened to prosecute her. He pleaded guilty and got 2 years prison, leaving his 8 yr old son without a dad. Please take a stand against this unethical activity.[/quote]

These systemic setup’s have been going on for many years unchecked. The above example should be helpful in comprehending how these set up’s are being conducted. If you think there is no such thing as a conspiracy in society you would be wrong.

The local law enforcement wanted this woman’s son as an informant. I am not sure if they asked him first, but most likely they just created a scenario where a set up could happen.

They were not really interested in her son, the true target was his employer, look at the steps they went through to get to this person.

1. They profiled her son, to figure out what his vulnerability would be.

2. They hired an Informant who had access to her son. It’s hard to say if they set up the Informant first or not.

3. They used the Informant to entrap her son, assuming that he would become a snitch.

4. Had they been successful, it would have been a matter of time before this woman’s son would have been asked to either set up his employer, or do something to make him look guilty and set him up in that manner.

That’s the way it’s working, and has been for some time now. This happens in society a lot. It’s systemic. If you don’t think this way, operate this way, you might not know it when you see it, or experience it.

People don’t have to be recruited or threatened, in too many cases, they are already a part of this network, and believe anything that they are told. Remember people are willing to do terrible things if they feel that an authority figure is telling them to do it. Many times they will do it without any after thought.

Watch the video, this is what your average unthinking person is willing to do to a complete stranger. Now imagine if they know that you are on a list and think that you are crazy, a druggie, a pervert, or whatever. What do you think the good people of the community are going to be willing to do then. There are so many stories of communities organizing to rid themselves of perverts, well unfortunately, anything on these listings get’s the same treatment, but most targets do see themselves that way, and believe that they are innocent.

Since Jeremy can take pot shots at the Gang Stalking World website and the information presented there, perhaps he could present a better theory, or since he seems so keen at doing research, I am sure with the information presented, he could just CSI this theory in no time. There is enough information there, he loves exposing information that’s already been exposed by others, so this should be fairly straight forward.

Otherwise the information remains the same. Do your own research, learn the one handed sign language, or the bits that have been pieced together, test it out, research the threat assessment teams, occupational health and safety, research the other theories out there. What makes sense, what is plausible, what is logical, what instinctively feels right? Then stop letting others think and speak for you. They work as a network, a group, and they seem to be independent, but all too often are not, and while they can be happily sitting back, while real targets are often having to defend themselves from their little barbs here and there, while they sit back ranting about harmony in the Targeted Individual community.

The reality is Gang Stalking World gives something else that the others do not, it gives you the truth. How many of them are discussing the occupational health and safety laws, and these lists? How many are doing extensive investigations into it, even to just disprove the theory?
I will leave it at that for now.

I will leave you with the lovely Beyonce, I think the video is fun.

I have worked hard for this. I took the bumps, bruises, burns, attempts at my person, slander, betrayal. I have researched this, and I have a huge personal stake in this, especially right now, when they are working every angle around me. I can not afford to sit back like I sometimes do. It’s too important now more than ever, this has to get exposed, and the sooner, the better.

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This post is just that, downtime. The first half is not Gang Stalking Related.

Look what I found on the internet. This is too funny. It makes a bit of fun of what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift. You can do this with like any website. Too Funny.

Anyways, the baby that made Youtube internet fame has his own website now. Little Cory Elliot made world headlines this week after dancing to the Beyonce single, “single ladies.” Too cute.

I found several spoof videos. Some of the best spoof videos were the Obama interpretation, the Glee episode, the guys dressed as girls and ofcourse little Cory.

There were a few more, but these were some of the more interesting ones.

I got in a lot of downtime this weekend, it was so needed.

Sometimes you have to get away from the sick and the sin of the world, and just laugh.

I also had some fun this weekend with telling my informants who were on weekend watch what I think of them. I think they hire the stupidest people for the weekend shift.

I always have my computer being monitored, and my computer is still being directly logged onto. I also still have the electronic harassment stuff happening, but I have my coping methods, plus all the other little things the parasites try to do to irritate the target. So during one of these episodes, while trying to just have some downtime this weekend, I just let them know exactly what I thought of them, and what I wished for them, and upon them. It was not nice, but I felt way better getting all the negativity out of my system. This generation in many ways is a lost cause, but then there is hope, because you see it in the youngest members of society. They come to this realm with so much hope, so much light, and it’s good to remember that, this is what gives you hope.

At work I ran into one of the agent types. There are the general population informants, then there are agent types who have more access to information, and different agendas. Eg. Controlling what happens in different sectors. Anyways this one is an agent type, so I have him on ignore, but today he decided to talk to me, and he said something about death, but I could not tell what? Either that everyone was dying, or hopefully that he was dying, I don’t think it was a death threat, but I just smiled and nodded, and went back to ignoring him. Usually I just smile and nod and pass him, they are not good to talk to, because anything you say to them, can be twisted, misinterpreted, or they can just make stuff up.

I don’t like the agent types because they always have a different agenda. Anyways.

I was thinking about when I first became a target. Before I knew about the Gang Stalking stuff, then after when I knew about the Gang Stalking stuff, but finally figured out that it was a lie, there were no vigilante gangs, and that something else was going on. When I went through the process of discovering that the Gang Stalking was this creepy Stasi type system, that controlled not just people in my city, country, etc, but other countries, and that it’s part of a larger agenda.

I was thinking about that, and what I remember about that time period, it’s all really confusing. However I do remember that I did not know what was going on. I knew about the one handed sign language, and while trying to figure out what was happening, I was watching them, learning, and testing out what I was learning, but the break through came one day on the train, when I finally figured out that they were informants. (At first I thought that they were all illegal informants, meaning that I thought that they had all gotten into trouble with the law or something.) Then later I realised that many were just citizen informants. Then it was months before I realised it was systemic. It was a lot more time before I realised that it has always been this way. That this type of system goes back to Roman time period. It’s all in my blog.

I did the mental clip trip back, because there were other memories and awareness that had to be remembered. Eg. That when others become informants or learn about what’s going on, they are confused like I was upon discovering that I am a target. Many don’t like what’s happening. Eg. At one just, one girl got really upset, she wanted to change departments, and was told that it’s everywhere, it’s happening everywhere. At the time I knew it was about this, and that they were being asked to spy or something, but at the time, I was still not fully clear what this was. I had just discovered the Gang Stalking stuff, but still was not clear about the fact that they were informants.

I now know that some people think that this is just another McCarthyism. Others think it’s only happening in their place of employment. Eg. The one guy that I spoke to was like, the whole **** is like this, and I was like, no the whole world is becoming like this. Up to that point he seemed to think that the one handed sign, spying thing was just related to his workplace.

I now know that a couple more than a couple, but a couple people have had mental health issues do to this. I think many people go through the process, and depending on where they were, they interpret it differently. So that explains some of the long term disability leaves as well.

Eg. Ok, remember life before the internet? Yeah me neither, but before the internet, if you were asked to become an informant in some small town where you lived, or city, and you discover that everyone you know does this, you would maybe come to the conclusion that that’s just the way society and the world is, and that it was ok. It would be a false conclusion, but after years of trying to find someone who was not a part of this, you might feel the way targets do.

Targets remember what life was like before finding the net, how no one was ever going to believe you, how you were going to tell your story on that talk show, then you realise that A) This is happening to a lot of people, and B) It’s systemic? It’s only in recent times that we have had the ability to compare these notes and to discover what was happening.

I mean before this, no one could have convinced me that my friends, family, neighbours, co-workers would go along with something like this. I mistakenly thought that they were the same as me, but they are not. Most people are simple, they want to fit in, they want to be a part of society. They are easily threatened, or bullied, or socially put in line, they can be bribed, manipulated, lied to, etc. Keep in mind that many of them went through this crap, and became informants. Some were recruited via family, so they just grow up thinking this is normal.

Most informants see about 30 minutes of this, or they are asked to do a specific task, and so then they do it. Like us, some of them have no idea what is happening, but they comply. They don’t go seeking the answers the way we do, if they did, what search terms would they use? Once they become informants they are not being stalked. I doubt that they realise that they are in many ways slaves to a system of control and conformity.

So this is what I was realising and thinking about today. Some of them are just as lost as we are, or were before the net. They see a small part of the puzzle, or others believe the lies, they don’t see the whole picture, and if they did, many would just kill themselves. They would not want to believe that their governments are capable of being evil, or subduing their citizens in these manners. Also since they can’t openly talk about this, or discuss this officially, that also makes it hard to compare notes and find out what’s happening.

So how are the sheep to be awakened? Many realise that something is wrong, but don’t quite know what, others are all too aware. It’s like going back down into this well, this sad place. It’s the place where I realise that some of them are just like us targets, trapped but on the other side of the coin, and they don’t want to be there anymore than we do. Others do not know the bigger picture. Some are still even unaware, like I was just a few short years ago. Ignorance in some ways is bliss, in others it is not.

I believe in prayer. If it was up to this system, when this first started they would have had me either broken down, falsely subduded on some false mental health rap, or another suicide statistic. Fortunately I don’t believe in ending this mission before my time, and mentally I was stronger than what they had interpreted. But by the Grace of God, I am here, and others are here, and waking up, but then once you wake up, and realise that you are in essence, a boundless slave, in a system of control, and conformaty, What do you do next? (I guess they hope that the sheep will never come to the realization.) Keep in mind your fellow monkeys are the jailers, and each generation is getting conditioned, just like this.

This is how it’s possible to have a system like this that keeps going, and going and going. Add to that the popularity of the snitching friends network, and it is what it is, and has been for a long time. Generations, right back to the beginning of the colonies. This snitching system was in place before then. IF the bible is correct it will likely continue.

It doesn’t mean you stop hoping, but it’s something to be aware of. I believe in the power of prayer, any breakthroughs that have come, have usually come on the advent of such. I believe in asking for help, and reaching out. I believe that many of us don’t know what we are up against. I do believe that the bigger picture is more than this plane, this realm, and needs to be addressed as such, but for the average person, what you need to know for now is that this system is not new. It’s been in place most likely before the colonies. The Roman empire had a similar system. China, East Germany, similar systems.

The bigger picture is every country having a similar system. Read about Agenda 21. The United Nations plan for global dominance.

The final picture is going to be us humanity loyal to the state, scanned, tagged, and so dumb, it won’t even matter. But before you arrive at that conclusion, you have to go through a lot of mental gymnastics first, which many average people will simply not be willing to believe.

IF you don’t realise that you are a slave, how can you hope to gain your freedom? If you don’t realise that something is wrong, how can you ever hope to change it?

Awareness and exposure is still the key, but each person has to take some ownership for their part in this. I see too many people enjoying the fake power they think they have with this system. Giving it power that it would not have otherwise. Some people like to be controlled and given direction, this type of system works for some, but for many others it does not, and that is something to be made aware of as well.

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Television really is programing

I know the video is cute, but as I watch it, I just realise how much television really is programing. Not just to young impressionable minds like this child, but to older children, teens and adults. I really do believe that what we see, watch, listen to, all go into creating the world, and society that we inhabit. If that programing is sex, drugs, lack of family values, violence, then that is the kind of society that we will have. It will go into our sub-conscious minds, and program us, about what to think, feel, act in specific situations, etc.

Now this video seems pretty harmless to most, but I know many parents who have young kids who have them in front of the MTV, BET, etc channels, listening to the music videos, watching the music videos, in some cases unattended.

Think about what other shows, themes kids are exposed to on a daily basis?  Television really is programing for the masses. I can think of no better example recently that I have come across than this video.

In a generation think about what they could program young minds to think, act, and feel? That’s why if we are to free ourselves from our current situations, we must all take a more serious look at the media that we, our friends, families, society is being exposed to, and do what we can to minimize the damage that is being done to our society with the current programing that is in place.

Get off the set, get on the net, or just read a book. What you put in, the world will get out.

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