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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation is something that is exciting and that I am excited about. To see social/psychologists and others be part of these community initiatives, to have communities that actually function.

The idea is to have a holistic approach to communities. I prefer to not have homogenized communities, but I do want to have communities where you can walk in, and have a familiar look and feel.

There should be some basics that makes sense to everyone, or just about everyone. The basics that are likely to make the most sense are things such as:

The Royal Queen Security Clearances
Unique Identifiers

A universal cash exchange system similar to The Royal Queen Authority Financial System may also make sense, it would be nice to see, but not necessarily essential.  Basic community changes, and items are what will be implemented across the board.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

The Office, handles situations and finds solutions. The office is there to be ever present, not ever visulent.  They actually deal with the individuals that are problematic for the society, vs creating files on individuals that do not need to be tracked and monitored. They are updated spiritually on a regular and on going basis. The link in with several different sources, to create one of the most effective situation, solutions on the face of the planet.

The Royal Queen Support Services System

The HELP ME GRID is a universal help me grid system. It files reports on behalf of individuals. It’s there to assist, and it links in and connects with several other such systems.

The hybrid, or harmony of the whole situation, and how it actually functions, should be pretty neat. Instead of taking months or years to implement ideas, under community planning and implementation, ideas can be implemented fairly quickly.

Community Planning and implementation is a revamped way of doing things, gives communities a chance to survive. It’s also the way of the future. Individuals can be as active as they like, or as inactive. It’s fairly easy to get involved, and as the situations is rolled out, more information is made available.

Things that have gone through so far under this initiative include things such as the HELP ME GRID, that universal grid that offers, aid and assistance wherever you are located. You just say HELP ME, and you are assisted. Day by day it’s a transformation of communities into something that functions, and that flows.

Individuals that are eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things can, it ineligibles individuals, that are eligible to arrive into situations that seriously make sense.

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