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Virgin Birth is it possible?

Virgin Birth or Parthinogensis

Nearly 1% of women believe they have had a ‘virgin birth’

Researchers interviewed 7,870 women aged 15 to 28 and found 0.5% of them who said they were virgins had also given birth – without the help of IVF
The average age at which ‘virgins’ reportedly gave birth was 19.3 years
Researchers say such scientifically impossible claims show care must be taken when relying on people to self-report their behaviour

By Anna Hodgekiss

PUBLISHED: 11:30 GMT, 18 December 2013

I saw this great article about Market Research into giving birth, and several individuals thought that maybe they had had a virgin birth, because they do not recall having sex, or were not sexually active during the conception period. It was about 0.5% of those surveyed, but what if some of them, even one of them was correct.

Is parthinogenisis possible in humans? I have every reason to believe that it is. Based on the reseach, human females can begin conception on their own, meaning the eggs can start to split, but the research so far, does not show them going to full term, that the only problem there.

Just in time for Advent and the birth of Christ, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have reported 45 virgin births — without a holy ghost in sight.

An analysis of a national population survey of 7,870 American adolescents and young adults in 1995 and again in 2008 and 2009 found that one half of 1 percent of women reported they’d never had sex but had been pregnant.

The tongue-in-cheek article, “Strange Nativities,” was published in the December issue of the British Journal of Medicine.

Except for in the Bible, virgin births or asexual reproduction occur only in the plant world and among a small group of vertebrates: pit vipers, boa constrictors, sharks and Komodo dragons, according to the BMJ article.

Also every other species just about now, has been confirmed with having given virgin birth, except for mammals? I am going to extend my mind  little bit, sharks, reptiles, turkey’s, and so many others have been confirmed, you don’t think that rabbits can?

I think that mammels can and do have natural parthinogenisis. I however contrery to poplular beliefs, believe that they will not be female, most will be male children, the particlur processes involved with human females, or even males I dare say, would create male progeny vs female progeny.

During the holidays, Christians celebrate the birth of a human baby to his virginal mother. We know that female wasps , fish , birds , and lizards can produce healthy offspring without having sex, but what about people? Are natural human virgin births possible?

Yes, in theory. However, a number of rare events would have to occur in close succession, and the chances of these all happening in real life are virtually zero. For a virgin to get pregnant, one of her eggs would have to produce, on its own, the biochemical changes indicative of fertilization, and then divide abnormally to compensate for the lack of sperm DNA. That’s the easy part: These two events occur in the eggs or egg precursor cells of one out of every few thousand women. But the egg would also need to be carrying at least two specific genetic deletions to produce a viable offspring.

It’s time mammels were confimred with their other counter parts. I thank that market research firm that did the survey, and I think it’s time we open up our minds to parthinogenisis, or virgin birth in humanc, cause it’s been documented in so many other species, including the sharks, remember when youu said that was going to be impossible also. Nothing in this world is impossible, well fine, almost nothing.

There, take care in advance

December 20, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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