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Situations in the news

Situations in the News

Still have not officially found flight 370, wonder if they have unofficially found it.

Internet users have been warned to change all their computer and phone passwords following what could be a ‘catastrophic’ security breach.

Major technology firms have urged the public to immediately update their online security.

The alert is the result of the discovery of an internet bug called ‘Heartbleed’, which is able to bypass computer security settings.

Why are we not using the Unique Identifier System, instead we could basically use this, and not have to worry about password breaches. It could be an ok and more secure time in human history.

Tributes flood in for ‘beloved’ Peaches Geldof
By CNN Staff
updated 6:23 PM EDT, Tue April 8, 2014

Police were on Tuesday investigating the death of model and TV personality Peaches Geldof, the 25-year-old daughter of Irish musician and Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof and TV presenter Paula Yates.

Geldof, who was just 11 when her mother died, was found at her home in Wrotham, Kent, southeast of London, on Monday. Officers were called “following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman,” a force spokesman told the Press Association.

When I heard the news I almost cried, kind of like Jesus when he found out that Lazerus had been dead for three days. It just seems that she should not be off the time line. I always think that if someone has been dead less then 72 hours, sometimes, just sometimes there could be a way to restore and bring back vitals. To eneligble life. You know. There has to be a way is all I am thinking, what if it was anaphalixic shock or something?

  • What about those fascilties out of Boston University in Massatucettes, wehre we are all being held, anyone doing any research into that, or writitng about it, no, not so much so.


  • What about the next vacation, or rather tour of Katherine and William, that has to be interesting and exciting, no.

Well there is a lot in the news, but it’s just a matter of finding what to keep up with, isn’t it.

  • The Ultimate Warriror also passed away this week, within 72 hours, but his seems a bit more natural.


I was away from the news for a couple of days, and this is some of the stuff that occured during that time period. Otherwise if you are in the correct situations, doing the correct things, then pray continue.

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