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Cressida’s Stepfather’s Suicide

Cressida’s Stepfather’s Suicide

I found the whole thing rather odd, but they are listing it as a suicide now. They listed it as a sudden and unexpected death recently, and that made sense, but now they have changed it to a suicide, maybe that is what it was, but it’s all rather sad, and sudden.

They were saying he was ill, and the original article hinted that he had cancer from a couple years back or something, but now they are listing it as a suicide. It’s sad to hear it, cause he had a huge influence in Cressida’s life, he seems to be someone who may have provided her with the sort of guidence one needs, if one is or is not going to be entering Royal situations.

For those who don’t know, Cressida is listed as a girlfriend to Harry, Prince Charle’s child. Their possible future engagement, has been heavily speculated on, and it may be a possiblity. She is a nice enough seeming gilr, 23, but young enough where it’s sad to see someone listed as a source of guidence, is gone from her life.

She apparently does or does not get along with Kate, as in Kate Middleton, according to the papers, but she comes form a seemingly ok type of family. She has about four sister, all with classic names. I hope this is the last of such tragedies around this young ladies life, and I hope sources close to her don’t keep falling off. It’s so sad to hear about this, and to see it listed as a suicide.

Financier Christopher Shaw, 76, said to have had financial problems Friends told two years ago he had 18 months to live from kidney disease Shaw wed Cressida’s mother, Lady Mary Gaye Curzon in 1994

They were together for six years, married for four, but divorced in 2000 Sources say he was strong influence in the life of Prince Harry’s girlfriend

I hope they did a thorough investigation, cause at first I believe they had reported it as suspicious, but I can’t fully recall.

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