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Bedbugs, Policy Change, and Racial Barriers.

This is a follow up to several postings that I have written lately. I was going to title it Hodgepodge 2, but it’s more specific than that. I also didn’t want to spend too much follow up time on each point, so it’s all part of one big follow up article.

The first is on Bedbugs. I can’t make them go away for you, but for people who still have bedbugs, here are some things that I have discovered that might help the bedbugs to go away.

[quote]mattress in a zippered plastic cover and greasing bedposts with Vaseline to keep the bugs from crawling up[/quote]
From everything that I have read online this is what will help to get rid of the little creatures. If you get rid of yours, it’s with the hope that the Gang Stalking community will get rid of ours.

The other topic was that of policy change. I will not bother to point to the headlines that are trying to keep the terrorist threat alive and well, but it’s clear that there does not seem like there will be any kind of policy change. I am sure the frustration is shared by many, many people. I think we saw the frustration this week expressed from some unexpected avenues.

Eg. If you were an Al-Qaeda leader hoping for change, apparently it’s not going to happen.

We are from what I am reading, seeing many aspect of the former Clinton cabinet come back into play. I had no problem with Clinton, but with the savy use of the Internet in this campaign, it would have been nice to see something fresh, new, hip and happening, but we are seeing a rehash of what’s been done before. Boring.

The last point is that of Racial Barriers. I wrote this week that it’s great that the media is being very sensitive suddenly to the issues of racial barriers. Great but maybe the measure of how far a society has come should not be if they can vote in a black or bi-racial president, but if they can address the always present issues of race that already exist in the society. I mean it cute that you are censoring people for using the word colored, but what about accepting and acknowledging those of a mixed, or bi-racial heritage?

I did some research briefly on this some time ago.

In America today if you have one drop of black blood, when you are filling out applications, surveys etc, you must claim black as your heritage. There is often no spot for people of mixed race heritage. Many in America feel stigmatized by this rule. There are many bi-racial Americans who don’t understand why all of their heritage can not be acknowledged, and why they in an open and modern society, still have to choose one part of their ancestry.

Tiger Woods made a point of not being classified by one part of his ancestry when he won at tennis, he made sure that all parts of his ancestry were acknowledged. I don’t see a change in this acknowledgement happening across the society.
(The one drop rule means that at 32 this man could go from a classification of white to black, upon learning that his father was African American.)

So how should a society really be measured? By their choices at the voting booth, or by the way they treat and acknowledge the members of their society and the multifaceted realities that exist in the heart of that society.

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Bedbugs vs Gang Stalking

First let me start off by saying that I am truly sorry for anyone who has had a bedbug infestation. I am sorry for the pain and trauma some of you have obviously gone through. However I was thinking about your situation in comparison to ours and I was thinking which is more annoying bedbugs or Gang Stalking?

I have not been through a bedbug infestation, but I did read several of your stories and so am able to make some comparisons.

I read believe it or not a few stories where people were paranoid after a bed bug attack, that’s right paranoid. They said that they could not sleep at nights, that they would check for spots and were kind of hypervisulent in some cases, because of these bed bug attacks. The attacks were happening all over the place. It’s apparently become a real problem in America, UK, Canada in the last several years, so has Gang Stalking.

I had heard about this a couple of years ago, but to be honest had not kept up on what was happening with the bed bug situation and yes had my own trauma based situation to deal with that was leaving me feeling a bit paranoid, upset and yes unable to sleep at times as well.

Let’s break down some of the finer points of our mutual (infestations) situation.

At first you notice strange things when you first have bed bugs, but often don’t know what it is, of the whole thing goes unregistered for some time. Many people said they had red wells, rashes that would not go away, itchy rashes. Many had gone to doctors looking for help, only to be prescribed creams and potions. One person after a series of allergy tests had been told that they were allergic to themselves.
Some of the victims of the bedbug infestations are lucky and they get a note from a landlord or someone clues them in, others never find out for months and seek out help in vain.

Well we also at first coincidental start out finding out that strange things are happening to us. We have series of unfortunate events, turns of bad luck, conversations of our private lives discussed in public, people coming into lives and gaslighting us.

The Gang Stalking target often at first suspects that something is happening, but does not know what. Some will go to doctors, to see if there is anything that can be done to no avail. Others to friends, with the same sense that something is not quite right, but not quite sure what. Other are lucky and will come across a website, and be tipped off before the Gang Stalking infestation get’s too our of hand. Eg. Before they lose jobs, homes etc.

The next stage for many is getting real confirmation of what is happening. For the victims of the bedbug’s it’s often seeing those critters for the first time, or getting such a bad set of rashes that you know something is really wrong. Many first get their proof in the middle of sleep, when they finally wake up in time to see on or several of the critters scurrying away.

For many of us, the confirmation only comes when we finally come across a website or network with other targets who are going through the same thing, and that is in part how we get our conformations.

Unlike victims of bedbugs who can take the squashed carcases of their harassers to get confirmation, we can not. We have trouble proving what’s happening to us.

With bedbugs you often have some idea of how your infestation started or where it came from. Many of you can reference staying at that fancy hotel, or getting that mattress from Joe your former friend, or it’s an infestation of the place where you live.
With Gang Stalking many of us never have such reference points and can often only guess where our targeting started or why?

With bedbug infestations the longer it goes untreated the worst it gets. The same is true for Gang Stalking, the longer it goes unattended the worst it is for trying to have any kind of normal life.

With Bedbugs you can get rid of them. It might be a long and drawn out painful process of several traumatising months, but you can get rid of them. With Gang Stalking we have no such relief in sight. Ours is a situation that will often continue in one capacity or another, for months and years at a time.

With bedbugs you have moments where the situation tapers off and then continues again. We also have moments where the harassment get’s less severe, but then it continues and exacerbates again.

With bedbugs there is lot’s of awareness happening. You get to have the major newspapers on your side. You have famous lawsuits that make the papers. We do not have the same level of awareness happening with Gang Stalking. We do not have the major newspapers on our side. Our lawsuits do not get into any major newspapers and many of the suits are ignored, for a situation that is emotionally painful and traumatising.

There are laws being passed to protect people from bedbug infestations. Laws such as making it illegal to sell reused mattresses. We have no such laws being put into place to protect our needs or well being.

You have forums and blogs being set up to support each other. When you speak of your trama and torment you are supported and loved. When we speak of our tortures and torments, we are at time mocked or jeered, in many cases this is after experiencing one of the most traumatizing things a person can face.

When you rant and rave and curse and swear at these creatures that have ruined and destroyed your lives for months, you are understood, and ever parodied. When we express the same views for the creatures that have torn our lives apart and traumatized us, it is to be seen as paranoid or not justified.

People can understand how upset bedbug victims are about losing sleep, being woken up in the middle of the night. Many of the people we interact with on a daily basis do not understand what we are going through and may not care to, this includes Judges, coworkers, family, friends.

In the case of bedbugs you have people taking rapid action to try to see what’s happening and to prevent it from spreading further. There are very few truly trying to stop what’s happening to us. Even though we will live with what is happening to us for months and years.

The bedbug infestation is unpleasant and I am sure that it is no fun to deal with. Still after doing a side by side analysis of the two situations, I think it’s fair to say that Gang Stalking targets go trough a fair bit of psychological trauma that most people can never hope to understand. I also say Gang Stalking targets have to be very perseverance, as what happens to them stretches from months into years.

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