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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation


Community Planning and Implementation is a guide and outline to a new initiative that is being implemented on a global basis. The implementation will be rolled out over the next few years, and will include more interactive ways of doing things, giving feedback, and ofcourse implementing those actions.

  • The Royal Queen Support Services System

A universal help grid designed to respond to the needs of the individual and the community. Where you need it, when you need. Described as being one of the most efficient support service system ever created.

  • The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

New ways of efficiently and effectively finding solutions to situations that might be ongoing within individuals situations, communities, and environments.   .

  • The Royal Order

A Universal Force for a universal objective.  They are likely to play a pivotal role in future endeavors.

  • The Royal Queen Security Clearances

A new way of keeping communities and the individual safer, as they go about their daily lives. These work in conjunction with the unique identifier system.

  • The Royal Queen Standards Bureau

This offices aligns spiritual objectives and standards, and ensures that there is an alignment, a harmonized standards of operating, and operations.

  • The Maximum and Minimum Holding Facilities

An alignment of standards designed to assist communities with finding solutions to situations of a penal nature that are happening within communities.

  • Education

The Royal Queen standards of Learning. Giving future generations access to education that makes sense. Greater access, and implementation.

  • Health Care

Access to low cost, effective health care. Access to health care that makes sense. Fast, safe, efficient and efficient.

  • Databases

Accurate and helpful databases. Information is easily updated, and they are accurate and inline with the new standards.

  • Social Psychologists

Social Psychologists will be taking on a greater role in community implementation and planning.   The future is

  • Community Advisors

Well educated, well versed individuals that are interested in playing a role within the community.

  • Bill 184

The chance to become the correct person, the chance to do the correct thing.

The future has real potential for change that makes sense, and that works.

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