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The Day We Fought Back

The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted,

remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and
The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted, remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and wonder if anyone believed that vigilante gangs were stalking us, or if we did believe it, if we could get others to believe it. But then we learnt, we learnt to fight back.

We learnt to not take it, we learnt to speak out about it, but we learnt to do it in credible fashions, at least some of us did, and not to give into any myth or lie. Vigilante gangs, really. We learnt over time to investigate, to become researchers, to observe, to be our own sources of fact finding, in some cases. Then we also learnt how to disseminate information, so that we could go up against the things that they were saying and doing to us. We found the hard facts, the research.

We learnt that a whole entire and I do mean this, society could be involved with a big lie, some were clear, some were not, but all or most could be involved. Our media for the most part at first would not report it without calling us crazy, those mentally ill individuals, who believe they are being follow around. Those poor paranoid people them, oh the sad souls and so forth. Let’s be honest, some of them or most of them would have happily put a bullet in us, those poor paranoid individuals.

Then we really did research, and we discovered lists, cases like the the Jane Clift case, threat assessment files, how they work function, and that yes those around do follow you, you are placed on lists with warning markers, it can disrupt your life in the ways that we have mentioned, people started to take use more seriously, we organized in rational ways.
We became active, in ways that made sense. Exposure and awareness, it gave us the chance to survive, well some of us, cause some did not make it. The usual outcomes.

When we started to socially fight back, is when we claimed the victory, or any small victory. Also sometimes in other situations, circumstances of our lives, or the lives of others, it might mean physically having to fight back, but that is often when you have a better chance of survival. Because there are those, who will place innocent individuals, in the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, that will systemically target and destroy an innocent person.

We lived, we learnt, we watched, we waited, and we learnt. They do not change, cause they do not have to. A whole entire society, you understand this, a whole entire society can lie, or at least be mislead, and can cover up, a world of deceits, literally, and this is what we went through. lived through, still continue to live through, in many cases. We learnt, we learnt to fight back in ways that made sense. We took to Youtube, wrote articles, books, appeared on the news, in credible fashions, till the situation changed somewhat, became acknowledged, online, as well as offline.

We also now have the Reporting Forms, so we can figure out some of the targeting and figure out who is doing some of this stuff. The reporting forms are a world of difference for most of us, and when used correctly, that is another avenue that we now have available to us, along with spiritual based products that also assist us.

The situation changed, because we ineligible it to change. We fought back and we won, and that situation begun to change, we could then speak more openly about it. We could then enable those around us, to arrive into a suitable comprehension of what we were experiencing, and what was happening to us, and around us. Wither they believed it or not, we have factual documentation, and credible accounts. The situation in that regard changed, because we did fight back, individually, and as a community.

We have what we have because we fought back, without it, we would have had the outcomes they wanted for us, and the inevitable ends, or ending.

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  1. Where I live they think anyone that receives help from FEMA or any type of government subsidy should be murdered. They include that in their “research” though they leave out the who, what, where and why of it. The only ones getting any type of help at all should be members of the military.

    They think once they’ve completed English 101 they have the right to stalk, terrorize, invade privacy and threaten people under the guise of “threat assessment” and their cheesy “research.”

    Comment by Thinker Belle | January 23, 2014 | Reply

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