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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning2Community Planning and Implementation takes on an additional direction. The initiative now has an addition, that can remotely, be implemented for communities.

You can request that your entire community receive a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation begins by remotely, verbally outloud, requesting your community pay their annual fee and entry fee. This then get’s you in touch with the local community member, that can initiate the initiative. The request begins a comprehensive evaluation that is done on behalf of the community, and the individuals in that community. The request is usually initiated by decision makers for the community. Local politicians, community leaders, elected representatives, or others.

The request begins a comprehensive evaluation of your community, the individuals in the community and the resources. It enables the individuals, communities and those in positions of responsibility to be eligible.


The comprehensive analysis enables the community to be evaluated for several core factors that are important and essential to every community. They are evaluated socially, financially, economically, etc. Any social or community situations that could be problematic, or potentially problematic are evaluated. What is also evaluated are the needs of the community, the individuals in those communities, and resources that are available.

The comprehensive evaluation, evaluates risks to the community, if any member needs to serve punitive time, which resources, known and unknown are eligible to the individual and the community as a whole. Eg. There are several initiatives that might be available to a community such as funding for special initiatives, or to the individual such as remote councilor, free medical information, etc.

The whole process is very quick and easy, also it enables you to be cognizant if your community is eligible for additional funding or resources under The Royal Queen’s, community planning and implementation initiative. The whole community is also linked in, to other resources, that might be eligible for them as a whole or individually.

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