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Handel’s Messiah.

A boy named Messiah

What’s in a name everything. See a few years back I wrote about my strong opinions about the couple who had their child taken because they named him Adolf Hitler, and wondered if in future parents would be required to change their babies names, well here we go. It’s not exactly Adolf Hitler, it’s Messiah, but the parents after 7 months with the name, are being forced, forced to change it to Martin.

I really feel strongly about these stories, parents, within reason should be eligible to change their child to whatever they feel, within reason. I felt strongly that Messiah is within reason. I can’t believe that this was an issue, but it was, and I wonder if in future there will be other names, that will be problematic?

I am really sorry to see this story, and I hope it’s not the start of additional trends. The baby is cute, and it just reminds me that maybe the states involvement should be someone limited in such cases, if the child had a really abusive name, it would be one thing, but this, Messiah, really. Oh well, it takes all sort.

The child’s name is to be changed to Martin, by order of the Judge, and the parents are likely to protest,  and go back to court for it.

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Television really is programing

I know the video is cute, but as I watch it, I just realise how much television really is programing. Not just to young impressionable minds like this child, but to older children, teens and adults. I really do believe that what we see, watch, listen to, all go into creating the world, and society that we inhabit. If that programing is sex, drugs, lack of family values, violence, then that is the kind of society that we will have. It will go into our sub-conscious minds, and program us, about what to think, feel, act in specific situations, etc.

Now this video seems pretty harmless to most, but I know many parents who have young kids who have them in front of the MTV, BET, etc channels, listening to the music videos, watching the music videos, in some cases unattended.

Think about what other shows, themes kids are exposed to on a daily basis?  Television really is programing for the masses. I can think of no better example recently that I have come across than this video.

In a generation think about what they could program young minds to think, act, and feel? That’s why if we are to free ourselves from our current situations, we must all take a more serious look at the media that we, our friends, families, society is being exposed to, and do what we can to minimize the damage that is being done to our society with the current programing that is in place.

Get off the set, get on the net, or just read a book. What you put in, the world will get out.

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