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She is one of the longest members within the Targeted Individual community and she is suppose to be eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things. Someone dropped a line to make mention that she might not be feeling that well.

I am not sure if it’s true, I don’t check in remotely on individual members, the way I use to. I use to be a lot more up to date,  but because of her length of time as a Targeted Individual, we might want to double check, while checking in on our own selves.

Jewel has fallen is an odd and cryptic message at best. Fallen where and into what, either way, hope you are feeling better soon, if it’s that, otherwise protect yourselves and keep yourselves safe.

Love and protection, to the Targeted Individuals out there

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The Aurora

The Aurora, Aurora Borealis that is. In celebration of Bing, it is one of
the coolest effects I have seen in a long time, doing really well Bing
keep up the good work.

Also don’t forget that The Royal Queen’s spiritual identity is actually
believe it or not, you guessed it, The (Aurora Borealis,) litterally. It’s a
neat coincidence.


One of the prettiest effects. I will remember. Take care, and enjoy.

*You actually have to visit the Bing search engine to see the effect.

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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation


Community Planning and Implementation is a guide and outline to a new initiative that is being implemented on a global basis. The implementation will be rolled out over the next few years, and will include more interactive ways of doing things, giving feedback, and ofcourse implementing those actions.

  • The Royal Queen Support Services System

A universal help grid designed to respond to the needs of the individual and the community. Where you need it, when you need. Described as being one of the most efficient support service system ever created.

  • The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

New ways of efficiently and effectively finding solutions to situations that might be ongoing within individuals situations, communities, and environments.   .

  • The Royal Order

A Universal Force for a universal objective.  They are likely to play a pivotal role in future endeavors.

  • The Royal Queen Security Clearances

A new way of keeping communities and the individual safer, as they go about their daily lives. These work in conjunction with the unique identifier system.

  • The Royal Queen Standards Bureau

This offices aligns spiritual objectives and standards, and ensures that there is an alignment, a harmonized standards of operating, and operations.

  • The Maximum and Minimum Holding Facilities

An alignment of standards designed to assist communities with finding solutions to situations of a penal nature that are happening within communities.

  • Education

The Royal Queen standards of Learning. Giving future generations access to education that makes sense. Greater access, and implementation.

  • Health Care

Access to low cost, effective health care. Access to health care that makes sense. Fast, safe, efficient and efficient.

  • Databases

Accurate and helpful databases. Information is easily updated, and they are accurate and inline with the new standards.

  • Social Psychologists

Social Psychologists will be taking on a greater role in community implementation and planning.   The future is

  • Community Advisors

Well educated, well versed individuals that are interested in playing a role within the community.

  • Bill 184

The chance to become the correct person, the chance to do the correct thing.

The future has real potential for change that makes sense, and that works.

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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation is something that is exciting and that I am excited about. To see social/psychologists and others be part of these community initiatives, to have communities that actually function.

The idea is to have a holistic approach to communities. I prefer to not have homogenized communities, but I do want to have communities where you can walk in, and have a familiar look and feel.

There should be some basics that makes sense to everyone, or just about everyone. The basics that are likely to make the most sense are things such as:

The Royal Queen Security Clearances
Unique Identifiers

A universal cash exchange system similar to The Royal Queen Authority Financial System may also make sense, it would be nice to see, but not necessarily essential.  Basic community changes, and items are what will be implemented across the board.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

The Office, handles situations and finds solutions. The office is there to be ever present, not ever visulent.  They actually deal with the individuals that are problematic for the society, vs creating files on individuals that do not need to be tracked and monitored. They are updated spiritually on a regular and on going basis. The link in with several different sources, to create one of the most effective situation, solutions on the face of the planet.

The Royal Queen Support Services System

The HELP ME GRID is a universal help me grid system. It files reports on behalf of individuals. It’s there to assist, and it links in and connects with several other such systems.

The hybrid, or harmony of the whole situation, and how it actually functions, should be pretty neat. Instead of taking months or years to implement ideas, under community planning and implementation, ideas can be implemented fairly quickly.

Community Planning and implementation is a revamped way of doing things, gives communities a chance to survive. It’s also the way of the future. Individuals can be as active as they like, or as inactive. It’s fairly easy to get involved, and as the situations is rolled out, more information is made available.

Things that have gone through so far under this initiative include things such as the HELP ME GRID, that universal grid that offers, aid and assistance wherever you are located. You just say HELP ME, and you are assisted. Day by day it’s a transformation of communities into something that functions, and that flows.

Individuals that are eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things can, it ineligibles individuals, that are eligible to arrive into situations that seriously make sense.

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The Day We Fought Back

The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted,

remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and
The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted, remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and wonder if anyone believed that vigilante gangs were stalking us, or if we did believe it, if we could get others to believe it. But then we learnt, we learnt to fight back.

We learnt to not take it, we learnt to speak out about it, but we learnt to do it in credible fashions, at least some of us did, and not to give into any myth or lie. Vigilante gangs, really. We learnt over time to investigate, to become researchers, to observe, to be our own sources of fact finding, in some cases. Then we also learnt how to disseminate information, so that we could go up against the things that they were saying and doing to us. We found the hard facts, the research.

We learnt that a whole entire and I do mean this, society could be involved with a big lie, some were clear, some were not, but all or most could be involved. Our media for the most part at first would not report it without calling us crazy, those mentally ill individuals, who believe they are being follow around. Those poor paranoid people them, oh the sad souls and so forth. Let’s be honest, some of them or most of them would have happily put a bullet in us, those poor paranoid individuals.

Then we really did research, and we discovered lists, cases like the the Jane Clift case, threat assessment files, how they work function, and that yes those around do follow you, you are placed on lists with warning markers, it can disrupt your life in the ways that we have mentioned, people started to take use more seriously, we organized in rational ways.
We became active, in ways that made sense. Exposure and awareness, it gave us the chance to survive, well some of us, cause some did not make it. The usual outcomes.

When we started to socially fight back, is when we claimed the victory, or any small victory. Also sometimes in other situations, circumstances of our lives, or the lives of others, it might mean physically having to fight back, but that is often when you have a better chance of survival. Because there are those, who will place innocent individuals, in the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, that will systemically target and destroy an innocent person.

We lived, we learnt, we watched, we waited, and we learnt. They do not change, cause they do not have to. A whole entire society, you understand this, a whole entire society can lie, or at least be mislead, and can cover up, a world of deceits, literally, and this is what we went through. lived through, still continue to live through, in many cases. We learnt, we learnt to fight back in ways that made sense. We took to Youtube, wrote articles, books, appeared on the news, in credible fashions, till the situation changed somewhat, became acknowledged, online, as well as offline.

We also now have the Reporting Forms, so we can figure out some of the targeting and figure out who is doing some of this stuff. The reporting forms are a world of difference for most of us, and when used correctly, that is another avenue that we now have available to us, along with spiritual based products that also assist us.

The situation changed, because we ineligible it to change. We fought back and we won, and that situation begun to change, we could then speak more openly about it. We could then enable those around us, to arrive into a suitable comprehension of what we were experiencing, and what was happening to us, and around us. Wither they believed it or not, we have factual documentation, and credible accounts. The situation in that regard changed, because we did fight back, individually, and as a community.

We have what we have because we fought back, without it, we would have had the outcomes they wanted for us, and the inevitable ends, or ending.

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Interacting with Spiritual Based Products

Interacting with spiritual based products

Interacting with Spiritual Based Products. They are there and they work, most times they just have to work for us on a personal level, and our spiritual based products never have to interact with anyone else, but the odd time they do, and I was surprised to come across one 911, operator who was not as familiar with the products, or at least she mentioned that she was not. No not to sound paranoid, but I did do a check afterwards, via the spiritual reporting form, and she is a little bit more familiar with spiritual based products than I thought.

There is or literally was a subplot in the background, where she was clear someone would be calling, and it was just one of those creepy situations, where ‘they’ had knowledge in advance. But on the other hand, she understands spiritual based items, fairly well in advance.

This had more to do with the fact that these items will be playing a role in future. If you can believe people sometimes have information in advance. Now let’s pretend this was a normal call, with a none knowledgeable operator, how would the call have been handled.

Reporting an incident

I need to report a crime or an incident that was reported with a Spiritual Based Product. The crime, or the incident was recorded via a spiritual based product. That’s why I have the details. Or I received an alert, and I need to report an incident. Most times it’s very rare that you will have to, but it might be nice to be clear in advance.

Spiritual Based, similar to virtual Based, but it’s something that you, call, dial into. You remotely and spiritually check your information. How do you do so? ‘What by just thinking about it?’
No it’s a real world product, similar to a firewall. Firewalls are invisible, for the most part but they work. Some may also have a spiritual based component.

These have spiritual based components, you simply request to check the records, or incidents, for the specific product. The products have a verbal component, that you can listen to remotely, and virtually, or spiritually.

You request to access the records, confirm your unique identifier information, and peruse the incidents. If there are any incidents, you can take note of the date and time, and some incidents might have to be recorded, or reported.

The more education about spiritual based products the better. They are increasingly a part of our lives, and they make sense. Subplots aside, conveying what we need to those around us, at times is important and essential. Having a 911 operator who is well educated, and semi familiar with how the products work, priceless.

Thus why I literally requested that they receive free samples in advance, or some of these products, at least for a month or two, if they work with them in their own lives, they can figure out how that works,. I requested it for the emergency workers that make sense. 911, 999, social workers and so forth. So for future when you call in, if you ever have to, cause I don’t expect them to be inundated with calls, about this, but the very rare, odd, occasion, it would be good for them to be clear in advance.

I will follow up in a month or two and see how this is going. Saying take care, take care in advance.

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Virgin Birth or Parthinogensis

Virgin Birth or Parthinogensis

Nearly 1% of women believe they have had a ‘virgin birth’

Researchers interviewed 7,870 women aged 15 to 28 and found 0.5% of them who said they were virgins had also given birth – without the help of IVF
The average age at which ‘virgins’ reportedly gave birth was 19.3 years
Researchers say such scientifically impossible claims show care must be taken when relying on people to self-report their behaviour

By Anna Hodgekiss

PUBLISHED: 11:30 GMT, 18 December 2013

I saw this great article about Market Research into giving birth, and several individuals thought that maybe they had had a virgin birth, because they do not recall having sex, or were not sexually active during the conception period. It was about 0.5% of those surveyed, but what if some of them, even one of them was correct.

Is parthenogenesis possible in humans? I have every reason to believe that it is. Based on the research, human females can begin conception on their own, meaning the eggs can start to split, but the research so far, does not show them going to full term, that the only problem there.

Just in time for Advent and the birth of Christ, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have reported 45 virgin births — without a holy ghost in sight.

An analysis of a national population survey of 7,870 American adolescents and young adults in 1995 and again in 2008 and 2009 found that one half of 1 percent of women reported they’d never had sex but had been pregnant.

The tongue-in-cheek article, “Strange Nativities,” was published in the December issue of the British Journal of Medicine.

Except for in the Bible, virgin births or asexual reproduction occur only in the plant world and among a small group of vertebrates: pit vipers, boa constrictors, sharks and Komodo dragons, according to the BMJ article.

Also every other species just about now, has been confirmed with having given virgin birth, except for mammals? I am going to extend my mind  little bit, sharks, reptiles, turkey’s, and so many others have been confirmed, you don’t think that rabbits can?

I think that mammals can and do have natural parthenogenesis. I however contrary to popular beliefs, believe that they will not be female, most will be male children, the particular processes involved with human females, or even males I dare say, would create male progeny vs female progeny.

During the holidays, Christians celebrate the birth of a human baby to his virginal mother. We know that female wasps, fish, birds, and lizards can produce healthy offspring without having sex, but what about people? Are natural human virgin births possible?

Yes, in theory. However, a number of rare events would have to occur in close succession, and the chances of these all happening in real life are virtually zero. For a virgin to get pregnant, one of her eggs would have to produce, on its own, the biochemical changes indicative of fertilization, and then divide abnormally to compensate for the lack of sperm DNA. That’s the easy part: These two events occur in the eggs or egg precursor cells of one out of every few thousand women. But the egg would also need to be carrying at least two specific genetic deletions to produce a viable offspring.

It’s time mammals were confirmed with their other counter parts. I thank that market research firm that did the survey, and I think it’s time we open up our minds to parthenogenesis, or virgin birth in humans, cause it’s been documented in so many other species, including the sharks, remember when you said that was going to be impossible also. Nothing in this world is impossible, well fine, almost nothing.

  Bonus Explainer: Are there any case reports of virgin births in the medical literature? Sort of. According to a 1995 report in the journal Nature Genetics, a mother brought her infant boy to the doctor after noticing that his head was developing abnormally. When doctors analyzed his blood, they found something truly bizarre: Despite his anatomically male features, the boy’s blood cells were entirely female, consisting only of genetic material from his mother. Some of his other cells—such as those found in his urine—were normal, consisting of a combination of both maternal and paternal DNA. No one knows exactly how this occurred, but the best guess is that immediately after being fertilized, one of his mother’s eggs fused with a neighboring unfertilized egg that was dividing parthogenetically. This gave rise to a boy who was considered half-parthenogenetic, since approximately half of his cells were derived from a “faux” conception, containing no remnants of his father’s DNA.

There, take care in advance

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Princess Diana a rememberance

I liked Princess Diana, I thought that she was truly eligible and worthy for the throne, I really wanted her to be the next person, it did not occur, and maybe it wasn’t her destiny.

I have found it hard, nay very difficult to like or interpret anyone quite suitable, yet. If the person has been found, they are not readily heir apparent. Diana was warm caring and compassionate person, and she seriously made sense. She had an empathetic vibe about her that so made sense. You could see her warmth, her charm, her vitality, and she made sense. I have not seen the exact same in any of the candidates publically presented  for the world stage, and none that are being thrown at us for the future, this that or the other.

If the girl, female, or person is out there, they have not publicly been presented in the traditional way, and are not clearly int he immediate circle.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I have come to appreciate Camilla over the years> I find her to be an adequate, nay suitable wife to Charles, I adored Diana it’s a truth, but I have learnt to become accustomed to Camilla. Do I see her as the next person, is she the one I would have chosen? No, not so much so, but she is the one I would originally have chosen, but when I view her, she puts the effort into it. When she is in the papers, she is having fun, she represents the Old Monarchy well, she has a style that has shone throughout the years. I have learnt to like Camilla. I have not forgotten Diana. She will always be the Queen that I wanted, and that love still remains.

However if Diana is not available, and she is not, then I wanted to see someone similar to her step into the situation, it’s still my fondest wish, and the wish of so many others, that will not change. Camilla is Camilla, and I don’t expect her to be Diana, but at least she shows up, and she shows up well, and does what is expected. Others that they have passed off, paraded around, are not adequate, eligible, and do not live up to Diana’s standards, or any standards that I am co-cognizant off, and in my opinion, do not exemplify what should be seen in a Royal person, cause well, they are not Royal, but also in any kind of future role, capacity, as Princess, much less any station equal to, or above that.

I would be more direct, however I choose not to be at this moment and time. I have an appreciation of Camilla, but Diana was the Queen that I wanted, and there is no one, and I mean this, in the spotlight, the known spotlight, that holds a flame to her, a candle to her, a candle in the wind to her, but it’s not just that. I am tired of cheap, plastic, insincere, horrific individuals who are so false, and so insincere, corrupt, they do not make sense, and will never hold a candle to her, are not a good, suitable, or adequate representation, for themselves or others. I am tired sincerely of having that kind, and that sort, continually thrown at the public. Most times it wouldn’t even be worth my time to write, or blog about it, but something particularly caught my attention, and I felt, emboldened to write this article.

Diana you are remembered and loved, that does not change, others are a waste for this time period, a false interpretation, a picture of Dorian Gray if you will, you never see the truth, that is all too often hidden away, while you see the pretty front, and surfaces represented. The internals, the behind the scenes, are likely quite something different. You were at least a moment of reality for us, and I sincerely thank  you for that. She was not perfect, she was not meant to be, but she was human, warmth, and she remained something behind that still remains, that still lingers.

Happy Holiday’s, Take Care.

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Fascilities, FEMA, BRAVE NEW WORLD, and 1984 Remembered

An orchestrated shooting in a major downtown city, a need for special constables to be introduced, and you have the makings of a really problematic situation.

I keep wondering how in some major cities are they going to be getting their citizens to give up wearing their crosses, head pieces and so forth, to give up that much individuality, you would either have to be breaking them down from the inside out, where no one could see, or you would have to be turning the city into another New York, where people are routinely stopped and searched.

Word is that the orchastrated shooting was likely initiated by A certain police chief, who wants these individuals on the Subway, so that they can introduce this new wave. The crazy part is, no matter what is written no matter what is said, I can see the trappings of this. The city is a fairly free city, the way New York use to be, now they want cops with hand held tasers, special constables on subways, that can stop and arrest people, do they get to search them yet, and ask a bunch of special questions?

I can tell you, it always starts like that, till the citizens have no voice. Created enough fear, remember when a specific city had their year of the gun, and the loss of innocence that created, or the bus beheadings and the new laws that got instituted. People always have plans and objectives, and if they can’t get it through one way, they will attempt to get it through another way.

So let’s see, on the subways these days, they have anti personal suits, (landmines) raping people, AKA the frequency suits, they are not doing anyone any good, but at least some of that got curtailed, with the spiritual laws, report forms, and HELP ME GRIDS that have been instituted.

The point is, if enabled, you will not get it back, and let’s be honest, humanity is naive, enough for anything, but lately I just think you are stupid in some cases, and ungrateful in others. And while some do not mind whiling their days away in facilities, spiritually or otherwise, some of us do. I would be one of them. I also mind the frequency suits. I mind giving up crosses, headbands, gear or what have you. I mind a future where you just through it away and give into this stuff, but I have watched you, you are fully capable of this.

What I am on this topic, and so many have gotten accoutered to spiritual facilities, and the wonderful violations, an interesting item came to some attentions recently. There are close to 380 buildings, the suggesting is that each holds about 110,000 people each, I have no idea where they are located, but can you imagine in an emergency what would happen?

We have all happily and comfortably forgotten about FEMA Camps, Brave New World, and 1984, but some have not. Humanity can be so easily lead, and controlled at times, it will never make sense. Those who can, should be doing, and all it takes is a few to assist the many, but on the other hand all it takes is a few to enslave the many, till freedom is forgotten, does humanity always have to go through such time, no, but they are all too willing to.

We have lives that we like, they may not be perfect, but they make sense, the moment you give them up, and enable fear to take over, then it’s not the correct thing.

The city out there, that had the violent incident,  of some sort, in some public arena that was unexpected, the shooting is likely orchestrated as part of a larger agenda that is going to be moving forward, you are going to be getting special constables, cause of it, and they will likely be the first wave of you being willing to give up your rights, be searched, and lose what you hold dear, so you can hold on to your precious freedom, safety and security, all of which you will have none of.

Special Constables should not be mistaken for The Royal Order, I repeat, Special Constables, should not be mistaken for the Royal Order, The Royal Order is this. They are a specific group that make sense, and that also have the spiritual authority, and governing authority. It is not the bruit squad you will be sending. I am sorry in advance to refer to any hard working special constable as such, but you will likely be used to do their bidding, and I don’t want The Royal Order to be mistaken, or mixed up in this.

You are not the incorrect people at this moment, but if you know anything about how police squads, Red Squads, or Special Constables are used in such time periods, you would say I was correct in advance. (Remember they were just following orders.) I am clear cause I have done some of the research, and I would curtail as much of this as I can for as long as I can, but you are not invalids, when you really don’t want something, you find a way to put a stop to it, the best way to do it is to take back your cities in advance, cause they will take them away, and you will not know this level of freedom again. Stop or prevent that situation in advance.

All it takes is a few to stir up stuff, can cause trouble, and get these sort of agenda’s through, and all it takes on the other hand, are a few light, who are aware in advance, to be clear, about what is going on, or what is ongoing, as we are taken city by city. Remember those who give up freedom for security, shall have none, and deserve none either.

Wake up, what’s changed, your awareness. There are a few who will destroy the many, become aware of those situations.

Again to summarize, major international city with violent incident, likely linked back to the police chief, who wants to introduce special constables, take it for what it’s worth with a grain of salt.

Second, special constables are not The Royal Order. The Royal Order have the spiritual authority over all such groups, and entities, spiritually and universally.

Third, cities around the globe are becoming less free, some are already being held in facilities spiritually, and we have to be careful that this does not happen on the face of the planet, cause this is how people learn to give up their rights and freedoms.

Places about 380 have been located, that hold about 110,000, if they have been located, what is the purpose, and where are the locations, and what is the purpose?

Lastly, you give up your rights and freedoms all too easily, you are not children, but you are all too willing to be lead, and a few are all too willing to destroy the many. Take care, take care in advance.

have the time don’t have the things you want

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Google Want To Wire Your Homes

Google Want To Wire Your Homes

I was reading the article and they want to add microchips apparently to the ceiling of your home, so you can use their personal assistant service. I think that would be highly intrusive, but the human population is such that it’s impossible to say.

There is already a Spiritual Based Service that does this stuff, and it’s none intrusive, but then people might prefer something more intrusive, who knows.

Elsewhere he said he could ask his Google assistant where to go for lunch that serves a particular type of food and on a certain budget and Google will find somewhere.

Huffman could then get in his car and his sat nav would be already programmed to take him to the restaurant of choice.

The Royal Queen Support Services System which has been in operation for over two years, has a second component which is a Personal Assistant, and it does just that. Cost effective as well, none invasive, and the service is up and running in advance, it’s not even something that you have to wait for to be designed.
Personal Assistant

There is a personal assistant that can be ordered as a separate service. It’s not a part of the HELP ME GRID, but it can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. The remote personal assistance assists you with all those day to day tasks that you need assisting with.

Gives you time saving ideas and information and assists you with being better organized. It’s a spiritual based service, but it’s fun and it works. This can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.

The second portion of the system is a spiritual based remote assistant. This is a remote service that can be ordered to your location, and the feel, and interaction with this remote, spiritual based product is similar to having a virtual assistant arrive straight to your door.

The product can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. The item that is already existing is a Spiritual Based Product and it works.

The next item they list in the article, reminds me a bit of something else that I use on occasion. Something called The Knowledgebase. The article does not mention the Knowledgebase, the Knowledgebase is something that I personally use on occasion.

Huffman believes that personal home assistants could work in a similar way, by telling users they need to leave for an appointment – because it has checked their calendar – or remind them what time a flight leaves, for example.

Google’s recent Hummingbird update also made the search engine more human by being able to answer long, complex questions and understand context.

For example, asking Google ‘Tell me about impressionist artists’ will show a list of artists but also now let users click to learn about the impressionist movement, browse individual artwork, or switch to abstract artists using filters.

They have the search engine, but you know, the Knowledgebase does something similar, if you ask specific questions, the Knowledgebase service, which is available on a universal scale, actually does something similar, but it’s spiritual based.

You can literally pull it up by saying, ‘what would Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey Do?’, say it a couple of times, or what would The Family Unit Do? Either one should pull up the Knowledgebase, which is a spiritual based archive.

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