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Waco Texas did not have to happen

Waco Texas did not need to happen. I did the research into this years
ago. I wish the forums were still in place, but at this moment they are
not, what I can make mention is that when I did the research, they are
not the way they have been portrayed, dangerous individuals that had to
be wiped out. The lies that perpetrated this are similar to the lies about
babies being thrown out of incubators, that got people into Iraq. The
situation did not make sense, the lies did not make sense, but it did
accomplish something. The additional thing it accomplished was
wiping out 3 of Mr Clinton’s bodyguards, bodyguards that had been
with him, on other occasions. The clips were on youtube, previously
and if they are still there, when you watch the scene it does not make
sense. They seem to be wiped out from their own and not from
external forces. There and if that is all that I could arrive through then
that is what I could arrive through.

As per the witnesses, the firing seemed to occur from outside forces
first, and not internal. They never expected them to fire on the children,
men, women, and it was not to have been that type of situation. There
was some good and some bad about the situation, but not what they
would have us believe.

March 2, 2014 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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