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Bill of Chiefs

The Revamp of The Informant System has been necessary for a long time, spiritually and on the face of the planet. The system was recently revamped and is required to make some pivotal changes.

There is however one person who is particularly against such changes, a Chief Of Police in one major international city, who’s Mayor was also in the news last year, has decided to stand in the way of progress. He has not only decided to stand in the way of progress, but is actively and outright committing a campaign of harassment, criminal harassment, because he can’t take over rightful ownership or possession of the informant system.

He utilizes it under the old methods to still systemically destroy, he also stiil tries to have contact with, and to add children to the informant system, although he has been advsied not to. A quick investigation seems to imply he is directly, or indirectly correlated to some of the crime, drugs, child pornography, and other situations that are happening, not only does he affect the flow of the city he is directly responsible for, but he affects other cities as well.

He is determined to add children to the informant system, and if he can not add them, he is determined to be in contact with them, and their families who are or arn’t informants, till they are of legal age and can be added. By the time children are exposed to such grime in advance, they will only be fit to be added, thus children need a chance to stay away from such things, and the revamps need to be implemented, cause the system as it was, was horrific in ways that did not make sense.

The person who did the reforms, who is also likely the rightful owner, is not an informant themselves. Is not of or on the informant system, but did the revamps, and the reforms, and for that he wishes to make the person pay, or exact retrobution, cause he is not eligible to be listed as the rightful owner. He either is or is not threatening the person remotely. He is also trying to add the children around the person to this system, but they can not be added, it’s a weird time in human history, and take it with a grain of salt.

The Chief of Police really spiritually has been requested to stay away from this person recently, and the local monitoring units that he’s using have been given the same instructions, but the reality is that this person is a nasty piece of work. Wanty wanty can’t getty getty sort. Wants’ something that does not belong to him, and is actively trying to destroy the person the situation does belong to.

That’s the state of the reforms and revamps. Those are the sort of challenges and changes that have been made, have taken place, and need to continue to take place. People work quietly behind the scenes all the time to make changes, to secure the victory for humanity, and sometimes humanity need to give that little helping hand. If he is a holy little terror for that city, he is likely problematic for other cities, otherwise he is likely a likeable enough fellow, and would be Mr top cop himself, in most cases.

Take care, Take care, in advance.

January 5, 2014 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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