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Social Coordinators

*Follow up to Community Planning and Implementation.

Social Coordinators

The Social Worker System is one that touches many aspect of various lives. Social Workers are at times in contact with employers, parole officers, schools, councils, police, other emergency workers, and a variety of other individuals. They are working and coordinating on a daily basis. Often they may or may not have adequate support, or funding to achieve the objectives that they wish to. Some are underpaid, and over worked.

In revamping the social worker system, we first took a look at Community Planning and Implementation, and the goals, objectives, and requirements, for the ideas that are in place. The goal was to find a suitable and effective way to revamp much of the system. Find cost effective ways to cut down on some of the procedures in place. Reporting procedures could also be streamlined and utilized, to save time, money, and to be more efficient.

Revamping a System Of Abuse

The social worker system had become not as effective as first hoped or thought, so a new scheme or mechanism could be added to enable it to become more effective. To that means to that end.

Social Workers from here on in to be referenced as Social Coordinators.

They are to have limited to no contact with the informant system. While working this cuts down on influence that might be adverse to the jobs that they are fulfilling. They are required to leave this system, and influence outside of their place of employment, and their community, social coordination decisions.

Social Coordinators need to have adequate pay, housing, resources, sleep, support. To achieve this objective, the system needed to be revamped in a way to cut cost, save time, and supply a support network that suitably and adequately made sense. The support network would be readily available to those in the correct situations, doing the correct things.

Social Coordinators should be paid and funded for their time and energy, so that those actually putting in the time and energy have adequate pay and support. To that end, effort should equal adequate pay, support and funding. Funding and the way it’s implemented could be revamped.

Social Coordinators should be properly and adequately protected, and kept safe. In the course of doing their job, or their duty to the community and others, they at times are set upon in unfortunate, and unsuitable ways, that do not make sense.

Socially they also need to be supported. Linking in with Social/Psychologist, Community Advisors, and others would likely make a difference, and enable them to have better or more adequate support. Use of remote councilors as a tool might also be effective and helpful. The social support network, should have the capacity to review and make recommendations, anonymously.

Child Abusers are requested and required to sign a spiritual document, a spiritual form that confirms their desire to discontinue with any ongoing abuse, and another form that does or does not track such ongoing abuses. The document is listed as a reverse form, and it’s to assist with preventing abuse.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office can if necessary be utilized to create Threat Assessment Team File is that becomes a necessary part of their function. Files can be created and actioned on a regular and ongoing basis, if necessary


Spiritual Based Products and Services could be supplied to enable social coordinators. To that means and that end, The Royal Queen will be making a significant contribution to enable the situation to commence.


  • Access to If this song should be sung records
  • If this accident could be prevented
  • If this crime should be prevented
  • If this crime should be committed
  • Remote Personal Assistant Service
  • Remote Councillors
  •  Guardian Protect Me Service

Care, Maintenance and Governance should work in conjunction to the services already being provided, to assist Social Coordinators with their efforts.

Social Coordinators can also in future link in with The Royal Order, a spiritual based fleet, that are designed to assist with a variety of situations.

Also when children are in care, they need to be located in places of care that make sense.

Social Coordinators could link in also with The Blue Amber alert system, a system designed and created by The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey. It provides an alert when a child goes missing, or is taken without permission.

Proper efficient, and continual use of the Social Behavior Reporting Forms. These forms and documents were again created by The Royal Queen, to enable communities, and society as a whole, to better keep track of situations, until solutions were found.

Limit unnecessary involvement of police, parole officers, and anyone who may or may not assist with the intended goals, objectives, or of the social coordinators.

Frequency Suits could be provided to Social Coordinators to assist them with their ongoing efforts to follow up with clients, and the children that they are responsible for, who are in their care. Eg. If there is an alert. The frequency suits would have to record all their visits and keep a track of their activities, as long as the agreement, and arrangements are in place in advance.

Bill 184 when applicable or eligible should be a part of the procedures and part of the ongoing system utilized. Also any additional Rules and Regulations belonging to The Royal Queen, that might be appropriate or eligible.

The Unique Identifier System could also be used to assist with anonymously identifying children and keeping them safe. It can also be used to enable Social Coordinators. They can have a degree of anonymity when filing reports.

Create a circle of trust, and responsibility of who social workers can and do report to. They need to be clear that their feedback will be adequately actioned, and that they will have the support that they need.

They could also be provided with monthly discounts on their housing or rental units. These are discounts based on an ongoing evaluation. A outcome of a job well done. Part of the bonuses for a job actually well done.

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