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The English Situation

The English Situation

It’s seriously be making sense. I have met some individuals recently from what I have to label as the English situation, and I have to make mention that they live in their own sphere.

This is the situation they seem to have a mentality and remember this is only a small fragment, but it’s a fragment responsible for influence, and power. They seem to be imbred in a way that does not even make sense, a consummate shame and embarrassment, that does not even make sense. They seem to live in a world that does not make sense. I am daily inundated with these types that have walked in such a world. Well is it this type of situation, well it’s likely this type of situation, I am sure, I am clear, it’s this type of situation, after ensuring them repeatedly, and infatically, that it’s not, and that it never could be, that type of situation.

They are these types into these filthy situations, impalpable to the stage, it does not make sense. They want to be these child molester types that do not make sense, they want to be in these dirty types of situation that do not make sense, then when you honestly explain, they attempt to make it seem as if the whole world is like this, and it could be just that type of situation, but the whole world is not, and it could just not be that type of situation.

They are a shame and embarrassment, to those in the English situation that do function the correct way. They really truly do want a specific lifestyle, things that involve the lowest common denominators. They want that for themselves, that is their choice, those types of dirty lifestyles seriously make sense to them, for the Barbara’s, Dutty Jenn’s, Catherine’s and everyone else, this lifestyle, these ways of living are not for them. And to the others in the English situation, who are imbred child molesters, you seriously aren’t making sense. This way, these ways of living are not for everyone, they seriously be making sense.

The one’s in these types of situations, willingly, you are seriously a hated lot, and you seriously don’t make sense to me.

February 6, 2014 - Posted by | Gang Stalking |

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  1. – there’s my own take on it – we really need to rise above our emotion filled angry rants about our situations and bond together – we really need each other

    Comment by chancellorpuddinghead | February 9, 2014 | Reply

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