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Visa Money Transfers

Visa Money Transfers

This service which is very new and only available at a few if any financial instituations, enables you to send money to just about any visa, visa debit, or reloadable visa card. Think about this, a little closer to freedom.

Have a friend with a Visa? Have a Visa yourself, send or recieve funds, it’s finally here, but only at some financial instituations, you can send internationally, but it seems only a few banks are doing this.

TD Bank in the States, and Canada seems to be leading the way, cause I saw this on their website. The service sounds great, fees for domestic sound ok.

At the moment you can not use it with your business bank acocunts, but just the fact that someone can send money to just a visa, or visa debit, or reloadable Visa card, is finally something to get exicited about. You can also now have the capacity to send money to just about anyone, as long as you have their visa card number.

Sort of like a future alternative to paypal, or some of the payment systems out there, or I guess it could work in conjunction, either way a neat service.

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